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16 Signs You’re A Lightworker

It’s taken me awhile to even identify with this term, it was one of those I used for ‘other people’ but when you get referred to it enough then it starts to sink in a little…

Not all lightworkers are online entrepreneurs or coaches or even healers, but I believe they have all been sent to help the planet raise its frequency and transition into the 5th dimension, e.g. amazing teachers or doctors.

So take this test and let me know if you might be one too!

1) You a have a deep knowing there is more to life.

Maybe, you’ve been seeking something and didn’t even know what it was, maybe you’re an adventurer and traveled the globe looking for answers. (That’s what i did!).

Since I was a little girl I’ve been asking the questions: What’s the meaning of life? Surely there must be more than this?

2) You are very aware of energies and need time alone to recharge.

While I love people and can be the life of the party, I crave and need long stretches of time on my own to rest and get my energy back up. Maybe you just can’t stand crowds or parties anymore, the energies are way too intense and you feel like you ‘take stuff on’.

I know a lot of people who felt that collective pain during the recent elections.

3) You see the numbers 11.11 and 111 often.

These are signs from the angels that you’re awakening and they’re with you. I love when I see this as it makes me smile and I feel a sense of peace and reassurance that i’m on the right track and looked after.

4) You feel like you have a BIG mission in life to fulfill.

There’s something in your body that’s stirring, it’s that little buzz in the pit or your stomach or maybe in the middle of your chest that’s calling you to do something big, really BIG…you feel like you have a message to share, and there are people that need to hear it. It’s starting to nudge you in a different direction, you feel called to learn certain things or go to certain places and start to express true self through creative pursuits like writing or art.

5) You’ve often felt alone or that you don’t fit in- even with your family.

I’ve always felt a bit different. Maybe I always knew it, maybe other people even sensed it too. You might even want to rebel against society and authority. I’ll admit sometimes I don’t feel like ‘normal people’ rules apply to me! And I HATE paper work and being told what to do!

6) You seem to be the person everyone comes to for advice and to feel better. 

You’re often the person people come to for advice, you’re always suggesting great books or resources or healers or events. Giving advice comes naturally to you.

7) You might feel drawn to help and heal people.

As a natural empath and intuitive you might feel like you just ‘know’ how to help. It’s like you remember this stuff…

8) You sense you have psychic or mediumship abilities.

You can feel or sense, hear or even see entities. Maybe you had a strong connection as a child but then shut it down. Maybe you just ‘know’ stuff about people or get premonitions or can talk to those who have passed.

So many people have this ability but either shut it down or never tell anyone as they’re embarrassed or worried they’d think they were crazy. (when I was about 14years old, I had a bedroom full of entities, i was fully awake and talked to them calmly and sent them into the light, I had no idea what was happening, and I didn’t freak out, but I do remember my Mum taking me to the doctor, thinking I’d lost my mind!)

9) You hate conflict and want everyone to just get along.

You just can’t understand violence or war, you feel it strongly and it hurts your soul to see others in pain. You probably hate conflict too.

10) You’re obsessed with all things ‘Woo woo’. 

You are reading and consuming vast amounts of knowledge about all things esoteric, it’s like you finally have found something that resonates and you can’t get enough. I’m personally obsessed with all things spiritual, and I listen to at least 1-2 books a week and constantly hooked into articles and trainings. I love anything that’s been written as a ‘transmission’, it feels the most true to me. I’m also taking course after course on the subject, learning the Akashic Records and now my Shamanic training just fill me up.

11) You’d rather stay home on a Saturday night with your crystals, and tarot cards than be seen dead in a nightclub!

Lol, ok this might not be necessary to be a lightworker and fun is still important, but the old things you used to love and the groups you spent time with, now just seem less important or banal. Perhaps you just feel like you have nothing in common with them any more, it’s not that they’re not still amazing lovely people, but it’s harder to connect. Plus I’m not short of something to say, but I went to a BBQ of old friends and literally had nothing to say, then a friend ran up to me and said, hey this guy is an entrepreneur and into all that weird stuff you are….we chatted non-stop for the next few hours…

12) There are loads of synchronicities that seem to happen around you, it’s almost like you’re being directed towards something.

More and more these synchronicities start happening, in the past you’d have brushed them off as a coincidence, but they’re just happening too often now. Like you hear the name of a book 3 times in a few days, and decide to read it and it was the exact thing you needed. Or you walk into cafe and that person you were just thinking about is sitting there.

I love stories about this…and could talk about them all day…like the time I was on a rock in the jungle on an island off Brazil and said hi to a friend I’d met in New Zealand, or how my next coach or healer is literally delivered to me exactly when I need them, or like last week when I searched FB for an old school friend, (that I hadn’t seen or thought of in 20yrs) couldn’t find them and then my sister messaged me to tell me she was moving to Sydney and I we should meet up.

13) People often tell you that you inspire them!

You’re just doing your thing, nothing special, but yet people love it and feel inspired to do more. One of my key life goals I come back to is to inspire, and I often get told that, if one thing I do or post lights a fire in someone that lights me up!

14) Ultimately you know the ‘Universe has your back!”

It’s a bit cheesy, but you feel like you’ll always be protected and have all you need. When you look back you realise this has always been true.

It makes it easier to take risks, and you have a deep trust in your journey. Just last week a friend and i were talking to a ‘non-woo’ person, she asked about fear about putting ourselves out there or even the risk of traveling and terrorism. We both answered that we felt we were here for a big purpose and were strangely protected, as we had work to do on this planet. This isn’t an ego thing, just a deep sense of purpose and trust.

I remember when I was about 20 years old (after reading a Nostradamus article about a 25 year period of war and destruction that was upon the world) and making a vow to myself that I’d never let fear stop me from going on adventures, if I thought too much I’d never leave the house!

15) You are a powerful manifestor.

You always manage to manifest exactly what you need and want. Sometimes it even shocks or scares you how powerful you actually are, when you make it down to the dollar or it comes at the last minute, but you just wish you could apply it to some bigger things and not wait until the 11th hour for a miracle.

16) You believe (or are starting to believe) in angels and guides. 

You love your tarot cards, and have either met or talk to your angels and guides. You call on them when you need them, and even when you don’t. You feel like you have extra energy and support with you at all times. You’ve been asking for signs and getting them. You also wonder if it’s crazy and maybe haven’t actually told anyone you do this.

This is fairly new and mind expanding for me, I went to a workshop last year and the stories just blew my mind, I now often talk to them, ask for help and guidance and trust what comes through. I also see evidence everywhere I go.

Start small by tasking for a sign or even a parking space. I did this last week and when i pulled into the exact space I laughed and thanked my guides. They can only help you if you ask!

Jo x

P.S. I have a business building program designed for lightworkers like you, to help you get super clear on your unique message and get it out into the world. It’s more important now than ever before and if this is your purpose I want to help you make it a reality.

I believe this is bigger than you and me. Book a chat I’ll help you get clear on your next steps and see if this would be a great fit for you. It’s your time now!


Biz Tips – Part Five


How are you?

There’s a lot of talk about ‘authenticity’ in this industry, but i think there’s ONE element that stops people actually getting there and nobody is talking about it.

Let me know if you agree with this 77 second video!

Big love,
Jo x

Click here to watch the video

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Biz Tips – Part Four

Hi ,

How are you? Are you enjoying these short videos?

There isn’t much to say about this one except that it’s totally counterintuitive for most people but it’s perfect for a Friday!! 😉

Have a wonderful weekend!

Big love,
Jo x

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P.S. I have opened my diary for some calls over the next few weeks, and I’d love to speak with you so schedule below for your FREE Business Breakthrough call today where in 45-minutes, I’ll help you get TOTAL clarity over what you want your business to look like and the EXACT steps to take to achieve your goals. 🙂 CLICK HERE TO BOOK
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Biz Tips – Part Three


How are you?

Have you got a habit of setting goals and NEVER meeting them? This ONE key thing might be the answer! The video is only 67 seconds!

Let me know what you think!? I much prefer this set up!

Big love,
Jo x

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P.S. I have opened my diary for some calls over the next few weeks, and I’d love to speak with you so schedule below for your FREE Business Breakthrough call today where in 45-minutes, I’ll help you get TOTAL clarity over what you want your business to look like and the EXACT steps to take to achieve your goals. 🙂 CLICK HERE TO BOOK

P.P.S. Still time to come and join the 14 day FREE training and join me and over 25 guest experts, to Unlock your abundance, productivity and get more FLOW in your life!


Biz Tips – Part Two


How are you?

I had a call with someone this week who was at the end of her coping ability and burst into tears, she was burnt out AGAIN!!

I see this all the time, I’ve been there, and it can be a huge Money Block, as we tend to retreat and don’t want to bring in more clients. So today in Biz Tip #2, I share the ONE BEST TIP I’ve ever been given, BUT I needed to hear this message for nearly 9 months until it actually clicked- and guess what, that’s when my business popped too- the first time I applied it to an opt-in I had 600 downloads overnight!

Let me know what you think!?

Big love,
Jo x

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P.S. I have opened my diary for some calls over the next few weeks, and I’d love to speak with you so schedule below for your FREE Business Breakthrough call today where in 45-minutes, I’ll help you get TOTAL clarity over what you want your business to look like and the EXACT steps to take to achieve your goals. 🙂 CLICK HERE TO BOOK


Biz Tips – Part One


You might know that being visible has been a bit of a challenge for me, but it’s definitely getting easier every time I do it, I hired a cool video crew and now I’m excited to present the first of a series of short (under 2 mins) Biz tips…

Let me know what you think!?

Big love,

Jo x

Click here to watch the video

P.S. I have opened my diary for some calls over the next few weeks, and I’d love to speak with you so schedule below for your FREE Business Breakthrough call today where in 45-minutes, I’ll help you get TOTAL clarity over what you want your business to look like and the EXACT steps to take to achieve your goals. 🙂 CLICK HERE TO BOOK


Lessons from Crossfit


Qu: How do you know if someone does Crossfit? A: They’ll tell you! lol

So Yes, you’ve guessed it, I’ve started going to Crossfit, I’m alternating it with some Reformer Pilates and loving the difference I’m already seeing, but it’s not all about the physical…

But first let me tell you how it all started, I moved into my new and amazing beach pad, and googled the nearest gym, it was a Crossfit place 5 mins walk away, I groaned….Nooooo….I’ve always seen people doing it but resisted it like crazy- I didn’t want to end up all butch and have a Crossfit body plus it looks crazy intense and for someone trying to get into my Feminine- might not be the best option….BUT….I filled out the online form and thought I’d try a sample class. 5 mins later I get a call from my old Personal Trainer from years ago…’Hey it’s Jacob, did I tell you I bought a Crossfit gym?’ Ahhh, shit…no getting out of it now…I booked in to go and get an introduction… #notacoincidence

I’m not going to lie, since I started my biz, I’ve not been working out like I used to and then since I became a digital nomad, my routine hasn’t really had a chance, the odd yoga class in a new city and hitting up the odd hotel gym doesn’t really count in six months and I was really starting to notice it!

But I went along anyway and signed up for some private sessions with Jacob to ease myself in gently- and learn the lingo- it’s like another language!

Day 1 – ‘So when was the last time you did a handstand?’ Erm, when I was 12 years old!

My first reaction was ‘I can’t’, but then I decided how could I know if I didn’t try…I took a deep breath and went for it and it was actually much easier than I thought….old muscle memory maybe? Who knows…but if I’d stood there for another 5 mins contemplating how hard it was going to be- I’d probably not have tried.

Lesson: Nothing is as hard as you think- and the longer you think about it, it won’t get any easier!

Day 2 – We’re going to do some, rings…you know those gymnastic rings they hang from in the Olympics? Yeah those! – Great! 🙂

In the past, I might have complained but I’ve decided, I’d just try everything he threw at me.

Lesson: Complaining will get you nowhere!

Day 3 – Ok so give me 15 Burpees…..Burpees? I HATE Burpees- Are they essential??

New mantra….I LOVE Burpees, I LOVE Burpees, I LOVE Burpees, I LOVE Burpees,

Honestly, I think they’re getting easier!!

Lesson: What you tell yourself works!

Day 4 – We’re going to do deadlifts!

In my head – ‘ahh shit I hate those’ -(I worry about my back), but after a few I felt strong and more capable than I had in a long time. I felt unstoppable the rest of the day.

Lesson: Strong Body – Strong Mind

Day 5 – I joined the rest of the squad for a group class

Ok so I’m not going to lie I have a competitive side…I used to be super fit, easily lifting the most in a Body Pump class, one of the fastest sprinters in my Rugby team, I beat boys when I cycled competitively – my thighs are built for power!! 😉 But because it’s been so long I was obviously the weakest in the class, I had to put my ego to one side and even ask for help!

Lesson: Don’t let your ego get in the way of starting, everyone has to start somewhere and ask for help if you need it!

Did you know exercise dramatically increases brain performance and Flow? I’ve been much more focused and on fire since I started…What do you love to do to get more exercise into your life?

BIG love,
Jo x

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Green juice, Rockstar parks, and a month’s rain in an hour!


So my friend was sick today and I offered to go round with juice and breakfast, it seemed like a great plan, I’d been doing video interviews since 6am (which means getting up at 5am to get dolled up- the hustle is real!) and I was ready for a break!

I decided on my way to stop in at the Post office first to pick up some books (of the Bestselling authors on my interview series!) and as I got closer the rain got heavier, I decided I’d get a ‘Rockstar park’ (basically pulling up to a parking place straight outside the door). BOOM. Manifestation Check. 🙂

Then it was raining so hard, I decided to drive to the juice bar, I decided I wanted another ‘Rockstar park’, it’s not far, I’d never normally do that, but it was raining so hard- I later found out it was a month’s worth of rain falling in an hour!! As I turned the corner I spotted a space, but it was still about block from the juice bar, and the words ‘it’s good enough- I probably can’t be that lucky twice in a row‘ ran through my head, I hit the indicators, and then suddenly realised I had switched on my manifestation- I changed my goals, I settled for ‘good enough’ (one of my Dad’s favourite sayings- but I wasn’t going to settle for that) so I canceled the indicator and continued down to the juice place, and just as I got there I thought I saw my parking space, a car with lights on, but no….it was a car taking MY PARKING PLACE!! It was the space that would have been mine, if I’d stayed focused on my manifestation and not tried to settle for ‘Good enough’!!! I went round the block again, no luck, I was still processing how ridiculous this all was, I went round again and finally said the words, ‘God is never late’, I drove down and a van pulled out and gave me my ‘Rockstar park’. BOOM. Manifestation Check. 🙂

I ordered a green juice, a carrot/orange juice and 2 breakfasts and some chocolate strawberries, as a little treat, Along with my bag and umbrella, plus the pouring rain, I had my hands full- I joked to the girl, ‘now to get into the car without spilling this‘ (the thought crossed my mind that I was manifesting too well and it might happen!)…..YOUR WORDS HAVE POWER….despite the rain, I carefully got in the car, and guess what, the green juice tipped over….NOOOOOOOO…….luckily the lid stayed on- and it went on me and my seat a little, but it wasn’t a complete disaster…I couldn’t be mad as I KNEW in that moment I’d literally created it. It was a little lesson- The Universe having a little joke on me!

I manage to get to my friend’s house and get out of the car and into the house with no more mishaps, apart from being soaked.

Just a typical morning in Sydney! Lol


Big love,
Jo x

P.S. I have opened my diary for some calls over the next few weeks, and I’d love to speak with you if you’re ready to make some changes in your life and biz, and want to start manifesting clients like Rockstar parking spots! 🙂 CLICK HERE TO BOOK


I Died A Little This Weekend…


So you know I’m a BIG fan of personal development and take it pretty seriously. I feel like I have to go first for my community and clients. Almost like a crash-test dummy!! But YOU CAN ONLY TAKE YOUR CLIENTS AS DEEP AS YOU HAVE GONE YOURSELF! I want to serve at a super high level. So I go deep!

But I don’t always exactly plan this stuff- sometimes- I know it’s coming so plan for it, e.g. I’m off to Peru at the end of May!! But sometimes it’s more unexpected….

So this weekend I headed off for a retreat in the mountains that I thought was about meditation, astrology and chakra balancing….But the leader’s introduction started with:

‘Thank-you for having the courage to be here, if the energy gets too intense and you feel the need to bolt for the door please let me know first, if you need help please raise your hand. Oh and don’t hurt yourself or anyone else, or you’ll be immediately asked to leave’.

Um…we’re not just meditating??

Then he said a lot of people talk about ‘Transformation’ they throw the word around like it’s nothing- BUT TO TRULY TRANSFORM- SOMETHING HAS TO DIE!!

Um…part of me has to die this weekend? Shit!

But, as always, I trust in the Universe and a power higher than me, knew I had to be in that room!

The first day was intense to say the least, I had breakdowns and breakthroughs – I even ventured into the centre of the circle on my own, to have a session in front of everyone! It was confronting and scary – talk about being VISIBLE- being my most vulnerable in front of a room of strangers!

I was shocked at what was STILL inside me, something I’d never even considered- but this work never ends it’s a life long journey…

The second day was less intense for me, I had a massive vision for my future business (which is pretty freaking cool- BUT I also got a warning- I need to embody that work before i can teach it- hint- my Shamanism studies start next week!) and some other awarenesses, but there was something that didn’t want to release, I got frustrated as wanted to make the most of my opportunity, and I nearly left at the lunch break- but one of my patterns is to run when it gets uncomfortable (having lived all over the world its funny to look back on why I probably did that!) but it shows me there’s still MORE room to do more work…

I don’t think I’d do this work if it was just for me, it’s uncomfortable and takes you to places you didn’t know existed, but I feel it’s for a higher collective.

We healed part of the planet in that room on the weekend. We healed parts of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

We raised our consciousness. We raised the frequency of the planet.

Are you willing to let a little bit of you die to transform? It doesn’t have to be as dramatic as my weekend- I know that’s not for everyone, but what could you maybe let go!? Come over to the Facebook group and let us know – if you’re brave enough! 😉

Big love,
Jo x <3 <3 x


10 Ways You Might Be Giving Your Power (And Money) away!

Have you ever played down your success or achievements to make other people feel better?

Have you set your goals and sights smaller than you truly want because you’re worried about what people might think if you actually told them your secret dreams? Worried they might think you’re crazy- or tell you it’s not possible?

Do you deflect praise or compliments? With excuses like;

Compliment: ‘I love your shirt’
Response: “oh this old thing?’ or ‘i got it in the sale’ or ‘it’s actually got a hole in it’,
Compliment: ‘You look great, have you lost weight?’
Response: ‘No, i’ve actually gained a few pounds’
Compliment: ‘Your hair looks great’
Response: ‘Actually it needs a cut.’

WTF? Can’t we just say ‘oh Thanks’ and smile…how hard is that…

But the truth is …we fear claiming our true power, as we fear who we really are.

Power demands responsibility.

Power can be scary.

What if people don’t like me or can’t handle it when I claim my power?
Are you ready to claim your authentic power? Check the list below and make sure you stop giving it away!

1. Making excuses– We all do it, and I have heard them ALL! Often at the moment of decision making about making an investment in yourself, or when things are about to change.

‘I don’t have the money’, ‘Oh i’d have finished it, if I had enough time’, ‘I couldn’t because of the school holidays’, ‘my laptop crashed’, ‘i moved house’, ‘i’ll start next month’,

It’s not very empowering or sexy to not take responsibility for your actions.

2. Blaming others or complaining – This is victimhood, and I’d guess no one really wants to identify as a victim. I thought I was a strong, independent, capable woman- and I was, but I was also blaming others for my lack of progress, I blamed my team, my coach, my family, my friends.

They aren’t dedicated enough, fast enough, efficient enough. They aren’t good enough, they gave me bad advice, they don’t get it, they aren’t high vibe. As soon as I dropped this story, everything shifted.

I once had a former client, months after our coaching agreement had finished, blame me that she wasn’t sticking to her morning routine!!! WTF?! When I suggested that was her responsibility, she didn’t appreciate it!

When you take FULL responsibility for your results and actions you reclaim your power.

3. Not meditating – The ego loves drama and addictions, and wants to avoid stillness at all costs. It fears if you stop for a moment you will actually feel your emotions or worse actually move towards love.

4. Waiting to be rescued (or discovered?)– Um sorry to break it to you, the only person that can reuse you is you. I was waiting for someone to come along and make it all better, I actually paid people to help me, but it still didn’t work. The buck stopped with me.

I had a client who was just doing the bear minimum in her business, she was ‘kind of’ showing up but not really at all, when we went deeper, she admitted that she was waiting for her big break and to be discovered- she was banking on someone seeing her potential and betting on her- while it’s always a possibility, it can’t be your plan!! Bet on yourself first!

5. Procrastinating– You can only teach what you need to learn! 😉 Allowing tasks (and the meaning you give them) to create such an incredible hold over us, is not healthy. We are only given what we can handle and there is always a way to figure it out, it’s rarely rocket science. Plus the feelings of accomplishment and wellbeing you can get from completing the task, surely outweigh the benefits of delaying them. But yet it seems to be the No.1 issue for entrepreneurs. What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? For me the underlying issue is often Fear of Rejection, but I’m so much better than i used to be, and I know if I don’t ask I don’t get.

6. Not doing your taxes – Ekk, I’ve been here- as a former Chartered Accountant, I should have had no excuses in this department but I had convinced myself I was avoiding my taxes, as I was so over my corporate job and needed a break from that work. In truth, it was a deflection of my power. I was giving it energy subconsciously, allowing it to worry me, and even started to worry if I could ever sort it out. The power and threat it held over was immense, and when i decided to look it straight in the face, not only did I regain my power but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be!!

7. Holding onto weight – Um yeah, I’ll put up my hand to this one too. By staying big – I could stay small….if you know what i mean? Another beautiful excuse to not do things; my weight kept me safe, meant it was ok to hide, not have that photoshoot or delay those videos. or even not get into that relationship. This is a huge part of my journey I’m still working on, but it’s getting easier. Ask yourself; what do I gain from holding on to this weight?

8. Not asking for help or delegating – Thinking you can do it all yourself is the biggest trap that will keep you small. You have to learn to release the tight grip on control and let go of the tasks that are not in your Zone of genius.

9. Not journaling or doing your mindset practice– I believe almost anyone reading this will at some level know that journaling, visualising the future and mindset work are the key foundations to growth and success. So why are so many not doing this daily? I think there are a few reasons; 1) they know how effective it is and actually fear the change or the success it might bring. 2) they’re not convinced it will actually work 3) it feels like hard work, a task and they don’t think they have time for. It actually speeds up results, so it’s time to find the time! 🙂

10. Staying busy– can be a form of avoidance. Avoiding our feelings and ignoring the signs that things need to change. Staying busy, doing all those firefighting tasks, allows us to avoid doing the actual work that grows our business. It’s a beautiful excuse, but it’s more about not wanting to take the time to get stuck into the meaningful tasks. Say No more, prioritise and delegate to move forward.

What are you willing to let go of or start doing to reclaim your power today?

Big love
Jo x <3 <3 x


So this might be a bit controversial….[Plus 2 weeks until TEE LIVE!]

I’m going to say something you might not agree with….but hear me out….

Your mentor too far ahead of you! What? Huh?

Surely my mentor should have everything I ever wanted in life?

Shouldn’t my mentor should be a best-selling author?

I think it’s ok that Tony Robbins is my mentor!

Ok yes, Tony is amazing and I love him too…but he’s not my perfect mentor!

He’s too far ahead of me!

To get the most out of your mentor you need to model their behaviour.

Modelling is an NLP strategy, the process of recreating excellence. We can model any human behavior by mastering the beliefs, the physiology and the specific thought processes (that is the strategies) that underlie the skill or behavior.

It is about achieving an outcome by studying how someone else goes about it.

But by recreating Tony’s strategies, I might be missing out some crucial steps, he’s so far ahead of me, not all of his strategies are going to be relevant for me.

If your coach is too far ahead, they may have forgotten some of the things they went though and their lessons are buried deep in the business archives.

Or times have changed so much that the things they did in year 3 of their business are totally irrelevant in today’s marketplace. Tony wasn’t snapchatting in 1986!

Of course there are some core principles to learn and i’ve learned a huge amount from him.

But by learning from someone who is a few steps ahead of you, you get the benefit of their recent experience in the marketplace, what’s working- and NOT working.

My coach has recently hosted a 3 Day live event, it wasn’t his first, but it also wasn’t his 1000th. His learnings are super relevant for me, what worked and what didn’t.

He’s shared his strategies and contacts and will even be attending mine.

Sometimes you’ll reach the same level as your coach or even surpas them (if they’re not growing as fast as you), then it’s time to find a new one who’s just done what you want to do next.

We have to keep learning and growing, I have made lots of mistakes and love to share the things that have worked for me and things that haven’t with my private clients, I can laugh at them (mostly!) now.

To avoid some of my biggest mistakes and those of some of the key players in the industry, join us at The Entrepreneur Edge LIVE, where we will fast track your success and get you learning from the best.




Hey Joanna!

Relax Mum….no i haven’t had any plastic surgery, (to date, anyway, never say never!), but my friend, who i’ve known for 5 years, didn’t recognise me the other day!!
I walked into a cafe in Sydney to get some lunch and do some work, they have great wifi, and three of my friends were sitting having a coffee, and one said she had a double take to see if it was actually me!
I haven’t seen her in a few months, we both travel a lot, but nothing has really changed, to my annoyance i haven’t lost any weight, or had a haircut, or even dyed my hair, I haven’t changed my wardrobe or the clothes i wear….so why didn’t she recognize me?
I then went over to the bar to order my coffee and a salad and the guy came back with a strawberry on a skewer and told me it was his heart as I was so beautiful, and would i mind just staying to talk to him all afternoon? (THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE), He was about 10 years younger than me and I politely told him I had work to do and got my laptop out, something has changed but I still didn’t know what it was…
Well it’s something even I noticed, but then wondered if it was just me and dismissed it….
I kept thinking about it and then remembered someone else had recently told me i looked different too, something in my eyes…
The thing that did change is that something has shifted inside me, I had changed so dramatically inside that it was showing on the outside, I’d had an emotional facelift!!!!

A what? Yes a kind of spiritual facelift!! I didn’t realize until I was listening to a book called Psyco-Cybernetics, written by a plastic surgeon, and he talks about, how someone can look 10 years younger just by letting go of the baggage that wears us down, his studies can from noticing that his surgery could either release someone to become who they really are, or the same surgery changes nothing…
Scar tissue builds up around an old wound to protect that area from being hurt again, and we do the same thing emotionally, when something happens we put up our defenses to stop the same things happening again. I’ve definitely done this in relationships, having been hurt, i’ve put up barriers to stop it ever happening again. A plastic surgeon can remove the scar tissue and his work doesn’t allow the scarring as he removes a little of the skin beneath it to reduce the tension (this book is so interesting!), so the wound heals more cleanly, and it stops having to protect itself.
I guess the huge shifts I’ve been experiencing over the last few months has taken away the scar tissue and allowed me to heal, those shifts have changed me, lightened me up, and my face has changed, i almost don’t recognise myself, but yet I feel more me than ever before.
These changes don’t happen without work, I have been actively working on this stuff with my coach and other healers as I want to work through it as fast as possible, i know in theory we can’t speed it up, but i’m trying anyway!!
Challenging yourself to push out of your comfort zone, make big leaps brings up stuff you don’t even know you have. Sure I could stay in my safe little bubble and not take these leaps, but that’s boring to me now, when I know the amazing stuff on the other side!
One of the big things I’ve challenged myself to is The Entrepreneur Edge LIVE event, just planning it has pushed me, and I know it will be worth it. But it’s not for me, it’s for you, I want you to push your own comfort zone, and join me on the other side.

For all the event info click here
I am so excited and look forward to seeing you there,
Facelift here we come!!!
Jo xx

P.S. Have you seen all the amazing women who’ll be joining me on stage?? Plus even more on the website…

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Entrepreneurship can be lonely! And what to do about it!

 Digital PhotographyI felt it was really important to share this message, as I am sitting here alone in my office, having only spoken in person to the guy in the coffee shop today!  Entrepreneurship can be lonely!
If you’re anything like me, when you started your business you had a big dream and a beautiful vision, of flying round the world, living a laptop lifestyle and working from funky cafes with cute barristas by day (ok maybe that’s just me!) and meeting up with your awesome Biz besties for cocktails in the evening? Although anything would have been better than my office cubicle, this dream was the ultimate!
Unfortunately, when I started my business, the reality was a stark contrast, although I’d describe myself as an Extroverted introvert (I’m super chatty, thriving off company when i’m in it, if i’m feeling confident-sometimes i can be shy too, but I need copious amounts of alone time to recuperate), I generally loved the buzz of my office,  and it was the people that made going to work bearable, our morning coffee catch ups were the highlight of my day, we knew every detail of each others family life, love life, and how many pounds each of us had gained or lost that week! We spent so much time together, working long hours and weekends together, walking home together, we became almost like family, even texting and speaking to each other outside of work.
Then suddenly I was on my own, don’t get me wrong, running my own schedule was a dream, the ability to take long lunches and run errands whenever I wanted was amazing. But the only problem was I was the WORST BOSS I’D EVER HAD!! I was a task master, a critic and forced myself to work longer hours than I’d ever done in corporate, some days I didn’t even allow myself to leave the house- or get out of my pjs- I didn’t have time! I worked evenings and weekends and barely took a day off for the first 18 months of my business (I even worked through the holidays only taking Christmas Day off!).
And you can probably guess this didn’t do too much for my friendships, social or love life!
But to add to my crazy workaholic tendencies, I found that when I did spend time with my old ‘normal’ friends, we didn’t have as much to talk about anymore, we were taking different languages, they just didn’t ‘get it’. Plus I’m pretty sure I was as boring as hell as I had no gossip or man news to share as all I was doing was working, studying and working on my personal development (to become a better person and communicate better!) Ironic huh!
I know I’m not the only one that struggles with this one, many of my clients have experienced the same thing, I’ve even found this can be a huge money block; ‘What will people think of me if I suddenly have loads of money?’, ‘will they still like me for me?’, ‘do I have to dump all my old friends to make my business work?’ and I get it, what’s the point of making all this money if you have no one to share it with?
I even lost touch a bit with my family, I had less to talk about with them too, they didn’t ‘get it’ either, they asked ‘are you sure this is the right move?’, plus with timezones and my crazy schedule we spoke even less. I felt misunderstood and like I was always trying to explain myself.
There are lots of family money blocks too! When we are growing up we make a (silent, unconscious) vow to stay within our family tribe, we are also programmed with their money blueprints, so when you start to change and grow and change your mindset, sometimes family members can feel threatened. They subconsciously worry they’ll lose you, and often that fear can be expressed in negative unsupportive comments or judgements. They really only want the best for you and worry it won’t work out, they fear change and can’t see how it’ll work out.  Plus it’s sometimes hard enough convincing yourself this business is a good idea, never mind dealing with your families fears too!
And to top it off there’s the sibling factor….I once had a client tell me she ‘couldn’t possibly earn more money than her two big brothers’, I asked why, she said ‘it just wouldn’t be right!’
We play a role in our families, the sporty one, the smart one, the slim one, the broke one, the funny one, the baby, and changing that can upset the applecart! We don’t want to outshine our siblings and make them feel bad! Crazy huh?
Back to the story….to add to all this, shifting and changing, I hardly made any money for the first 6 months of my business….so all this hard work was achieving what felt like nothing but stress and I was beginning to wonder if my family was right after all!! Noooo!
Where was the fun? Was it even worth it? I was asking myself the same question!
I am incredibly grateful this hasn’t continued and I now have fun and make money!!
What was the answer? Well there were a few things;
1) I stopped judging others and making them wrong for not wanting to be an entrepreneur or talk about online marketing, spirituality or personal development!!
2) I stopped looking for validation from others and my family, they didn’t need to ‘get it’ and that was ok!
3) I started being kinder to myself, taking time out, exercising and treating myself to massages!
4) I started getting out of my pjs everyday! 🙂
5) For the money shift, I got some coaching on my own money blocks and everything changed.
6) But most importantly I started surrounding myself with others who did ‘get it’,  at the beginning it wasn’t a conscious choice, but I started spending more time with successful people with a similar mindset.
My mentor Tony Robbins says ‘Proximity is Power’. We are the sum of the 5 people we spend most time with.
Our income, health & fitness, relationships and even dress sense starts to align! (just look at old married couples who dress in ‘his and hers’ to see what I mean!)
I think this is why Facebook has become such a popular medium for work-from-home people, it makes us feel less lonely- BUT you can only get so much connection online.
When I started attending in-person courses, events, even local networking I met some incredible ‘like-minded’ people.
I joined an online program that had 4 overseas events in Paris, Los Angeles, Florence and Sydney.  I knew it was important to make an effort to be at every single one. The energy and inspiration i felt in these high-vibe locations was amazing, but it was the friendships, community and connections that were priceless. I’ve made life-long friendships with the most amazing women from all over the world.  We’d travel to these amazing locations together, stay in stunning hotels or rent huge stunning Airbnb homes in Paris and throw champagne parties!
When that course ended I felt a bit lost again, these events had been the highlight of my business, so I flew to Miami to attend one of their weddings and then spend time with these ladies on South Beach before flying up to New York to attend yet another in person event. Here I mingled with industry influencers who have now become friends, mastermind buddies and affiliate partners for my programs and events, I have appeared on their podcasts and regularly contribute as a guest expert in their programs, and they have even agreed to speak at my upcoming event. None of this would have happened if I hadn’t put myself in those rooms.
The support I get from the people I’ve met in person is different from solely online. They know the real me (not that I’m that different online- but i’m much funnier (and better looking) in person!) ;), they support me and they champion me in a way no one else does.
You don’t always have to fly all over the world to make these connections, sometimes you can do it closer to home too.
My love of events has led me to create my own, I’ve now hosted events in Sydney, Miami (which went viral and sold out!) and New York and now I’m coming to Los Angeles and I’d love to invite you to join us. If any of this post resonates, I’m guessing you’d be a great fit to join our community. I believe we cn’t do this alone and have to come together to make a difference.  Click here for more info.   Look forward to meeting you in person!
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Big love,
Jo xx
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Who do you idolise? And is it bad for business?


How are you? Great I hope!

As I shared in my last email I have been listening to Gabby Bernstein’s book Sprit Junkie, and it got me thinking.

The premise of the book is about the self-love and miracles, but also how we have separated from love that fear takes over- the fear often shows up as ego.

She talks about how we create idols out of people, whether it’s a special love, a teacher, a celebrity, a friend or even ourselves!! (Me with the awesome Kimra Luna below)


By doing that we believe they are better than us or that we are better than them and that is an illusion! Not you, you say? Have you ever thought you’re not as good as your mentor but you’re better than that homeless guy on the street? That is just your ego talking!

And if your ego is in charge, you’re shutting the door on miracles, flow and amazing opportunities- in life and business. Plus we can only become who be believe we are, and if we think we’re somehow inferior to our coach or mentor, it means it’s highly unlikely you’ll create better results!

When I was at an event last year a few interesting things happened….

I met a lady and we had been chatting and joking for a while over a glass of vino, and she said you know i have an admission to make: ‘Before this event I’d held you a a pedestal‘ I said: ‘What and now you don’t?‘ (LOL) She laughed; “Well no, not any more, I’ve realised you’re just a normal person’

At the same event we did an exercise where we had to write down the traits of three people we admired in business and the learning was that we also had those traits. It was a huge thing for me to realise, that if I could spot it, it was within me too. I WAS all those beautiful things I’d written about those other women. 

Then a crazy thing happened, TWO women in the room approached me afterwards and said I was one of their three people. I was shocked. I joked ‘what did you write?’ I secretly really wanted to know! What did they see in me that I couldn’t? 

Later that day I got a bit emotional on stage and cried– not unusual for this big ball of love, and I think that shattered any illusions they had!

I have idolised many people, more than I could ever put in an email. I’m beginning to see them as my equals and just as humans. When we connect back to this, compassion and love return.

No one is any better than you, we are all one, yes they may have a bigger bank account or as Oprah often says; she just has better shoes!

{SY}-0434 -2-crop

Is there anyone you’re idolising? Can you let it go?

Gabby suggests telling them that and that’s what the lady above did beautifully, we laughed and we’re now good friends. If you can’t tell them, tell somebody. Your friends, anyone, get it out there in public and break the spell.

Tony Robbins, often says “I am not your Guru’ and he even has a movie out called that this summer! [He’s still my idol- for now- I’m trying to let it go] Oh and it doesn’t mean you can’t respect and admire them, but just be able to breathe and string a sentence together in their presence!

Big love,

Jo x

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Join us for 3 days of fun, inspiration, shifting money blocks, mindset mastery, networking, powerful speakers, planning out the rest of your year and dreaming big-VERY BIG!

When was the last time you took time out from working in your business, and focused on working on yourself and your business?

Amazing things happen when you break your daily routine, and meet new people.

We’ll transform your money story, your limiting beliefs, your fears, your sabotaging behaviors, and really allow you to step up and play a BIGGER game.

For more details just click hereas there are too many awesome things to put in an email, including a networking drinks soiree (complimentary!!), healthy choc sponsor and soooo much more….Plus it’s crazy cheap early bird pricing!!

Look forward to meeting you in person!!!!

Put the 19-21st August in your diary NOW!!


I surrender!


It’s been a Full Moon and the Winter or Summer Solstice depending which side of this amazing plant you’re on which is an unusual event.

It’s also an amazing time to let go of anything holding you back and set some new intentions. 

I was chatting to a friend today who mentioned that they had been praying really hard for something lately, and had handed over the outcome to God. (I have never really prayed or believed in it until recently (erm today!) and my opinion is being completely changed and opened up-again!) They had prayed : ‘If my time is better served helping people, and not worrying about this outcome, and if you want me to do that then please help me.’ Guess what, everything lined up to the $ and the day was saved! 

Then later this afternoon I was listening to the book Spirit Junkie by Gabby Bernstein, and she mentioned a prayer she said often to surrender to a higher power and allow her ego and fear to release and hand over the outcome to the divine (or whatever you want to call it). I rewound the recording to write down the prayer word for word. 

Spirit Junkie

This is where the story gets a little spookier…. I randomly had my copy of The Law of Divine Compensation by Marianne Williamson sitting next to me, i read it a year ago and I just pulled it off the shelf for a re-read while up in Byron Bay this week (my holiday reads used to be trashy fiction- oh how times have changed!). I decided to open it to a page I’d dog-eared the corner of and started to read….and guess what it quoted the EXACT prayer again. TWICE in about 2 mins!!! (The Prayer originally comes from A Course in Miracles which they both teach from.)

I said aloud, ‘alright, alright I get it, I need to surrender!!!’

I got the message….3 times in a day…

It wasn’t the first time I’d heard this, nor will it be the last, sometimes we need to hear a message a few times for it to sink in!

Then it got even spookier (i had already written this email and used the language above- this is an edit)….a few chapters on Gabby shares that at a point when she was looking for guidance she was drawn to a book, it turned out to by A Return to Love, by Marianne Williamson, and she opened the book to a page she had dog-eared!! (WTF!!!) And read a passage that she needed to hear. ‘Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. ‘We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world.’ 

Then just as i heard this message, I stopped in at a little heath bar to get a raw chocolate treat, and the guy serving started talking about life coaching, motivational speaking and the need to surrender-I kid you not, I smiled, told him it was my word of the day, and enjoyed my healthy desert!

When we hold on too hard to a desired outcome sometimes we take away the opportunity for miracles.

I’m open and available for miracles….I surrender, I surrender, I surrender! 

And the stunning prayer? Which is, in the words of Marianne; ‘The best way to summon in your true calling….’

‘Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say, and to whom?’

Is there something you could let go of? Are you holding on too tightly?

Let go, release it, trust and let me know if any magic happens!

I’d love to know your thoughts,

Big love,

Jo x

P.S. Want to join me by the pool? Keep reading….

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The Entrepreneur Edge LIVE – Open Invite!

Join us for 3 days of fun, inspiration, shifting money blocks, mindset mastery, networking, powerful speakers, planning out the rest of your year and dreaming big-VERY BIG!

When was the last time you took time out from working in your business, and focused on working on yourself and your business?

Amazing things happen when you break your daily routine, and meet new people.

We’ll transform your money story, your limiting beliefs, your fears, your sabotaging behaviors, and really allow you to step up and play a BIGGER game.

For more details just click here as there are too many awesome things to put in an email, including a networking drinks soiree (complimentary!!), healthy choc sponsor and soooo much more….Plus it’s crazy cheap early bird pricing!!

Look forward to meeting you in person!!!!

Put the 19-21st August in your diary NOW!!



Can we please clear something up?

Ok so this has been niggling at me for a while…and I think it’s been making it even harder for the regular people like you and me to put ourselves out there! You can skip the words and watch the video at the bottom instead if you want! 🙂

Don’t get me wrong i’m all about keeping it real, but this word authenticity is being thrown around and people don’t really get it…more to come on this…

But people think being authentic means Livestreaming from bed, the bathroom, in their ratty old Pjs, or whatever other random ones i’ve seen recently. And i’m not judging it, it you feel cool doing that then go for it, if your audience responds to it then go for it BUT you don’t have to be in your yoga gear, with no make

up on and air your dirty laundry just to be authentic. It’s kind of missing the whole point. Plus it can also be brand suicide!!!

You can still be inauthentic in your Pjs on camera- if your heart is closed or you’re faking it, it really doesn’t matter what you’re wearing or doing. My whole life I’ve been trying to be someone or something I wasn’t mainly because i didn’t think the real me was good enough- just as I was, that’s the real journey…

If you feel more comfortable dressing up, making an effort and that’s your best version of yourself you want to show the world that’s ok too, it doesn’t mean you’re fake or unauthentic. I want my brand to be me, yes i’ll always have beautiful polished pictures (cos they’re fun and I love having them), yes I’ll do more professional video shoots, because I think they’re an important part of my business model, but I’ll also show the behind the scenes, not so perfect picture me too, because I’m comfortable doing it, if I didn’t though- i  think that’s ok too.

Your authenticity shines through in your words and actions, how you show up for your clients and most importantly yourself!

Do what feels good, getting a little uncomfortable is important as it’s never as bad as you think it’ll be!

Now my launch is over I have space to bring on 4* 1:1 clients in April before my prices go up, will you be one of them?

If this even makes you wonder what you could achieve with a coach, then it’s time to book in for a free chat and get all your questions answered! I promise it’s much easier than you think and I make it as much fun as possible. 🙂

Big love,

Jo x


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Struggling to find clarity?? The one question you need to ask yourself…

Happy Monday!

I have worked with many female entrepreneurs worldwide, one of the things I hear most is…

If I could just get clarity on…. my target market/offerings/niche/zone of genius… I would ….start my business/ launch my next program/ finish my website/quit my job….’

You get the picture, lack of clarity is touted as an excuse for not moving forward in business more often than almost anything else I hear. I’ve seen women use this an excuse for spinning their wheels for years!!!

unnamed (1)








But It’s a nice soft way to sabotage yourself, it’s not as harsh as the truth; I’m procrastinating, I’m lazy, I’m scared, I’m in denial, I’m not really committed, I’m scared of what people will think, I’m terrified of failure or even success…

I believe clarity is within, but it is usually hiding behind fear. Fear underpins everything, it’s the No. 1 Money Block I see all the time.

But there’s good news, once you get past the fear, the clarity comes…ask yourself; If I did actually get clarity what might happen? I guarantee if you’re really honest the answers are not all positive…figuring that out and neutralizing it is the secret.

The other really cool trick is….just start something…it sounds ridiculously simple but you will very quickly get clarity from doing…that dream you had, it might not be as much fun if you actually try it, this is amazing as it stops you fantasizing about it for any longer than is really necessary. If i hadn’t just started and started out as a Health Coach originally, I would never be doing what I do now. I needed that experience and that learning to lead me to the business I currently have. Often people don’t start as they are afraid they aren’t as good as they hope they might be, they might actually discover the truth…but flip it, trying something and it doesn’t work out, is not failure but simply learning and speeding up your process so you can find your zone of genius, very often taking those first steps will lead you to exactly where you need to be. Go for it!

I love helping my clients figure out what that exact thing is that’s blocking the clarity (then getting rid of it for good!) and helping them get the confidence to move forward no matter what.

I have space to bring on 3 more 1:1 clients in April before my packages change and my prices go up, will you one of them?

If this even makes you wonder what you could achieve with a coach, then it’s time to book in for a free chat and get all your questions answered! I promise it’s much easier than you think and I make it as much fun as possible. 🙂

Big love,

Jo x


Are you falling into one of these 5 traps? And all you need to get started in your biz!

I have worked with A LOT of women and (and a few men!) and I hear all of this- over and over again!

The good news is ….It’s not your fault – as this online world would make you believe it’s all true- but let’s take a moment and check in and see…have you ever said…

1. I can’t coach/work with people until I have my certificate/I’m not qualified enough/I feel like a fraud

2. I need a website/logo/biz name/photos/branding and all my biz details before I start

3. I need online marketing/Fb Ads etc to get clients

4. I need to figure out my niche/get clarity about my ideal client/packages/what I do, before I start

5. If I keep coaching for free i’ll eventually get paid clients!

I’m guessing at least one? Am I right?

Let’s simplify things so you can start to see clients and cash sooner…All you actually need to do is….

1. Know where your ideal clients might hang out

2. Be able to explain what you do

3. Invite for a phone chat/discovery call

4. Set up an online calendar/booking system

5. Know what to say on the phone (easy step by step instructions)

6. Know how to create a client relationship, (and not just be friends!!)

7. Exact language to use to present your coaching packages

8. Have a way to take payments

9. Oh and let go of a few money blocks while you’re at it!


Here are a few tips to get you started…

1. Make sure you get into the right mindset before the call, and then detach yourself from the result-people can smell desperation!

2. Be curious and ONLY if they are your ideal client and you have a solution -offer it, don’t harass or harang anyone into a decision that doesn’t feel good.

3. Timetrade is free you can get set up in mins and look super profesh!

4. Don’t coach on the call, get paid before you coach or they’ll see you as a friend. They need to want it more than you, let them come to you!


Still not sure then I’m here to help….I absolutely love all my clients and have space to bring on 4* 1:1 clients in April before my prices go up, will you one of them?

It’s time to book in for a free chat and get all your questions answered! I promise it’s much easier than you think and I make it as much fun as possible. 🙂

Big love,

Jo x



A new money block! It’s a sneaky one! Do you have it?

Sooo, money blocks come in all shapes and sizes, and this is one I hadn’t really seen before, well I’d seen it but not for what it really is!

Do you get Bright Shiny Object Syndrome?

I recently spoke to a lady who has enrolled in practically every single program out there, I’m not exaggerating, if I wanted the inside scoop on any leading coach in the marketplace then this lady has done their program, and occasionally even worked with them one on one. I think she’s looking for the secret to this online world. Like if she keeps doing courses, she’ll finally crack the secret code. No wonder – everyone tells you they have the secret code, and this one thing will finally be the thing…but after a while you don’t really need any more information, what you need is to start taking some action, and if you’re not, then you need to clear the blocks, and get yourself some accountability!

I realized all these courses were, was a giant self sabotaging illusion….in theory she was doing everytahing right…

You get told you have to invest in yourself CHECK

You get told you have to learn CHECK

You get told you have to hustle CHECK

She even figured out she had money blocks CHECK

You get told to hire a coach CHECK (but she hired one that intimidated her into doing stuff, so got results for those 2 months- not something that will change her long term!)

She was just following the standard route most people do, (and so was I for a long time, wish I’d seen it sooner!)

BUT what she WASN’T doing was working with someone 1:1 that actually changed things at a subconscious level, she wasn’t actually clearing the money and visibility blocks and the same patterns were showing up AGAIN & AGAIN…

Her subconscious KNEW she needed to clear the blocks, but was trying to protect her from what might happen if she did (all those irrational fears of failure/success/judgement etc), so she kept spending more and more money trying to find the answers outside of herself, and justifying that she was doing everything she could, when what she really needed were the answers within her. In the process, she was not bringing on nearly enough paying clients (or any actually!) and running out of cash!!

Ahhhh….does this sound familiar???

I know for a long time this was me, when i realised I had to do the inner work, I set about getting all the help I could to clear my stuff as fast as possible, and to this day I still work on it with a coach, does that make me wrong, no it makes me human – and brave- I wouldn’t ask anyone to do anything I’m not willing to do myself!

I always work to clear this stuff first, then we work on building your biz, as I could give you all the best advice in the world, but if you’re not implementing it, there is zero point!

I have space to bring on 3* 1:1 clients, will you be one of them?

If this rings true, or you’ve had a little Ah-ha moment, then it’s time to book in for a free chat and get all your questions answered! I promise it’s much easier than you think and I make it as much fun as possible. 🙂

Big love,

Jo x




Are you ready to step up as a Leader?

What is a leader and what does it take to step up as amazing one!?

Well for a start you have to stop hiding…getting visible is a major first step, how do you feel as being seen?

You have to lead by example

You have to inspire you team and know how to get the best out of them

You have to create a culture based on common values and a shared mission

You have to be willing to go first, to dare to be different and to shake things up, even a little bit!

You have to be fair and have a keen sense of justice

You have to build a team that supports you and your dream

You have to let go of control, stop doing everything yourself! Delegate or Die!

You have to have the Systems and structures in place so you’re not constantly answering questions

You have to train your staff/team.

You have to be organized and efficient

You have to have unwavering courage

You have to take responsibility!

You have to have a plan and know what to outsource and to whom!

You’ve got to understand each team member and how best to communicate with each of them.

Luckily we’ve got you covered! The Entrepreneur Edge breaks all this down, and we even had a special guest expert coming in to talk about outsourcing like a pro! We’re very lucky to have Kirsty Smith, founder of Virtual Elves joining us! She’s also a mentor in one of the world’s biggest entrepreneurial educational organizations, The Entourage, based here in Australia. Find out more below….

It’s time to be that leader! I know you’re ready, let’s do this!

Big love,
Jo xx

P.S. If you need any questions answered, I’m here, let’s book in a time to talk! xx