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Are you falling into one of these 5 traps? And all you need to get started in your biz!

I have worked with A LOT of women and (and a few men!) and I hear all of this- over and over again!

The good news is ….It’s not your fault – as this online world would make you believe it’s all true- but let’s take a moment and check in and see…have you ever said…

1. I can’t coach/work with people until I have my certificate/I’m not qualified enough/I feel like a fraud

2. I need a website/logo/biz name/photos/branding and all my biz details before I start

3. I need online marketing/Fb Ads etc to get clients

4. I need to figure out my niche/get clarity about my ideal client/packages/what I do, before I start

5. If I keep coaching for free i’ll eventually get paid clients!

I’m guessing at least one? Am I right?

Let’s simplify things so you can start to see clients and cash sooner…All you actually need to do is….

1. Know where your ideal clients might hang out

2. Be able to explain what you do

3. Invite for a phone chat/discovery call

4. Set up an online calendar/booking system

5. Know what to say on the phone (easy step by step instructions)

6. Know how to create a client relationship, (and not just be friends!!)

7. Exact language to use to present your coaching packages

8. Have a way to take payments

9. Oh and let go of a few money blocks while you’re at it!


Here are a few tips to get you started…

1. Make sure you get into the right mindset before the call, and then detach yourself from the result-people can smell desperation!

2. Be curious and ONLY if they are your ideal client and you have a solution -offer it, don’t harass or harang anyone into a decision that doesn’t feel good.

3. Timetrade is free you can get set up in mins and look super profesh!

4. Don’t coach on the call, get paid before you coach or they’ll see you as a friend. They need to want it more than you, let them come to you!


Still not sure then I’m here to help….I absolutely love all my clients and have space to bring on 4* 1:1 clients in April before my prices go up, will you one of them?

It’s time to book in for a free chat and get all your questions answered! I promise it’s much easier than you think and I make it as much fun as possible. 🙂

Big love,

Jo x



A new money block! It’s a sneaky one! Do you have it?

Sooo, money blocks come in all shapes and sizes, and this is one I hadn’t really seen before, well I’d seen it but not for what it really is!

Do you get Bright Shiny Object Syndrome?

I recently spoke to a lady who has enrolled in practically every single program out there, I’m not exaggerating, if I wanted the inside scoop on any leading coach in the marketplace then this lady has done their program, and occasionally even worked with them one on one. I think she’s looking for the secret to this online world. Like if she keeps doing courses, she’ll finally crack the secret code. No wonder – everyone tells you they have the secret code, and this one thing will finally be the thing…but after a while you don’t really need any more information, what you need is to start taking some action, and if you’re not, then you need to clear the blocks, and get yourself some accountability!

I realized all these courses were, was a giant self sabotaging illusion….in theory she was doing everytahing right…

You get told you have to invest in yourself CHECK

You get told you have to learn CHECK

You get told you have to hustle CHECK

She even figured out she had money blocks CHECK

You get told to hire a coach CHECK (but she hired one that intimidated her into doing stuff, so got results for those 2 months- not something that will change her long term!)

She was just following the standard route most people do, (and so was I for a long time, wish I’d seen it sooner!)

BUT what she WASN’T doing was working with someone 1:1 that actually changed things at a subconscious level, she wasn’t actually clearing the money and visibility blocks and the same patterns were showing up AGAIN & AGAIN…

Her subconscious KNEW she needed to clear the blocks, but was trying to protect her from what might happen if she did (all those irrational fears of failure/success/judgement etc), so she kept spending more and more money trying to find the answers outside of herself, and justifying that she was doing everything she could, when what she really needed were the answers within her. In the process, she was not bringing on nearly enough paying clients (or any actually!) and running out of cash!!

Ahhhh….does this sound familiar???

I know for a long time this was me, when i realised I had to do the inner work, I set about getting all the help I could to clear my stuff as fast as possible, and to this day I still work on it with a coach, does that make me wrong, no it makes me human – and brave- I wouldn’t ask anyone to do anything I’m not willing to do myself!

I always work to clear this stuff first, then we work on building your biz, as I could give you all the best advice in the world, but if you’re not implementing it, there is zero point!

I have space to bring on 3* 1:1 clients, will you be one of them?

If this rings true, or you’ve had a little Ah-ha moment, then it’s time to book in for a free chat and get all your questions answered! I promise it’s much easier than you think and I make it as much fun as possible. 🙂

Big love,

Jo x




Are you ready to step up as a Leader?

What is a leader and what does it take to step up as amazing one!?

Well for a start you have to stop hiding…getting visible is a major first step, how do you feel as being seen?

You have to lead by example

You have to inspire you team and know how to get the best out of them

You have to create a culture based on common values and a shared mission

You have to be willing to go first, to dare to be different and to shake things up, even a little bit!

You have to be fair and have a keen sense of justice

You have to build a team that supports you and your dream

You have to let go of control, stop doing everything yourself! Delegate or Die!

You have to have the Systems and structures in place so you’re not constantly answering questions

You have to train your staff/team.

You have to be organized and efficient

You have to have unwavering courage

You have to take responsibility!

You have to have a plan and know what to outsource and to whom!

You’ve got to understand each team member and how best to communicate with each of them.

Luckily we’ve got you covered! The Entrepreneur Edge breaks all this down, and we even had a special guest expert coming in to talk about outsourcing like a pro! We’re very lucky to have Kirsty Smith, founder of Virtual Elves joining us! She’s also a mentor in one of the world’s biggest entrepreneurial educational organizations, The Entourage, based here in Australia. Find out more below….

It’s time to be that leader! I know you’re ready, let’s do this!

Big love,
Jo xx

P.S. If you need any questions answered, I’m here, let’s book in a time to talk! xx






Want to spend the day with me in LA?

I just landed back in Miami after an incredible week in Turks and Caicos and I’m already planning my trip back, make sure to add it to your bucket list now!!

Meanwhile….things are hotting up in The Entrepreneur Edge Mastermind Facebook group, I’m already loving the connections being made and the shifts and transformations happening before my eyes! I always get huge FOMO and I’d hate you to miss out on this experience and meeting me in LA!

Did you know that graduation from The Entrepreneur Edge is happening in a VIP Live event in Los Angeles?

As if that wasn’t enough…..I also have space for 2 ‘Platinum Ultimate Edge’ Luxury intensives! If you love group programs but are also craving some 1:1 private attention and then this could be the option for you, and it’s a bargain, not only do you get a full-day luxury intensive with me, for less than a standard intensive day, but you also get entry to The Entrepreneur Edge thrown in for good measure!! Wow!!!  I’m even impressed I’m doing this!!

If you’re ready to compress your timeline, let go of anything holding you back, get a clear business map and spend a full day with me somewhere super high-vibe then let’s book it in!!

I absolutely love luxury intensive days, the transformation I see in that short time leaves me speechless and usually close to tears!
I know I need to work on my boundaries, but when I someone let go of their old story, the fears, doubt and limiting beliefs that have been holding them back their entire life, it’s powerful stuff! As a Master NLP and Advanced EFT Practitioner I use a unique combo of both, to laser into the source of the issue, usually a childhood event, and clear out all the issues since then!  And it doesn’t have to have been something traumatic to have created you values, limiting beliefs and financial blueprint! I was lucky enough to have had a very ‘happy’ childhood, but still ended up whole a whole host of issues, and stuff to let go of. I have done so much deep emotional cleansing work myself, cried my heart out and I truly think having ‘gone there’ and looked it squarely in the face is why I’ve had so much success in such a short amount of time! Don’t let your ‘stuff’ hold you back any longer! I just wish I’d figured this out earlier, I can’t even imagine where my business would be by now.

And on a very personal note, I think I’d have been single my entire life if I hadn’t done this work, I haven’t met anyone yet, but this deep healing has left me hopeful and knowing that it’s coming and that I am lovable and deserve an amazing loving husband.

If this even makes you wonder what could be holding you back, then it’s time to book in a mini-strategy session and get all your questions answered!

Big love,

Jo xx

P.S. If it’s not LA then I am pretty much doing a massive world tour this year and will be in Australia, Europe and the US, very probably in a major city near you soon! Let’s talk!


I know this isn’t the sexist topic…

I know this isn’t the sexist topic…but do you understand your business finances?

If asked you what a Profit & Loss statement or Balance sheet was, or how you could be profitable and bankrupt at the same time, would you know?

This might seem like the last thing you need to know, but if you’re thinking about growing your business past just you and maybe a part-time VA this is critical stuff!!  I want to empower you to be a financially savvy business owner, who isn’t scared of terms like that and who knows what to ask her accountant!

Did you know I’m as well as being a kick-ass business mentor, Master NLP Practitioner and Advanced EFT Practitioner and a certified Transformational Life coach, I’m ALSO a Chartered Accountant!

When I first left corporate I was actually embarrassed about my ‘past life’, but I know that my grounding and over 13 years in finance and the business acumen I developed being in the Board Rooms of Start-up companies to giant Listed companies really sets me apart from other ‘business’ mentors!

I have set up International companies, liquidated them, audited them, managed entire divisions and been a part of some seriously huge finance transactions. At one point I felt I had an entire global companies fate in my hands, that responsibility and stress was more than my health could handle, but it’s part of my story and part of me, and although I wasn’t always in love with it I learned a huge amount, how to do it and how NOT to do it!!!

I want to give you the confidence to understand your accounts like a pro, I’ll break it down to the point where you’re like, oh that really wasn’t so hard after all, what’s all the fuss about?

Being empowered financially is key, if it’s overwhelming or confusing to you then it could block you from earning more!

Let me explain it in a super simple way!

Big love,

Jo x

P.S. I’m teaching this in The Entrepreneur Edge, you know that program I’ve been talking about for almost a month now?!! It’s not a finance degree but it’s everything you need to know to to grow and get ‘the edge’ and become a Leader in your biz!

Want to ask me anything?? Book in for a FREE mini-strategy session and find out how to empower yourself financially!



What will your life look like in 2 years?

Happy Valentines’ day!!!

Today I wanted to send you loads of love to your inbox!! As a single gal I know I sometimes need a little extra love on V-Day!! Luckily I spent the day in the beautiful Turks & Caicos island with my gorgeous pregnant friend and her family, hanging out on the beach and having a relaxed BBQ…ahh bliss, so much love over here it’s ridic, I’ve missed her and it’s been way too long!

But enough of the mushy stuff!

What will your life look like in 2 years?

It’s been over two years now since I had the back injury that changed my life!

Two years ago I was still working in my corporate accounting job, I’d had my accident on 29th December 2013 (approximately!) I was out in a surf lifesaving rescue boat in heavy surf (I volunteer as a Surf Lifesaver at the beach on weekends) and as we smashed over a wave I took the full force of it and compressed my lower back, with the adrenalin and fact we were still out there with huge waves, I didn’t realize how bad it was until the next morning when I could hardly get out of bed, and I thought, ‘oh sh!t, I’ve really done it this time!’.

After a few weeks and then months of it not really getting any better and countless physio, osteopath, doctor and chiropractic appointments, an x-ray and an MRI, I finally saw a Specialist who said it would take a year to get back to where I was and that seemed like an eternity!

I was getting really down and verging on depression, I’d cry when people asked how I was, as I felt like my life had grounded to a halt.  Before the accident, I had been doing so well, I had lost so much weight and regained my fitness, I was on a roll, even though I was still working long hours and stressed in my job, the accident stopped everything I identified with; I couldn’t exercise, so I wasn’t hanging out with my friends as much, as we trained together, I started gaining the weight back, as I wasn’t training and I was also comfort eating, I was in pain, I couldn’t even work! I was ok walking and lying down but sitting was just so painful and long days at work were really holding up my recovery, so I was eventually put on half days by the doctor to help speed up my recovery.  I already found my job boring, stressful and mentally painful and now it was actually physically painful, I thought how can I possibly do this for the next 30 years when I can’t even make it past lunch time?

But then I had so much time on my hands and for the first time in over 10 years, I thought ‘oh I actually have time to study something’ and in that moment of realization, my life totally changed.

It took a long time to even to get back into any kind of sport and to even begin basic Pilates with the physio took about 4.5 months,  I was scared I would hurt myself again, and frustrated by my lack of fitness and stamina. Even after 8 months I was scared to take a long-haul flight, as it involved so much sitting.

I truly believe if the universe hadn’t literally stopped me in my tracks when it did, I would still be in a job I hated, that was killing me mentally and physically. Remember everything happens for a reason and we always have to look for the positives and find what we can learn from every situation.

My back injury is now just a story,  it’s no longer something that makes me sad, scared or is an excuse for for not doing things, it has shown me that no matter what is thrown at me I can overcome it and come out of the other side better and stronger.

Don’t wait for a massive wake up call!! Let my story be a lesson.. as Oprah says the Universe speaks to us in whispers…listen to them….don’t wait until you hit a brick wall- literally- or a giant wave!

What is the Universe whispering to you?

Luckily today my life is dramatically different, I can’t even bare to think about that girl who might still be dragging her ass into a job she hated every day and taking a deep breath to prep herself before she got into the lift!

Today it’s Monday and I’m sitting in the stunning Turks and Caicos islands in massive gratitude about how my life has changed!

Where will you be in 2 years? It’s amazing right? Yes it is and it’s available for you too!

I’m sure you know The Entrepreneur Edge is still in enrolment, transformation, doesn’t happen alone, come and get the support you need!

Big love,

Jo x

P.S. Listen to the whispers…. x



I’m jumping on a flight to Miami today!

Happy Friday!

I’m actually going to burst with excitement!!  Today I’m flying to Miami and then on to Turks & Caicos islands to see a close friend I haven’t seen in years!  Yes I’m in the middle of a launch and heading off on holiday! It’s alright for some right!? Haha, I did wonder if I was mad to book it, but I’m following my heart and my desires, do you do that ? ​This is T & C​!!!!








After T&C I’m heading back to Miami then up to Boca Raton to the wedding of one of my Biz besties Erika Sheffer, I’m so excited, she asked while we were pretty much nude (white paper thongs in steam rooms don’t leave much to the imagination!) in Paris, as you do! And now it’s happening! And if I know Erika her branding is always on point and this wedding will be too! Follow her on Insta to see what I mean! @erikasheffer


Then I’m back to Miami for three days and to hopefully to meet you, {remember RSVP for Miami cocktails by the 15th!} then up to cold NYC, I’ve been in a heat wave here in Sydney this summer so it’ll be a shock to the system, oh poor me! 🙂 But heading up for a reason, and that’s to step up my game,  and start connecting even more with the big players in the game, I’m part of Selina Soo’s influencer program and she’s hosting a live event, I’m excited to meet her, Kimra and the rest of the crew…and maybe, just maybe Lewis Howes will be there! If you’ve been following me at all you might have picked up that I have massive virtual crush on him, and if I talk about it enough I’m sure he’ll be begging to be an expert on TEE 2.0, right after he proposes….I can dream right?? What crazy dreams do you have?

Dream. Believe. Receive.

And you’re all invited to the wedding, haha!

Oh and don’t forget if you want to meet me in NYC, Sunday afternoon, 28th February, RSVP Feb 15th!

Ok, my bags are packed, I’m calling an Uber and getting outta here, see you on the other side!

Big love,
Jo xx

P.S. If you’re a dreamer too, and want to start making them a reality then it’s time to join The Entrepreneur Edge!!!! Remember if you have questions and want to know if it’s right for you, I’m still taking booking for mini-strategy sessions, even though I’ll be in T&C next week, I know, I know, I work around the beach time and cocktails! My friend will be working as usual so i’ll have my days free to talk! 🙂



Why your first $100k is the hardest!!

How’s your week going?
I wish to you joy and happiness but above all this I wish to you love! Sorry I’m listening to Whitney, she popped up on shuffle on Spotify! 🙂 That song was a major family fav growing up, we’d all sing at the top of our voices in the car, it was one of the only CDs my Dad had! Oh the memories…

Ok back to the topic…so this first $100k…why is it so dang hard!? Ah well there are lots of reasons, but the good news it does get easier, phew!!!

And if you can deal with some of these common trip wires early, it doesn’t have to be that had at all!

Have you ever;

  • been stuck not knowing the next step to take?
  • been stressing about how you were going to pay rent next week? (that ruins your vibe!!)
  • found yourself procrastinating, falling down the Facebook rabbit hole, and then declaring that you’ve worked so hard all day but achieved nothing!
  • had doubts about whether it would even work?
  • been stuck in comparisonitis, thinking they were luckier, prettier, slimmer, smarter than you? Or had even jealously eyed up her website or landing page!!!
  • had some success, maybe even a 5 -figure week or month, and then BOOM nothing for ages…upper limit? sabotage? Hit the top of your Financial Comfort Zone? And thought it was just a fluke?
  • run out of ideas or inspiration?
  • got frustrated with the tech, and decided it was just too hard afterall?
  • heard crickets when you posted on Facebook?
  • been discouraged when nobody took you up on that offer?
  • had fears come up you didn’t even know you had?
  • had a shock about the sheer amount there is to do?
  • been blocked when it comes to copy writing? (I want to coach people, I’m not a writer!)
  • been overwhelmed by how overcrowded the market seems and felt everyone is so much further ahead
  • been triggered by those other posts of people making $100k in 5 minutes!!

These are only a few reasons why your first $100k is the hardest, there is so much to learn, there is your first newsletter, first blog post, first website, and don’t even get me started on list building, sales funnels, FB Ads, automation and outsourcing for the first time!

But thankfully The Entrepreneur Edge is here, we are going to make to make it soooo much easier than it otherwise would be!! Stop guessing and trying to figure it out on your own! It will be so much more painful that way, trust me!!

We demystify it all, we have the TOP experts in the online biz world, coming in to teach you!

You have a mentor and coach to bounce ideas off.

You are getting all the information you need.

You have a supportive community and an accountability buddy!

You have a way to let go of all those blocks, the fear, the doubts and procrastination!

You have a solution, and it’s The Entrepreneur Edge!

Come and join us, we’re not only making it easy but fun too!

Big love,

Jo x


Most resolutions fail by today!!

Wah wah!! It’s that day of the year! The day by which most resolutions fail! Boo!










How are you doing?? Are you on track? Have your resolutions failed? If so, why?

  • Did you set goals?
  • Did you write them down?
  • Were they specific?
  • Were they things you truly desired?
  • Did you make them a non-negotiable?
  • Did you visualize how it would feel to have achieved them?
  • Did you believe they were possible?

If not, then you have to start now!!!

I was at Tony Robbin’s Business Mastery course and he said

‘Hell on earth would be meeting the person you could have become!’ 

That sent shivers through me!

That woman took advantage of opportunities when they came to her, she stepped up and claimed it for herself, she didn’t delay, she didn’t let other people make her doubt herself, she said yes to her dreams, yes to possibilities, she persevered when it was hard, she made a stand for what she believed in, she was driven by a mission to change the world, she knew she was destined for bigger better things, she took risks, she lived with passion, with no regrets, she was confident, she was happy, she loved and let herself be loved, she gave and let herself receive, she took leaps of faith, she stretched, she grew, she knew her destiny was bigger than her fear, she was tenacious, she laughed, she made it happen!!

And she knew she couldn’t do it alone! She got the help and mentoring she needed at the right time and didn’t waste time waiting, wishing and hoping for something to change, she made it change! (yes she was listening to Beyonce when she wrote this!)

Is the woman that YOU could have become, how did she live her life!?

That is one cool chick and I’m ready to meet her!! Are you?

And I’d love to meet her in Los Angeles at our live Mastermind that’s included as part of the Entrepreneur Edge!

Let’s make this happen together, bring it on!!

Big love,
Jo x

P.S. Holy guacamole, have you seen the expert line up for TEE?? I can hardly believe it myself, these guys are the dream team! The Huffington Post called Rob “one of the most influential online marketers across the globe“. And Fast Company called Rob an “online marketing guru.” OMG!!!

Ready to meet her? Me too!! Just on a mini-strategy session call with me to see if TEE is right for you!



Coming to America! Wanna meet me?

OMG do you remember that movie? I love Eddie Murphy!  I saw that movie when it first came out in 1988- eek does that make you feel old too!?

I remember thinking it all looked quite exciting and glamourous even back then, and at for a girl from a small town in Scotland, who had never even been on a plane by that age, it really was!!

My first trip to the States wasn’t very glamorous either (but oh so much fun!), I was 18, Sex and the City had been on TV (oh the pre-Netflix days!) for about a year and I was off to spend a summer working in America, I can actually remember how excited I was, I arrived in NYC on my own and stayed in a hostel near Central Park, and met my friends there, we spent a few days exploring, did the SATC tour (of course) then went down and worked in a Theme Park on the boardwalk of Wildwood, New Jersey for 3 months, yes I was a ‘ride operator’, and in charge of the kiddie dodgems and the Big Swing, I know how to live it up, but we had a ball, after that I headed down to meet my brother who lived in Miami, he took me out in Miami for the first time, he managed to con our past the doorman of Mango’s in South Beach (I was underage!), and I saw semi-naked people dancing on the bar for the first time- OMG I was hooked! haha! But when I got home after that summer, I went into my 3rd year at University, I literally couldn’t study or focus for the next 6 months (I somehow crammed at the end of the year and got my grades-just!), but I’d had my eyes opened up to a whole new world, it was exciting, it was fun and it was glamorous, but it had left me totally unsatisfied with my life in Scotland, my friends weren’t cool enough, they didn’t want something bigger, I did and I felt different!

Since then i’ve back to NYC and Miami countless times, when I lived in Bermuda we’d pop over for a weekend regularly and I’d be in NYC with work several times a year. But it’s been 5 years!!!! And I miss it!!! So I’m coming to visit and I want to meet as many of you as possible!

Since my first visits they have definitely been a lot more like I first imagined they would be! And that’s why I’m inviting you to come and meet me in person! Let’s have some cocktails and get to know each other!

First up, is South Beach, Miami Monday 22nd February (no not Mango’s but I’m tempted!) and then Manhattan, Sunday afternoon 28th February! I’m so excited, please reply to RSVP and we’ll send exact location details nearer the time, once we confirm numbers! (RSVP BY: Feb 15th)

I’m so excited to meet you in person!

Big love,
Jo x

P.S. Can’t make those dates? I’m also hosting a LIVE Mastermind in Los Angeles late July/early Aug, as part of The Entrepreneur Edge, for all the details, check out my beautiful page. We have some incredible experts lined up to!

Want to talk? Book in now for a FREE mini-strategy session, and find out if TEE is right for you


Are you 1/12th of the way through your goals??

I have to say I’ve had one of the best months of my life and for the first time in my life I am ahead of where I thought I’d be, I have been totally in flow and the most amazing things have been happening, when you’re operating in such high-vibration it’s quite amazing how the universe lines up for you and makes your dreams come true! There’s hardly been a moment of doubt, in-decision or procrastination, I’m eager, I’m on fire, I’m buzzing and I’m smashing through my goals, are you?

If not, why not? What did you think you were going to achieve in January? Did you? If not, why not? And if you did, were your goals really big enough to begin with!?

What did you say to yourself on the 1st of January this year? What was going to change? What were you going to achieve?

I felt that buzz at the start of the year too– it was exciting- I knew 2016 was going to be different somehow, did you?

Has that dream faded already, are you back in your old ways already?


Now is the time to make that change, I know you want it and I know you’re ready!

In The Entrepreneur Edge, people are already having breakthroughs and achieving more than they thought!? Are you ready to join them?

Your time is now, this is it!

You’re ready, I know you are, let’s do this!!

Consider this your wake up call- you’re welcome!!!

Big love,
Jo xxx


Do you feel like a fraud?

Hope you’re having a fantastic week!  On Monday I mentioned the emails I get from people and I realized it would make an interesting theme for my emails, as these are the real issues you’re dealing with, and I know as i’ve been there!

I spoke to a lady last week, who is ridiculously smart and over-qualified (think 2* 1st class honours degrees and a masters with honours!!), who consistently over delivers for her clients and is considered ‘indispensable’ by everyone she works with, buuutt….she has a few things going on….

1) She felt like she’d never know enough! How much do YOU have to know to just start!!!??

2) She felt she was conning everyone and eventually they’d find out she was a fraud! Yeah I know that feeling, but how long can YOU let that feeling go on?

3) She was stuck in her story. There was so much passion but so much pain, and her story of bad luck was keeping her stuck. Are YOU stuck in your story of why is hasn’t worked? why it won’t work?

4) She was hardly charging anything for her work, and when she did get work they struggled to pay her…this pattern repeated itself…money story big time. What’s YOUR money story? Is there a pattern?

5) She had Upper limited herself -big time! Has everything ever been going so well for you that you couldn’t quite believe it was possible to be that happy or successful at the same time and then it all came tumbling down? It wasn’t an accident, there was huge amounts of resistance and sabotage going on! (I’ve been there too, e.g. I always seemed to get injured just as i started to get super fit– my fear of being slim won every time!) If this is causing an Ah-ha moment read The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks- now!! 🙂

If you recognize any of these in you, how long are you going to let them hold you back? I get it, I’ve had all these issues and then some, but I couldn’t let them stop me, I dealt with them and am moving on and building my biz into something I’m in LOVE with, and that’s what I want for you too! That’s why in The Entrepreneur Edge we start with dealing with all of this stuff, we deal with the fears and the money blocks and we let them go AND the first 10 to enroll get to have a 2 hr intensive with me as a bonus, to deal with all this, we cover so much in these session and let go of everything holding you back. I have a special way to get straight to the root of your issues FAST, and clear it out for good! If you’re ready to get rid of some limiting beliefs and take advantage of this special offer, this is the program for you! Plus did you know you can join us for only $695/mth!!

Lots of love,

Jo xx

P.S. We ALL have this stuff going on, the difference is how long you’re willing to tolerate it! I was over the struggle and I’m guessing you are too! Jump on a mini-strategy session with me and find out if The Entrepreneur Edge is right for you.


Is this holding you back??

I get a lot of lovely emails from people, telling me all sorts of  personal things, their life stories, fears and sometimes just pointing out my typos – I love getting every one them, but I also just want to help everyone, and it drives me crazy when all these amazing women, are stuck in some way and holding themselves back!

I had one of those emails just last week and she was ‘still trying to understand what I would like my ideal target market/business’ to be.

I think the  keyword  in the sentence is ‘still’!

I know some people that even after a year on a high-level program  still don’t  have clarity on their target market (mine has changed 3 times! lol). And that’s ok, but they’ve started and giving it a go anyway….

The Entrepreneur Edge goes into this in detail, as it’s so important;

  • if you’re just starting out,
  • if you’re changing direction
  • or maybe because your message just isn’t resonating with your audience, (crickets anyone?!)

My top tips on this…

Your target market is 95% likely to be you in the past, you just have to decide how long ago that was, it’s usually something you’ve overcome and is part of your story.

  • The other 5%, it’s probably like someone close to you who’s struggled with it.
  • It’s the person you have so much compassion for, you could talk to all day!
  • Just start, once you start working with people you’ll know who you prefer to work with and also who you’re less excited about! (I remember being like, please don’t let it be a health one next, and a little light bulb went off!)
  • It doesn’t have to be this forever, just something to get started on for now, nothing is set in stone! Just start…did i say that already!? 🙂
  • You know the answer…if you can’t find it, I bet it’s just fear…fear of what happens next/fear of actually having to work with these people/fear of asking for money/taking the next steps/setting up a website/actually committing to it/fear of not having ‘I just can’t nail my target market’ as an excuse any longer. etc, etc, etc….work on that fear and you’ll get clarity!

That’s one of the things that sets The Entrepreneur Edge  apart from anything else,  we don’t let you stay in the fear , we work through it, we face it head on….then  we get clarity and we move on…with YOUR dream business  and if it changes down the track, that’s ok, at least you tried it and just started!!

Hope that helps!  If you’re curious about The Entrepreneur Edge, then you can get all the details here, or book in to speak to me for a mini-strategy session and to see if it’s the right fit for you!

Jo xxx


My Sex and the City moment!

If you’re anything like me, you grew up watching Sex and the City, no my parents weren’t that irresponsible (although Pretty Woman was a family favourite!). 😉

SATC came out in June 1998, when I was 17 and starting my second year at University, my flatmate and I would snuggle up in our PJs on my single bed and drink wine out of a cardboard box that we kept on top of the fridge, just for this, every week! We’d giggle and dream that one day when we grew up our lives would be that glamorous and flying all over the world with our friends!

Last night after two of the longest, but best and most exciting days in my business to-date, I decided to switch off with some Netflix in bed and I turned on Sex and the City: The Movie, as I watched the intro I had this overwhelming feeling of gratitude, and I realized I have created this lifestyle for myself!

They have a rock solid group of amazing friends who support one another, throughout the highs (and lows – poor Carrie, I had to turn off I couldn’t bare to see her being jilted at the altar by BIG again!!)

They talk about everything– nothing is off limits, they’re honest with each other, and they work through their issues like pros.

They support each other in their businesses.Plus they’re all super successful in their own way – and they don’t compete! 

They have so much fun,they laugh, cry, dress in stunning clothes, drink cocktails and travel the world together and stay at beautiful high-vibe locations!



OMG I have that- that’s my life too?!

Wow, I am ridiculously lucky and literally living out my dream! (Although I think all of my friends are ‘Samanthas’!! Haha! They think I’m Charlotte, but I like to think it’s more of a perfect mix of all 4!! I am way too outspoken and not that much of a prude!)

But all this would NEVER have happened if I’d stayed in my little apartment working away at my dining room table in my Lulus on my own!

The transformation started when I stepped up and decided to join a high level group coaching program and that opened my eyes to the lifestyle and business that was really possible for me (and not just for those ‘other’ people, that were slimmer/prettier/richer/better connected/more tech savvy/further ahead than me!!)


It helped me rewrite my money story (and even realise I had one!), I learned so much, I didn’t even know I needed to learn, I up-leveled my life and business faster than I ever dreamed possible, for example, I haven’t even considered I needed to move house, to a bigger place with an office or that I could have an assistant, Virtual assistants, Social media, FB Ads manager, IT dude, graphic designer, mentor, launch manager and a host of other help to grow my business that fast, I hadn’t even considered most it, never mind even started to think I could have it too!

I have travelled the world and stayed in some of the most stunning places I’ve ever been. And I met women in person that have become life-long friends!



I want this for you too – it’s all possible, all you have to do is DECIDE, yes it’s that simple, the rest is easy!

I’m not special, if I can live this life and have my dream business working from my laptop, then you can too!
My new entrepreneurial immersion The Entrepreneur Edge has all this and more!!

We even have a live Mastermind in Los Angeles, and I can hardly wait to meet you there!

Jo xxx

P.S. What are you waiting for? A written invite? Haha, well this is it, come and join me, I know you’re curious! Check out my new sexy page here!


Truth bombs from Oprah!

So last week I asked what you would ask   Oprah  if you got a chance to and I got soo many amazing suggestions. I landed on one that I thought would teach us all the most and that was  what does Oprah say to herself when things aren’t going her way ? I picked this one as it’s easy to see what she does and says out loud, but the gamechanger is what we say on the inside. A beautiful quote I heard recently was the ‘The most important words you will ever say are what you say to yourself, about yourself, when you’re by yourself’ Take a moment to think about it, it’s really powerful. So that’s what I wanted to know from Oprah.

If you watch  my video  you’ll see that I didn’t get to ask the question directly but I kind of got my answer anyway. And it ties in beautifully with my previous newsletter about how  17 seconds could change your life  (read it here). I was originally introduced to  Abraham Hicks  by Oprah, she did a radio interview as she didn’t think widestream TV was quite ready for it!  

She said: ‘When I feel myself getting angry, negative or down I give myself 15 seconds and definitely no more than 17 seconds to feel it. Then I stop and think about this moment now, and the positive in the now. I say to myself ‘Right now I’m alright, I’m OK’.  

Another person Oprah introduced me to is  Eckhart Tolle  and his books  The Power of Now  and  A New Earth, both teach about finding the positive in the now and how to remain centered in a world of chaos around you. It’s probably time I reread them both, and I can’t recommend enough. 

As a follow on she said that ‘Gratitude is best way to change vibration’ and I couldn’t agree more. I’ve had some huge moments of gratitude this week especially as 2015 is nearing a close and I took stock of everything I’ve done and achieved and all the wonderful people I have in my life, and  that includes you! Many of the people I’m closest to I’ve met in the last year and I’m so thankful for them all. 

I joked  on the Periscope that I could make my Oprah learnings a 10 part mini-series and I probably could, there are more truth bombs  in the recording and I’ll share more when I get a chance, for now that’s all. 

Love in the now and gratitude, 

Jo xx

joanna and oprah
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Are you frustrated by lack of clarity? I might have the answer!

I’m still in Rome and loving it, my friend arrives tonight and I’m going to have two full days off to be a real tourist! 🙂

This week one thing that has repeatedly come up is frustration from lack of clarity. Lack of clarity will stop any well-meaning entrepreneur in their tracks, you literally can’t take another step forward, you’re stuck, because you don’t know what to do or how to do it. What’s my target market? What should I name my group? How should I set my prices? What exactly am I even offering? Ahhhh… it causes us to spin and bring a whole lot of drama into our business, often needlessly.

When these themes pop up I always ask myself what is it I don’t have clarity on myself? What do I need to learn or see? As my clients always reflect something in me. Luckily I am not asking the above questions but I did have some big decisions to make about my team, my new Group Program and new Podcast, and I had to ask what is my resistance about and what is stopping me getting clarity on these things?

The interesting thing is that I find a lack of clarity usually is just fear. Just fear she says! Yes, just fear. Yeah you know that little tiny problem we sometimes get!? Well the good news is once we figure out what’s on the other side and sort it out, the clarity usually comes pretty quickly!

Let me explain, ask yourself, what does the clarity allow me?

When I asked one client this this week the first answers were ‘Well, I’d grow my list, fill my programs and make more money’.

Doesn’t seem too bad, right?

But when I asked what else does that mean? She answered: ‘Well I guess it means more haters, more of those annoying emails from people on my programs complaining about tech issues, it would mean having to write more emails, I don’t like writing emails, I feel like I’m forcing myself, I’d have to sales funnels and I hate them as I don’t know if I’m doing them right, and I suppose it would take away my free time, I’m quite enjoying the time I have right now’.

Anything else? ‘Well I guess I’d have to be more visible‘ and what does that mean to you? ‘My family would see what I’m doing’.

Now we’re getting closer to the problem… And what would that mean? ‘Well they’ll judge me and they don’t understand, and I feel like they’re already getting distant… I might lose them‘.

Ahh now we have the problem, it had nothing to do with lack of clarity, or writing emails!

This girl was linking getting clarity and making money to losing her family, of course she was never going to allow herself to get the clarity, because she’s scared of losing those closest to her and who would want to lose their family? There’s not much point in having all that money if you’re alone right?

This is actually a much more common conversation than you might expect, we so often, have twisted rules and give certain things meanings we don’t even realize. But it’s soo much easier to see it in someone else!

Thankfully we identified it and changed it, before it drove her crazy or kept her spinning for years or worse still maybe she’d give up, angry and annoyed with herself….for only really loving her family. What a waste that would have been! There is always a solution to this stuff, and nothing makes me happier than helping my clients move through these issues, and clearing it out at a deep subconscious level and re-writing those old patterns and beliefs. None of this stuff, ever ‘makes sense’ and it’s hard to rationalize your way out of it, yes, awareness is the first step, but sometimes you have to work to break the story.

Although some people wouldn’t say lack of clarity or judgement worries are money blocks, to me they are, anything that stops you moving forward in your business and making the money you deserve is a money block and they can be cleared!

If any of this sounds familiar? I’m here to help! I’m currently taking on 1:1 clients, and looking for a few Rock stars who’re serious about this and ready to take their lives and business to the next level, perhaps you’re on the edge of something big, now is the time! Apply for a discovery call now.

Lots of love,
Ciao Jo  x



Are you falling into these common business pitfalls?

I’m now in Rome and I totally love this city, I have managed to catch up with a friend from when I lived in Bermuda and getting to spend the weekend with another one from there too, loving this travelling thing. But I have also been working and yesterday I spoke to 7 women that I’d never spoken to before, some had signed up for my Money Mindset Assessment and a few were Bonus calls I was doing for a friend’s Group program. I loved speaking to all these amazing women, and facilitated some amazing breakthroughs, complete with a few tears, a past life release and even me getting goosebumps, it was a powerful day!  

But I was struck by the similar stories they were all telling me and even using the exact same words.  As beautiful and unique as we all are, our issues and problems are so often very similar.  I was so fired up after my day I jumped on Periscope to address each of the common issues that had come up and some top tips on how to overcome them, I am so passionate about helping people reach their goals, it might have come across as a teeny bit of a rant, and yes I needed a glass of wine to calm down afterwards!!

I’d love for you to watch it and tell me if it resonates with you? If it does it might be time to book in for one of my FREE Money Mindset Assessments! Watch it here

Some of the topics covered included….

  • Will I know what to do with my clients once they sign up? Will I be able to deliver?
  • I feel like a fraud
  • What if they want their money back?
  • I’m scared they won’t get results, it’s a huge responsibility
  • I have a fear of being seen/visibility
  • I have a fear of charging
  • I am not fully being myself
  • I am not good enough
  • I feel overwhelmed
  • I’m procrastinating
  • I lack clarity
  • I lack confidence
  • Not being aligned with your goals (i.e. if they actually happened would you have a panic attack? if so they probably won’t happen!!!)

Watch it here

Lots of love,

Jo xx


Ciao from Florence: Men, Money & Mozzarella!

As you might know I packed up home and put everything in storage with the grand plan to work and travel all over the world, until I decide exactly where I’m supposed to stay for a while next!  I’ve been in Florence for almost 2 weeks, attending 2 Business courses, soaking up the atmosphere, indulging in the most amazing food, wine and even been on a few dates, it wasn’t until my friend said: “You’re just like Elizabeth Gilbert having your own little Eat, Pray, Love experience” that it made more sense, I watched the movie and read the book about 10 years ago and it captured my imagination, but I certainly wasn’t trying to recreate it, although I’ve been planning to go back to Bali for ages, maybe i’ll end up in India at some point too! 🙂   Does all this sound like a crazy fantasy? Well it’s all possible for you too– if it’s what you desire? I know it’s not for everyone, and who knows it might not be long until I want a proper base again!

But it hasn’t all been riding round Florence on the back of cute Italian guy’s Vespas! 😉 I am still super serious about my business and supporting my clients as I go. 

I attended the last live event of my year-long Business of coaching mastermind, and was honored to be asked on stage again to share my story and answer questions. This would truly have beenmy worst nightmare not that long ago, as being on stage used to cause everything to shake, my voice, my hands and even my legs, but I’m so glad I’ve gotten over all that to be able to share and help others with my story.

I have to say, one of the things I love about the Italians is that they have zero guilt over anything, they are totally unapologetic about everything in life, what they eat, drink and even smoke, who they love and what they do, they are passionate about everything and it’s infectious! I realized I have to bring even more of that into my business, have more fun doing it and feel zero guilt about it! That was actually one of the themes that came up on my course, there were a number of people asking how they can run their business when they have commitments to work, family, friends and still keep a balance but not feel guilty about how they spend their time.  It is so important to follow what is true for you and to know that doing what you love and building a business is not selfish, it’s actually really important. It’s important to be a good role model for your children (if you have them) and and to others that can ONLY hear the message from YOU.  You really don’t know who’s lives you touch with your message, even in that room in Florence I had people come up to me and tell me they had done my money blocks course and loved itor were inspired by my work, it truly blew me away. It was funny, one lovely lady, meeting me for the first time said she’d had me up on a pedestal, but having met me that was no longer the case!!, (what?!) she was like “you’re just a normal person”, and that’s the message here, I’m not special, I have just worked my ass off and made this happen, however, one of the main differentiators between those on that stage and the ones that weren’t was MINDEST, we all have done some serious work on our mindsets, money stories, and wealth consciousness. 

Because I am so passionate about this and don’t want anyone else to be held back from the success they deserve in their business, I have decided to offer a few free 20 min Money Mindset Assessments, so you can check if it’s a factor in your business.  You might be ready to find your first paying clients or even breaking through to your next big income goal, ready for your first $5 or $10k month or planning a launch (it can seriously mess with your head!!)? Unfortunately money blocks never 100% disappearand they usually crop back up when something changes, so even if you’ve done some work on them before, if you’re not earning what you want you probably still have them. If you’d like to check book in now for a Money Mindset assessment. Click here.

NOTE: This is not a discovery call, if you’d like to apply for one of them you can do that here

Lots of love,
Ciao Jo x



Are you people pleasing yourself broke?

Hi Everyone! I’m back in Scotland, visiting family and attending a 3 day boot camp before heading to Italy for 3 weeks! Yay!! Trying to earn the wine and pizza before I get there! 🙂 (Picture: bike ride at boot camp in the pouring rain!)

But today I want to talk about people pleasing or it’s slightly more extreme big brother, co-dependency, as it’s called in the coaching world and how it can literally be keeping you broke financially and mentally too.

We all know people pleasers, they’ll do anything for anyone else before themselves, because they don’t value themselves enough and are always trying to be liked and then often become passive aggressive and resentful about it!

Co-dependency relationships are a type of dysfunctional helping relationship where one person supports or enables another person’s addiction, poor mental health, immaturity, irresponsibility, or under-achievement. Among the core characteristics of codependency, the most common theme is an excessive reliance on other people for approval and identity.  Hmm sound familiar to anyone??

Before I started in this coaching world I’d never heard of co-dependency and was like, ‘I can’t be co-dependent I’m not in a relationship’…haha, oh so naive! You can be co-dependent with friends, colleagues, family, significant others and yes EVEN clients!!!  And that’s where the problems start!

I know you know I love to share, and here are a few big admissions from me…when I first started coaching

  • I was so invested in my clients results, I was allowing their results to define me, of course I still really care but now I know it’s not my responsibility!
  • I would take on clients who I knew where not my ideal clients, and then regret it- Now I only work with people who I am excited to work with and that I know I can help 100%.
  • I would coach at a time that suited them -not me, now I coach on Mondays and Wednesdays, and it works perfectly.
  • I would go over on time almost every session as I was trying to to over deliver – this ultimately stops people fully valuing your time, now I am much more aware of it and stick to my time.
  • I let clients cancel with less than 24 hours notice, against my client agreement, and now treat my agreement with the respect it deserves, after all it’s there for a reason. (if you don’t have one get one!)
  • I’d spend up to an hour and a half on a discovery call with someone who has already told me they have no money! I am not judging this, but they are not ready for a high-end Success coach! So now I have developed an application process, so I can decide ahead of time whether to grant someone a discovery call! BAM!! Check me out with my boundaries!!! 🙂

I’m glad I’ve gone through this process, as it’s so good to learn and grow and now I know what to look out for with my clients, but all of the above, have wasted my time, stopped me working with more ideal clients, kept me small or in low vibe.  NO LONGER!!

So if any of this resonates with you, maybe it’s time to rethink your boundaries, what is the aim of your behaviour? What is it costing you?  Get really clear on what you are willing to accept and where you are going to draw the line, and make sure you value your time!

Lots of love,
Jo x