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Have you fully let go of 2015?



Happy New Year!!!! Wow it’s the 4th of January already! Today I kicked off day Day 1 of the Abundance & Money Mindset challenge, and it was awesome, I danced and sang and even welled up a bit, because if your ‘WHY doesn’t make you CRY it’s not your WHY! ‘You can still join us here but that’s not what I’m talking about today!

I did mention on the scope that letting go of 2015 is key before you truly get fully stuck into 2016, and I had to do it too.

2015 was a an incredible year full of amazing events that way surpassed even my BIG expectations, the highs were higher than i’d ever experienced but it also delivered up a lot of lows and I was lower than I’d ever been too, there was lots of pain, fear, struggles and resistance I had to work through. But also lots of fun, but I have always been one for marching on, getting stuff done and dealing with it later, but now i know that’s not the answer!

Part of being what I’ve being called as the year I was cracked open, has truly let me feel again, and get connected with who I truly am…and open up even bigger to receive in 2016!

The Highs;

  • Being featured in the Divine Living Magazine
  • Getting the one of only 5 Divine living #newnormal Awards and being on stage as a panel expert, twice!
  • Speaking at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition conference, and being on their expert panel!
  • Meeting some amazing new friends! (you know who you are!)
  • Working with some incredible clients, and getting goose bumps as they let stuff go, and now watching their businesses soar!
  • Working with Tony Robbins
  • Co-authoring a book with Jim Lutes & Jim Britt (Tony Robbins original mentor and Jim Rohn’s business partner)
  • Becoming a Master NLP Practitioner
  • Working with an amazing coach and mentor
  • Having an awesome Mastermind buddy
  • Traveling to Paris, LA, San Diego, Florence, Rome, the UK and all over Australia
  • 3 photoshoots, which required loads of shopping and feeling like a celebrity for the day!
  • Launched my first online course!
  • Staying in the most epic house in Paris and throwing a champagne party!
  • Filming my first video series
  • Being interviewed on various Podcasts and online Summits
  • Becoming an Australian citizen and celebrating with bubbles and lots of laughs
  • Riding round Florence on the back of cute Italian guys Vespa! 🙂
  • Meeting Marianne Williamson
  • and finally meeting Oprah!


The Lows and lessons learned;

  • Losing a friend in a tragic accident (I only just realized I hadn’t fully let him go, so there were some more tears, and realizing life is too short to allow our fears to hold us back a minute longer!)
  • Losing my best friend- not like above, just rather bad timing and bad communication ( I had to own my part, and a few more tears)
  • Crying on stage and Periscope (oh yeah i did!)
  • Gaining 10kgs! Another change in 2016!
  • Not stopping the broadcast of my first webinar and throwing my hands in the air and declaring thank god that’s over, to my flatmate in his underpants! #rookierror and hilarious at the same time.
  • Having one webinar with no one show up live, but doing it anyway! 🙂
  • Almost running out of cash (before I dealt with my money blocks!)
  • Having to film my videos twice (but i learned a lot, including not to self tan the night before without gloves! )
  • Moving house, like 3 times!
  • Being let down by service providers, including one who still has my money (lesson learned!)
  • Technical issues at key moments (must be more patient!)
  • A few Business investment errors (wrong team members, FB Ads gone wrong etc)
  • Realising I still had a lot of ‘stuff’ to let go, but being brave enough to ‘go there’, not fun, but i did it! Yay!
  • Not taking a proper holiday despite all the travel, this is all changing next year!
  • Working way too hard before finally bringing on the right support.

Acknowledging the lows and the mistakes and the learnings takes courage, and I’d encourage you to do the same!  

Take some time to go there and answer some of these questions, get a quiet space and journal the answers, let whatever needs to come up be there, it’s ok and let it go;

  • What did you accomplish in 2015 year?
  • What are you most grateful for?
  • What were your biggest mistakes?
  • What do you need to learn from last year? What can be improved? What support do you need to make the changes you desire?
  • What else do you have to let go of before you truly step into 2016?

If it’s time to truly let this stuff go and set yourself up for success in 2016, I am here to guide and support you in your journey, I’ve been there and got the T-shirt and I want to help you get results even faster than I did!  Everything you’re dreaming of is possible!

At the end of 2015 I had a VERY special offer available, and mainly because I haven’t updated my pricing on my website yet, I’m offering it to you at this rate for one more week! On Sunday10th my prices are going up for the New Year, so if you’ve been thinking about working with me, now is your time, click here to book a time to talk with me now and get ALL the bonuses below.

Here’s to letting go and an amazing 2016!

Jo xxxx

unnamed (1)

This is my fav professional pic of the whole year, by the amazing Wendy K Yalom!

P.S In 2016 I am dedicated to helping even more people. I have been booked out for much of this year and have reopened my 1:1 private mentorship.

When looking back over some of my client feedback, when you work with me you will feel;

  • More confident to ‘Be seen’ and get visible online
  • Feel great about raising, or maybe even doubling your rates– as you’ll finally know you’re worth it!
  • Super focused and efficient, we let go of anything making you procrastinate
  • Crystal clear on your target market, offer, packagesand road map for the coming year
  • Like atotal Pro on sales calls!
  • Totally supported

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Dealing with your family who ‘don’t get it’ holiday guide!


I know this is one of the busiest days of the year running round getting last minute gifts and preparing for family visits etc…or you could be like me on the other side of the world from my family, my pressies were bought online and my sister kindly wrapped anything for the kids and I’m having a chilled out day, the only task of buying some champers for a bbq at the beach tomorrow has been completed! I’m sitting here with a dog fast asleep at my feet, farting away (the dog that is!)! I can’t think of anything worse than trying to tackle the shops today! 

Before I say anything else, I know my parents read every email I send out (awww), and they have been nothing but super supportive in my entrepreneurial journey, but even they asked a few times ‘are you sure you wouldn’t just like to stay an accountant?’ Answer: ‘Erm no!’. I know they just want the best for me, and this is not why I’m not home for the holidays!

But yesterday, I had a call with a lady, and she asked me a question that has come up over and over with my clients. ‘What happens when your friends and family don’t get it and don’t support you?’  

I gave her a pretty long winded answer, let me break it down….

  • I think every new entrepreneur has experienced this to some extent, but I think it helps to know it might happen then it’s not so bad!
  • IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU! There I said it, by making the bold decision to live a different life, follow your passions and make an impact on the world, you are holding a mirror up to them and their lives, it makes them question what are they doing with their lives, and perhaps realize they wish they could do it too, but just don’t have the nerve you do. They are showing their fear and little bit of jealousy! It’s easy to be in denial when the ‘entrepreneurs’ they know in the media had a privileged upbringing, went to Harvard, had funding, got lucky etc, but when it’s YOU, the you they went to school with, grew up with, or work with, it kind of takes that excuse away, they know you’re just the same as them! I know this sounds harsh and it will probably be happening at a deep unconscious level.
  • The lady yesterday was like ‘So i have to immediately ditch all my family and friends!’ That is NOT the answer either!It might take a bit of time but perhaps just spend a little less time with these people and the naysayers, you might have a hard enough time convincing yourself that you can do it, without having to hear about how hard it’s going to be from them, remember it’s their fear talking, not yours!!  But if you used to see them everyday, maybe twice a week could work, then maybe once a month, until you are ready to spend more time again, Tony Robbins always says ‘Proximity is power‘ and ‘you become the average of the 5 people you spend most time with‘, we can make more conscious choices to meet new people that ‘get it’ but over the holidays is not a time to write off your family as being too ‘low wealth conscious’ to hang out with.   Just meet them where they’re at and be ok with it. The choice we do get is whether we let those people ‘speak into our lives’, you know your truth, just let it wash over you!
  • Be choosy about who you talk about your business to, not everybody gets excited about opt-in rates, Facebook Ads and conversion stats! It becomes another opportunity for them to bring you down AND you can become very boring very quickly!!If they ask how it’s going, just say ‘Great, thanks’ and deflect the conversation back to them. Remember to let go and have some fun!!! 
  • A big mistake I madewas thinking they were wrong for not wanting the same thing as me, or that I could FIX them all!! Haha, OMG I must have been a nightmare, luckily I quickly realized that nobody was broken and needing fixed, just because I thought I’d seen the light, didn’t mean anyone else had to. It was not my responsibility!  Don’t ram it down their throats.Just do your thing, be happy and eventually people will start asking how you did it!! I get lots of emails from old friends asking what the heck i’m up to and how get to travel so much!
  • I was talking to another entrepreneur on the weekend and asked her about this, she said she had gone through many of the 5 stages of loss about losing her friends, and I’ve had a few good cries over it too! Being denial & isolation, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. We are changing and growing so fast, but losing friends over it can make it feel like it’s not worth it, I hope this mini-guide, lets you skip a few stages and get to acceptance faster. Plus we need some friends who aren’t in the industry, so we can truly switch off when we’re with them and talk about all those things we don’t do with our ‘new friends’.
  • Another big way new entrepreneurs hold themselves back is that they don’t want to outshine their siblings! True story!! We’re all old enough to know that’s crazy, but many of my clients have experienced this, it’s probably not something you might think about, but there are unwritten rules in familiesabout who is the fit one, the successful one, the baby etc, one client was like ‘there’s no way I could earn more than my big brothers’. Really? If she believed it, it would be true!!!

Anyway, I hope some of this helps you over the next few weeks, and if you’re ready for some 1:1 support and guidance in your business and would like to join a strong community of ‘like-minded’ entrepreneurs, who do get it, read my special offer below. 

Wishing you lots of love over the holidays and a beautiful rest, to set you up for an amazing 2016!

Jo xxxx


P.S. This is my sister’s cat Oakley, loving his Santa outfit!


It Only Takes 17 Seconds To Change Your Life!

Holy smokes, it’s 42C here in Sydney and my brain is literally melting! I am heading straight to the beach after this for a swim! 🙂

Sooo 17 seconds….not many things that last only 17 seconds will change your life but according to Abraham Hicks it can…well even better if it’s 68 seconds… 🙂

Abraham says that as a thought reaches the point of 17 seconds of complete positive focus, it attracts another thought to it, that’s at the same vibration and it’s exponentially more powerful. At the end of another 17 seconds, 34 seconds in total, the next thought ignites, and by the Law of Attraction, transforms to an even higher level of energy. After a further 17 seconds  (51 seconds) the process continues, and finally, if you can continue a positive thought for 68 seconds on any given subject, it will be well on its way to being manifested. The key is complete positive focus, strong energy, no resistance and no sneaky ‘tail enders’.

Abraham says the average person rarely finishes a single sentence without contradicting their energy, as in “I want a new phone, but it is too expensive.” So they say most of us haven’t had much experience with ever feeling the ignition of thought that comes from at least 17 seconds of positive thought.

As an incentive to leverage at least 17 seconds of positive thought, Abraham offers the following stats:

17 seconds is worth 2,000 man (or woman) hours (about a year at 40 hours per week of action taken) 34 seconds is worth 20,000 hours (or about 10 years…) 51 seconds is worth 200,000 hours (or about 100 years…) 68 seconds is worth 2,000,000 hours (or about 1000 years…)

Wow!!!! That’s TWO MILLION hours! If we can learn to hold positive thought energy for 68 seconds at a time, action and success becomes inevitable!  And I know I’m not the only one who could do with an extra couple of million hours!! Especially having just hosted my 7 Day End Procrastination challenge!!! 😉

BUT!!!!!!! The KEY as I mentioned above is that there can be NO tail-enders….what’s a tail ender? Well it’s one of the things I call a money block, it’s that little voice that says;

  • It’s ok for them but not for me,
  • I want $50k this month, but it would be ok if I got $10k!
  • It never works for me
  • I’d love to but I can’t afford it
  • You can’t do that
  • Yeah right, who do you think you are?
  • You’re not smart enough/good enough etc…

If any of this tail-enders are going to stop your positive thoughts , I have a solution…..

I’m hosting a FREE webinar this Wed 25th (Tues 24th in the US & UK)- but this is no ordinary webinar…’s a powerful 60 minutes where you will get an energy clearing to clear the money blocks and tail enders that are subconsciously stopping you from getting to 17 seconds. Register NOW >> xx

Lots of love,
Jo  x

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PicMonkey Collage

The beach at 7pm on a Friday night and a little something to cool off! 🙂


I Love You, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You

12239415_1723613574535236_7096853174298973460_oIt’s been a really sad few days and I have been really shocked by what happened in Paris, I hope all friends and family are safe and well and send love to all affected. I was just there in May for the first time and really fell in love with the city, and many of the photos I post were taken there, including the one above (and yes I acknowledge, it’s not just about Paris but everywhere). I have shared before that I don’t actually watch TV or listen to the news, not because I’m in denial, but I feel it fuels this senseless violence, and the longer I spend away from it I don’t find I miss it one bit, and I don’t judge those that do- I’m not ruling out a comeback!  🙂 This is by no means a political or religious email, to me it becomes a matter of anger, judgment and fear, and the longer we let those emotions drive our behavior the longer this period will persist. I remember when I was about 19 years old reading a newspaper article, written about Nostradamus, a gifted French physician and prophet in the 1500s, who made and recorded over one thousand predictions during his lifetime, saying there was going to be a period of war and violence lasting 30 years, from 1999 and I remember being angry and thinking, those will be the main years for me to live and travel and I chose not to stop dreaming and doing anything because of that. He also said those that those remained in faith would see the new era of peace emerging.

Have you heard of Ho’oponopono? It’s an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness and a way to take some collective responsibility, and change things at a different, deeper level.

Repeat:  ‘I Love You, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You’ 
(I have it written on a Post-it note next to my laptop) <3

As we know life is way too short, and I think it gives us even more responsibility to live an amazing life, make an impact, get our messages out and help others in a bigger way.

We are the change and the more love we put out there the better. Let go of the anger, fear and judgment of ourselves and others.

It’s so strange, as I start writing these emails; I never quite know what I’m going to say, I guess this needed to come out of me.

Lots of love,
Jo  x


Do You Allow Yourself to Truly Be Seen?


How are you?  I’m still in Rome and loving it, my friend flew over from London for the weekend and yesterday we clocked up over 10ks walking, visiting the Colosseum, the Roman fort, The Trevi fountain and the Spanish steps, and despite being about 2000 years old (the Colosseum is anyway) it all still seems to be under construction, or at least repair, we are clearly not in peak season although it’s still packed, and still impressive! 🙂

So yesterday mid-afternoon as we were walking along to the Trevi fountain I randomly said, without having even seen any, I think I’d like to get my caricature done, my friend was like ‘erm ok Jo’! Then later that night, after a huge downpour of rain, and a lovely dinner of seafood linguini and truffles we decided it was too early to go back as it was her last night, so we’d have one more glass of vino somewhere. And we found a cute place with tables outside and sat down, and then I spotted a caricature artist across the street, he sat there looking bored for about 30mins and I just knew he was sitting waiting for me to go over!

I knew I had to do it, I’ve secretly always wanted a caricature since I was a kid and we’d watch them being done on family holidays but I was scaredI’ve always been in denial about what I look like and never wanted to know the truth! (Yes I’ve had visibility issues in my business but a few glasses of vino later this seemed like a good idea!) But what would he see? My dark shadows? What would he emphasize? My big nose or giant eyebrows? But I decided it was time to find out, I almost wanted it to be horrible to prove myself right, how twisted that is!?


I felt like a bit of a circus act, as so many people walking past could see and I had no idea. All in all a very strange, confronting but cool experience, plus i was his first customer of the day and then everyone wanted one!

But what has all this got to do with business? Good question! I feel like we don’t really want the truth of who we are to be seen in our lives or businesses, what if people find out who we really are? What if they (or we) don’t like what they see? What if they judge us? What if it’s truly as bad as we think? But what if it’s not? 

We have no idea what others think of us or see in us, and there is a saying that it’s ‘none of our business how other people see us’, we don’t know where others have come from on their journey, or through what lens they are judging us. By being yourself and doing your thing it is simply holding the mirror up to others, so it’s not even about you, maybe something in you triggers their shadow side, and makes them jealous or realize what they could be doing. It takes away their excuses!

That’s not something we can control, or need to waste our energy on.

The most important thing is how we see ourselves. Yes it’s important to have an idea of the message you are putting out there, and how it’s being received, as we can be our harshest critics, but don’t let the fear of judgment throw you off track or stop you living out your dreams.

If that all sounds easier said than done, I’m here to help. I used to be terrified to put myself out there, and really be seen, in an ideal world I’d just happily coach people without ever posting on Facebook, but we all know that isn’t an option right now! And unfortunately we can’t have a few glasses of vino to help everyday! 😉

If you want your business to be a success you can’t hide and just observe much longer!

If any of this sounds familiar? I’m here to help! I’m currently taking on 1:1 clients, and looking for a few people who’re serious about this and ready to take their lives and business to the next level, perhaps you’re on the edge of something big, now is the time!

Lots of love,
Ciao Jo  x

PicMonkey Collage

The result….I don’t think it really looks like me, but hey I’ll take it, plus those boobs are fabulous! 🙂



The Fastest Way To Raise Your Vibration


So thanks to everyone who joined my birthday giveaway, I had a great party and excited to speak to most of the winners this week.

Okay so this might all seem a bit ‘woo woo’ but I’m okay with that, as I know how truly important this is, we won’t go crazy into detail, but I think knowing the basics of this is a game-changer!

We talk a lot about how our ‘thoughts become things’ and that is the crux of most Wealth Consciousness, but the truth about manifestation is that it’s not what you think but by what you feel. Everything is vibration and you attract those things that you are in vibrational alignment with. Your vibration is your feeling. It is your feelings that attract your experiences. And everything has a vibration attached to it. i.e Things with the same vibration are attracted to each other, from your home to your friends and your car, so the higher your vibration the more money you naturally attract.

Everything we want is just really the emotional response we think we’re going to get from having it, if we can start to activate the emotion of already having it, we can start to attract it. Higher vibrations and feelings are the way your desires will manifest more easily. The more positive feelings you can experience about yourself and your desires, the easier and faster you’ll experience your desires manifesting into your world.

Newsletter 1

For instance if you can’t talk positively about money, it’s better not to talk about it all, I don’t mean be in denial. But don’t focus on the negative feelings of not having it.

There have been studies on this done and to further explain I want to share the David Hawkins Scale of consciousness. It details the vibrations of our feelings from high to low.

The highest four from the top are Enlightenment, Peace, Joy and Love (with vibrations of 1000, 600, 540, 500, respectively) and the bottom four are Grief, Apathy, Guilt and Shame (with vibrations of 75, 50, 30, 20 respectively). With shame being the lowest. And a whole host of other feelings in the middle.

So what does all this mean? Well, the quickest way to raise your vibration is obviously to experience more of the top and less of the bottom. Ok so we’re not all going to become enlightened overnight, but there is a shocking disparity in the numbers and it seems obvious where we’d all rather be. But as women (and I think most of you are) we struggle with guilt waaayyyy more than men, and this study has been a huge wake up call for me too, I can feel guilt before I even get out of bed in the morning!!

But the bottom one Shame…it’s a sneaky one and that’s what we’ll focus on, it has got to go! One of the emotions that are linked to it is humiliation, and how do we get humiliated? Well it all comes down to other people, and our fears around what they’ll think. It’s their judgment of us and our judgment of ourselves that drive it.

Judgment therefore is one of our biggest saboteurs.

If we can stop judging ourselves and others we take away the right for others to judge us. Yes I know it’s easier said than done, but here are your first steps…can you imagine how much better you’ll feel if you let go of this super low-vibe feeling!

  1. Be a bit gentler on yourself. (Acceptance and forgiveness are high vibe, like 350!)
  2. Acknowledgeevery time you make a judgment on yourself or others.
  3. Decide to be more curious, ‘Why am I/He/She thinking or doing this’, rather than, ‘I/He /She must be broken/ wrong or a failure for thinking or doing this and I am shamed for it’
  4. Be more grateful for what you have (plus it’s super high vibe!)
  5. Come at it from a place of love(crazy high vibe)

If all this seems a bit too simple, and your judge is still running the low-vibe show, I’m here to help, you can apply for a discovery call here, I’d love to help you shut him up and rise your vibe.

Lots of love,
Jo  x


My rooftop birthday drinks in Sydney.