Lessons from Crossfit


Qu: How do you know if someone does Crossfit? A: They’ll tell you! lol

So Yes, you’ve guessed it, I’ve started going to Crossfit, I’m alternating it with some Reformer Pilates and loving the difference I’m already seeing, but it’s not all about the physical…

But first let me tell you how it all started, I moved into my new and amazing beach pad, and googled the nearest gym, it was a Crossfit place 5 mins walk away, I groaned….Nooooo….I’ve always seen people doing it but resisted it like crazy- I didn’t want to end up all butch and have a Crossfit body plus it looks crazy intense and for someone trying to get into my Feminine- might not be the best option….BUT….I filled out the online form and thought I’d try a sample class. 5 mins later I get a call from my old Personal Trainer from years ago…’Hey it’s Jacob, did I tell you I bought a Crossfit gym?’ Ahhh, shit…no getting out of it now…I booked in to go and get an introduction… #notacoincidence

I’m not going to lie, since I started my biz, I’ve not been working out like I used to and then since I became a digital nomad, my routine hasn’t really had a chance, the odd yoga class in a new city and hitting up the odd hotel gym doesn’t really count in six months and I was really starting to notice it!

But I went along anyway and signed up for some private sessions with Jacob to ease myself in gently- and learn the lingo- it’s like another language!

Day 1 – ‘So when was the last time you did a handstand?’ Erm, when I was 12 years old!

My first reaction was ‘I can’t’, but then I decided how could I know if I didn’t try…I took a deep breath and went for it and it was actually much easier than I thought….old muscle memory maybe? Who knows…but if I’d stood there for another 5 mins contemplating how hard it was going to be- I’d probably not have tried.

Lesson: Nothing is as hard as you think- and the longer you think about it, it won’t get any easier!

Day 2 – We’re going to do some, rings…you know those gymnastic rings they hang from in the Olympics? Yeah those! – Great! 🙂

In the past, I might have complained but I’ve decided, I’d just try everything he threw at me.

Lesson: Complaining will get you nowhere!

Day 3 – Ok so give me 15 Burpees…..Burpees? I HATE Burpees- Are they essential??

New mantra….I LOVE Burpees, I LOVE Burpees, I LOVE Burpees, I LOVE Burpees,

Honestly, I think they’re getting easier!!

Lesson: What you tell yourself works!

Day 4 – We’re going to do deadlifts!

In my head – ‘ahh shit I hate those’ -(I worry about my back), but after a few I felt strong and more capable than I had in a long time. I felt unstoppable the rest of the day.

Lesson: Strong Body – Strong Mind

Day 5 – I joined the rest of the squad for a group class

Ok so I’m not going to lie I have a competitive side…I used to be super fit, easily lifting the most in a Body Pump class, one of the fastest sprinters in my Rugby team, I beat boys when I cycled competitively – my thighs are built for power!! 😉 But because it’s been so long I was obviously the weakest in the class, I had to put my ego to one side and even ask for help!

Lesson: Don’t let your ego get in the way of starting, everyone has to start somewhere and ask for help if you need it!

Did you know exercise dramatically increases brain performance and Flow? I’ve been much more focused and on fire since I started…What do you love to do to get more exercise into your life?

BIG love,
Jo x

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