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My experience with Joanna has been just amazing. She has helped me find my inner hidden blocks and helped me clear them and thanks to that I had an amazing 6 Figures Launch! 🙂

She is the most fierce women I have seen on this field and she has a deep passion to help women clear their money blocks so they can have the business they desire! Highly recommend Joanna! Her events, programs, webinars and all 🙂

Sherina Mayani
Life & Business Coach

“Joanna helped me tremendously in my business. She helped me master the art of the discovery call, gain my first long term clients, and even helped me work through some emotional issues that were manifesting in my life as an ear infection and intense jaw pain due to a slipped disk. The tools she showed me will continue to benefit my business for years to come. I highly recommend her for anyone who is making a next level breakthrough in their career, as the support she provides is incomparable.”

Nora Tears and Reflections

My experience with Joanna was incredible. I thought it was going to be surface level stuff like “believe in yourself” mottos that I’m so accustomed to in the self-development world. WOW was I surprised when we dug so deep that I was closing my eyes the whole time with tears running down my face. The only person holding me back is myself and it’s nice to have coaches that see your light and want to bring it out of you.


Chrissy Brady-Smith
Women’s Empowerment & Success coach

Lauren Joyce
Success & Life Coach

Katie Wyatt
Startup Stylist & Biz Whisperer

I met Joanna at a very pivotal time in my own personal growth.  I reached out to Joanna recently because I was really struggling to attract more abundance to take my business to the next level. I knew that I had some blockages but couldn’t seem to get passed them. I just knew that I needed to work with her and I didn’t know why. But once I plucked up the courage to reach out and ask for help I didn’t regret it. Joanna was amazing and she helped me to become aware of unconscious sabotage patterns and limiting beliefs that were keeping me stuck. She has such a gift in knowing where exactly you are stuck and has an amazing ability to guide you through transcending and letting go what no longer serves you. If you are thinking about working with Joanna then trust your intuition, reach out to her now. Don’t delay like I did! Thank you Joanna I will be forever grateful. Thank you for the work that you do. 

Niamh Cronin

“I came to Joanna in May when I was feeling burnt out with my 1:1s and nervous about taking on any more clients as I approached capacity. I was also under-charging for my services, and as a result I didn’t feel very abundant despite my nearly full client load!

Joanna helped me find the underpinning of what was holding me back from taking on more clients and raising my rates. I had been keeping myself small because of a subconscious belief that I’d be ‘responsible’ for managing my clients’ emotions. I was equating an increase in rates to a higher level responsibility, which in my mind meant burning out and potentially losing it all…. um, HUGE.

Well, we sure re-wired that! Within 48 hours of our initial intensive, I signed a new client at my new rate and was fully-booked by the end of June. Since the Mini Mastermind, I’ve increased my rates again and have a new package with a group component that will allow me to leverage my time and energy.

The best part is I no longer feel responsible for other people’s ‘stuff’, nor do I fear burnout. I am attracting absolute ideal clients who FUEL me. No more post-session naps!

Every time we talk, new discovery call bookings seem to land in my calendar. (She says she doesn’t have a magic wand, but I have my suspicions.)

Thank you Joanna! xo”

Cara Rice
Wellness Business Coach





“Joanna helped me clear through some of my internal blocks of receiving money. The money story was so closely linked to my self worth that I didn’t see why people would want to pay for my services. After our session, I let go the negative energy that was holding me back and booked 8 new clients.”
Minling Chuang
Brand Stylist 






“Joanna Turner doesn’t miss a beat. The depth of her knowledge is evident immediately and she shares it generously and with clarity and relevance. I have a real understanding now of how to take myself from working for an hourly rate to working for the value that I offer. I look forward to continuing our work together in the future.”

Dr. Ricci-Jane Adams
Intuition Expert
Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 10.29.16 am




When I started with Jo I was facing some personal challenges and had lost my mojo in my business. Not long after I brought on 2 six month clients and boosted my visibility online big time.  Jo’s combination of personal development work through EFT and NLP, and business strategy and mentoring is unique and very powerful.

Louise Taylor
Business Coach


_ZAH4236 cropped

“This was amazing because the issues that I had been combating in myself came to the surface, and Joanna was totally able to help me see the positive things that can come from success, let go of my fear, and allow myself to move forward. I have a lot of personal stuff going on in my life right now that has been totally effecting my business, but now, I am ready to take the skills and freedom that Joanna gave me, and kick some business trash!”
Angela Hatch
Documentary Photographer 

“Even as a Mindset Coach it is ideal to work with a coach particularly at the stage of up levelling! The session with Jo was fantastic! She is warm, caring and a woman who can aid clients to truly uplevel in their biz. Through the session I shifted blocks that a) has enabled me to truly identify my worth at a deeper level and b) has meant I have been able to reflect this on my website. As a mindset coach and Neuroscientist it is really important for me to represent who I am in my businesses. Thanks Jo!”
Fiona Murray 
Mindset Coach

Using her expertise in EFT, she helped me to address old trauma and ‘tap out’ emotions that had been holding me back for half of my life. I actually felt physical pain leave my body and I’ve both slept better and been more clear-headed since. The old cycle of paranoia, self-hatred, and unproductive activity gave way to a new, excitable feeling as I learned to take responsibility for my own actions and choices. Joanna used NLP techniques to help me think about time differently so I could quit another negative behaviour – lateness. Joanna is an inspiration – it’s really no wonder she’s come so far since leaving the corporate world last year. If you have a chance to work with her, do: it’ll literally change your life!

Jane Hamilton

“About 2 weeks after our session, I booked my 2nd Coaching & Meditation package for $2k!! I have absolutely no doubt the energy work I did with Joanna opened me up to allow this flow of abundance into my life. I will definitely be doing this again, it is powerful stuff. Joanna is so powerfully clear and and confident about what she does that just being in her presence and having her really see me helped. I could tell she saw right to what had been blocking me and was coaching me in a way that allowed me to realize it for myself. My favorite part of our session was how she helped me shift through years (like 13 years) of struggling to find clarity for my voice, my service, and who I am. I was not someone that believed I was being affected by things from a previous life, but I kid you not, Joanna took me through 2 separate NLP processes and BOTH times I started crying as I released guilt that I can only explain has having carried from another life. It was the weirdest thing. I have this sense of ease that I have NEVER felt before. The session was amazing, that’s really all I can say. Thank you thank you thank you Joanna!! I have so much love in my heart for you.

Green Full On Smile SMALLMadeline Rinehart
Global Meditation Teacher and Spiritual Coach

“I remember not really knowing what to expect when I had my first session with Joanna. I knew it would be useful, but I didn’t think I had much to work on. I immediately told her that I had a high wealth consciousness and zero money story, so I had no clue why I was experiencing blocks and not making the money I desired that month. Turns out, I absolutely did have a money story, and quite a deep rooted one at that. However, I don’t know if I would have truly realized the depth of it without the help of Jo. I literally can’t even begin to explain the magic that she works in these sessions—it’s truly remarkable and such an incredible gift.

To be honest, I’ve never opened up to anyone to share my story—it wasn’t an easy one for me to talk about, as I’m sure it’s not with many people. However, she made me feel so incredibly comfortable and loved and had zero judgements whatsoever about the things I told her. In just a couple of hours she helped me uncover and begin to heal years and years of damage that had been keeping me blocked off to the wealth that I desired. I seriously couldn’t believe the transformation I went through in such a short amount of time. It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before and I left my session feeling awakened and incredibly empowered. 

That’s not where it ends either. In the following 10 days after our session, I made $32,299 in my business. Looking at those numbers, I can barely believe it myself. One thing I know for certain is that without the help of Jo and our incredibly life-changing session, I definitely would not have achieved such success so quickly. I am grateful beyond words for everything that Jo has done for me and I couldn’t recommend her more highly. If there is any small part of you that is curious about working with her, JUST DO IT. I promise you won’t regret it—in fact, the only regret you’ll have is if you choose not to work with her 🙂 She’s one in a million and worth all of that and more!”

Lexi D’Angelo WY3_7088 (2)

The Success Stylist



 “You are the REAL deal. That session represented everything I’ve ever desired in business coaching. The deep inner work, the practical support in time management and procrastination, the money block breakthroughs, the non judgment, the joy, and the ease. I was blown away by how effortless that transformation was. That’s how good you are. I felt so safe to drop in with you and I so appreciate your professionalism- you’re a true expert in NLP and EFT! I found myself tapping the next day in the sauna! Thanks to our session I felt safe and excited to release my video to the world rather than wait for it to be perfect. Now I have fully booked discovery session days with potential clients who know the “real” me, rather than the me I was trying to be before our intensive. I have also let my parents off the hook and I’m now fully taking responsibility for my own success and we’re all getting along better than ever.  No more blame game. Thank you for your gift, your light, your wisdom, and your presence. Joanna Turner, as  I said before, you’re the real deal. Everyone should run, not walk, into coaching with you because just two hours will create unimaginable shifts. “
Chrissy Brady-Smith
Women’s Empowerment & Success coachchrissy

Carina’s Full Day Intensive Testimonial listen here

“Joanna is simply fantastic! Her ability to get straight to the root of what’s holding you back is incredible. Her EFT coaching really allowed me to open up to receiving in a huge way in my life and business! I didn’t even realize some of the fears that were holding me back until spending time with Joanna and experiencing her coaching. If you’re thinking about working with her, do it! Hands down! You won’t regret it and it’s time to open yourself up to abundance and success like never before!”
Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 5.01.05 pmMelissa Pharr 
Wealth Creation and Business Coach

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“I have been a person who has had issues with snacking, an off the charts sweet tooth and out of control carb consumption. Since my magic time with you, some things have happened. My desire to snack has dropped off significantly. I have had zero desire for my usual sweet tooth satisfiers. Even my carb consumption has reduced dramatically. I credit the lesson that you gave me in proper tapping techniques. You have introduced me to something that is working to free me from some blocks that I was beginning to feel like I would never overcome. Over and over again, I thank you.”
Clarissa  Mitchell
Personal Development Mentor

“Working with Joanna was life changing. I worked with Joanna because I knew that I wanted to unblock myself from money and success but had no idea how.  Her intuition and strength as a coach not only helped me push past any fears I had, but I emerged a woman who is more confident, more centered and more excited about what I am doing. She is the total package, from the moment I met her I felt comfortable with her.  I would not only recommend Joanna, I would tell you to run as fast as you can to work with this woman.”
Lauren Joyce
Success & Life Coach

“My experience with Joanna has enabled me to work through fears that were holding me back from moving forward with my health and business goals. Her experience with EFT and NLP has meant she could tailor her approach to suit my needs at the time. She has the gift and the passion for her coaching and that shines through in every interaction we have. I highly recommend Joanna and look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.”
Jaimee Leigh Curtis Jaimee
Makeup Artist & Creator Makeup Mastery

“My session with Jo packed a punch! Jo picked up on the blocks behind the blocks and helped me to see how I was manifesting ‘lack’ in my business clearly. After talking for 30 minutes I felt clearer, more aligned and powerful … and we hadn’t even started tapping yet!”

jenna-ward-kinesioloy-1Jenna Ward, Kinesiologist + Embodiment Coach www.jennaward.com.au


“Thanks so much for your help Joanna. In just one session you got me to see through my logic and justifications. Things with me have been out of balance for a while… it was easy to keep putting it down to tiredness, but useless in the end. Your supportive expertise helped me to see the underlying causes. I can stop wasting my time on ‘tiredness’ and I can start working on making real changes.”

Jo Parker

Josephine Parker
Leadership | Mindset & Performance | Overcoming Conflict & Chaos


“Thank you so much for the session. Not only did I feel completely comfortable chatting with you but I felt so clear and calm afterwards! I feel so much more love towards the issue that we worked on and feel like myself again! Thank you is an  understatement. I truly believe in the power of our subconscious and tapping paired with my work was the ultimate couple!”

Loved it! Erin x

                                                                                Erin Reghenzani

                                                                          Mind Detox coach



Helena Denley testimonial

Lauren FB testimonial

Lauren Healthy testimonial


“Thank you for our session this morning, unbeknown to you and me at the time, our conversation today manifested a massive shift and realisation tonight… we got to the core of so much stuff!

I also wanted to say thank you for Tuesday night (EFT cravings workshop); it was the start of what happened tonight.  Your class was great and you have an amazing ability to make people comfortable and safe in a potentially very confronting environment.  Your personal journey is so much a part of what you do and it resonated so strongly with me.  People want to learn from others experiences and yours is one that most people can relate too.  Thank you for being there today and sharing a portion of my journey.  You are fantastic Jo…..your persona, intellect, compassion and genuine interest in seeing others BALANCED is going to see you succeed where others would not.

Thanks Jo, I am so pleased that I have met you and hope we can continue share our respective journeys together. Big love.”

Lisa Bolton, CEO, Sydney

“I feel as if what I have done with you has been so beneficial, just the goal setting alone, is one of the clearest tools I have used in many years, and I haven’t touched a Freddo or Caramello (Cadbury’s chocolate) since the tapping!”

Elizabeth De Bono, Business Manager, Sydney

“Initially I wanted some guidance on nutrition, weight loss and how to increase my energy levels, however I was surprised at how much more I have gained from my sessions with Joanna.

Nutrition has played a big part in our discussions, however, over the last number of months, Joanna has been full of encouragement, knowledge, laughter and kindness and has helped me to improve focus on myself, my health, what I eat and I am now motivated to continue making changes in my life. Joanna is gentle but firm when it comes to her coaching and she gave me the push I needed to transform my life.

There haven’t been any drastic changes to my diet, just subtle substitutions and trying new foods and recipe ideas suggested by Joanna, so the changes fit into my lifestyle and have helped me to lose 8kgs, so far, without cutting out any food groups or feeling like I am missing out.  I’ve also dealt with some past emotional issues with tapping, which has let me move forward in other areas of my life. Thank-you!”

Yvonne Paterson, Accountant, Sydney

“I did not know what to expect when working with Joanna. I knew I struggled  with my concerns around running a business and being home  with my family,  but was unsure how she could truly help. She quickly gave me clarity on why this was truly sabotaging my business in a way that  was so simple and so real it changed my mindset straight away. The EFT was so powerful, I cried half of it. Since then I have felt completely at ease in building a business that I truly love with confidence that I can put my family first and still be successful.”


Charlotte Long, Dream Business Designer, Sydney                                                 



“Thank you so much again for such an amazing course – I am still using your tools and it is literally pushing me forward in leaps and bounds – this coming year is going to be amazing!!

Tracey Pattison                                               

Joanna is a powerful coach who is able to clear self-limiting beliefs. I went into the session feeling like I was in a constant state of war with myself much like the pushmepullyou character of Dr Dolittle, every step forward meant 2 backwards.  It was hard to make any progress between the warring parts of myself. Joanna did an integration and got the two parts working together. After the session I was clearer and more focused on what i want to achieve because I am no longer fighting my progress.

Victoria Hargis
Leadership Coach



I am writing this with great gratitude as we all know we all have our own stories to tell and that makes us unique in our own right. What I really enjoyed with my consultation with Joanna was more than the story telling, it was a sense of knowing I’m on the right path.

Joanna gave me the clarity I needed. I worked through my underlying fears…..the journeys not over yet but I cannot wait for the next installment.

Fiona Olin

Wow! Working with Joanna was amazing. In just one hour we covered so much. It was like she could read my mind and knew everything that was going on for me. She was able to help me identify limiting beliefs and areas where I am stuck in my mindset that were preventing me from taking action. I highly recommended Joanna. 

Sally Bath

Before working with Jo I had lost my confidence in my business mind. I had previously had closed pretty darn successful business as it wasn’t aligned with myself but there were still some negativity about feeling like a failure. Jo was able to help me clear that energy and go from earning nothing more than part time job to replacing my safety net job income. I now walk into meetings with clients feeling the confidence that I had before. I also started getting really visible, recording my first videos, which was really hard at first but I now do easily. Things are pretty awesome, my consulting has taken off and and working with some amazing women.

I just launched a new service for online businesses that I have been working really hard on. It’s a full service support centre for online businesses. After working with an amazing team over the past 8 years I have created a team –teamlaurenjune.net and together we support online business.

My time spent working with Jo didn’t finish with our sessions. The work that we did together cleared blocks that I was holding then but 12 months later I still feel her work coming through.

Honestly I was little skeptical about working with her because I knew it, right? I mean I am a Certified Life Coach & NLP Practitioner. That answer was no! I might of known the ‘how to’ but actually achieving the result for myself was not easy. Working one on one with Jo was easy, well ok not always easy when some shifts happened. But I absolutely loved working with her and will do again soon. Thank you gorgeous Jo Jo x

Lauren June
Business Development Strategist  

The Entrepreneur Edge with Joanna Turner has been a life-changing experience… from shifting deeply entrenched money blocks and limiting beliefs to practical and amazing lessons on taking my entrepreneurial business from start-up to supernova. Jo provides the perfect mix of accountability and inspiration.

I am challenged to put myself out there in ways I never imagined possible, to dream big and play even bigger, all with superb support to ensure the growth of my business is sustainable. When you have this much clarity about your big vision, and this much encouragement to be in alignment with your inner values, you can’t help but get super shiny!

Michelle Whitehead
Legal Researcher Mediator ~ Risk Management

Michelle Whitehead