16 Signs You’re A Lightworker

It’s taken me awhile to even identify with this term, it was one of those I used for ‘other people’ but when you get referred to it enough then it starts to sink in a little…

Not all lightworkers are online entrepreneurs or coaches or even healers, but I believe they have all been sent to help the planet raise its frequency and transition into the 5th dimension, e.g. amazing teachers or doctors.

So take this test and let me know if you might be one too!

1) You a have a deep knowing there is more to life.

Maybe, you’ve been seeking something and didn’t even know what it was, maybe you’re an adventurer and traveled the globe looking for answers. (That’s what i did!).

Since I was a little girl I’ve been asking the questions: What’s the meaning of life? Surely there must be more than this?

2) You are very aware of energies and need time alone to recharge.

While I love people and can be the life of the party, I crave and need long stretches of time on my own to rest and get my energy back up. Maybe you just can’t stand crowds or parties anymore, the energies are way too intense and you feel like you ‘take stuff on’.

I know a lot of people who felt that collective pain during the recent elections.

3) You see the numbers 11.11 and 111 often.

These are signs from the angels that you’re awakening and they’re with you. I love when I see this as it makes me smile and I feel a sense of peace and reassurance that i’m on the right track and looked after.

4) You feel like you have a BIG mission in life to fulfill.

There’s something in your body that’s stirring, it’s that little buzz in the pit or your stomach or maybe in the middle of your chest that’s calling you to do something big, really BIG…you feel like you have a message to share, and there are people that need to hear it. It’s starting to nudge you in a different direction, you feel called to learn certain things or go to certain places and start to express true self through creative pursuits like writing or art.

5) You’ve often felt alone or that you don’t fit in- even with your family.

I’ve always felt a bit different. Maybe I always knew it, maybe other people even sensed it too. You might even want to rebel against society and authority. I’ll admit sometimes I don’t feel like ‘normal people’ rules apply to me! And I HATE paper work and being told what to do!

6) You seem to be the person everyone comes to for advice and to feel better. 

You’re often the person people come to for advice, you’re always suggesting great books or resources or healers or events. Giving advice comes naturally to you.

7) You might feel drawn to help and heal people.

As a natural empath and intuitive you might feel like you just ‘know’ how to help. It’s like you remember this stuff…

8) You sense you have psychic or mediumship abilities.

You can feel or sense, hear or even see entities. Maybe you had a strong connection as a child but then shut it down. Maybe you just ‘know’ stuff about people or get premonitions or can talk to those who have passed.

So many people have this ability but either shut it down or never tell anyone as they’re embarrassed or worried they’d think they were crazy. (when I was about 14years old, I had a bedroom full of entities, i was fully awake and talked to them calmly and sent them into the light, I had no idea what was happening, and I didn’t freak out, but I do remember my Mum taking me to the doctor, thinking I’d lost my mind!)

9) You hate conflict and want everyone to just get along.

You just can’t understand violence or war, you feel it strongly and it hurts your soul to see others in pain. You probably hate conflict too.

10) You’re obsessed with all things ‘Woo woo’. 

You are reading and consuming vast amounts of knowledge about all things esoteric, it’s like you finally have found something that resonates and you can’t get enough. I’m personally obsessed with all things spiritual, and I listen to at least 1-2 books a week and constantly hooked into articles and trainings. I love anything that’s been written as a ‘transmission’, it feels the most true to me. I’m also taking course after course on the subject, learning the Akashic Records and now my Shamanic training just fill me up.

11) You’d rather stay home on a Saturday night with your crystals, and tarot cards than be seen dead in a nightclub!

Lol, ok this might not be necessary to be a lightworker and fun is still important, but the old things you used to love and the groups you spent time with, now just seem less important or banal. Perhaps you just feel like you have nothing in common with them any more, it’s not that they’re not still amazing lovely people, but it’s harder to connect. Plus I’m not short of something to say, but I went to a BBQ of old friends and literally had nothing to say, then a friend ran up to me and said, hey this guy is an entrepreneur and into all that weird stuff you are….we chatted non-stop for the next few hours…

12) There are loads of synchronicities that seem to happen around you, it’s almost like you’re being directed towards something.

More and more these synchronicities start happening, in the past you’d have brushed them off as a coincidence, but they’re just happening too often now. Like you hear the name of a book 3 times in a few days, and decide to read it and it was the exact thing you needed. Or you walk into cafe and that person you were just thinking about is sitting there.

I love stories about this…and could talk about them all day…like the time I was on a rock in the jungle on an island off Brazil and said hi to a friend I’d met in New Zealand, or how my next coach or healer is literally delivered to me exactly when I need them, or like last week when I searched FB for an old school friend, (that I hadn’t seen or thought of in 20yrs) couldn’t find them and then my sister messaged me to tell me she was moving to Sydney and I we should meet up.

13) People often tell you that you inspire them!

You’re just doing your thing, nothing special, but yet people love it and feel inspired to do more. One of my key life goals I come back to is to inspire, and I often get told that, if one thing I do or post lights a fire in someone that lights me up!

14) Ultimately you know the ‘Universe has your back!”

It’s a bit cheesy, but you feel like you’ll always be protected and have all you need. When you look back you realise this has always been true.

It makes it easier to take risks, and you have a deep trust in your journey. Just last week a friend and i were talking to a ‘non-woo’ person, she asked about fear about putting ourselves out there or even the risk of traveling and terrorism. We both answered that we felt we were here for a big purpose and were strangely protected, as we had work to do on this planet. This isn’t an ego thing, just a deep sense of purpose and trust.

I remember when I was about 20 years old (after reading a Nostradamus article about a 25 year period of war and destruction that was upon the world) and making a vow to myself that I’d never let fear stop me from going on adventures, if I thought too much I’d never leave the house!

15) You are a powerful manifestor.

You always manage to manifest exactly what you need and want. Sometimes it even shocks or scares you how powerful you actually are, when you make it down to the dollar or it comes at the last minute, but you just wish you could apply it to some bigger things and not wait until the 11th hour for a miracle.

16) You believe (or are starting to believe) in angels and guides. 

You love your tarot cards, and have either met or talk to your angels and guides. You call on them when you need them, and even when you don’t. You feel like you have extra energy and support with you at all times. You’ve been asking for signs and getting them. You also wonder if it’s crazy and maybe haven’t actually told anyone you do this.

This is fairly new and mind expanding for me, I went to a workshop last year and the stories just blew my mind, I now often talk to them, ask for help and guidance and trust what comes through. I also see evidence everywhere I go.

Start small by tasking for a sign or even a parking space. I did this last week and when i pulled into the exact space I laughed and thanked my guides. They can only help you if you ask!

Jo x

P.S. I have a business building program designed for lightworkers like you, to help you get super clear on your unique message and get it out into the world. It’s more important now than ever before and if this is your purpose I want to help you make it a reality.

I believe this is bigger than you and me. Book a chat I’ll help you get clear on your next steps and see if this would be a great fit for you. It’s your time now!

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