Green juice, Rockstar parks, and a month’s rain in an hour!


So my friend was sick today and I offered to go round with juice and breakfast, it seemed like a great plan, I’d been doing video interviews since 6am (which means getting up at 5am to get dolled up- the hustle is real!) and I was ready for a break!

I decided on my way to stop in at the Post office first to pick up some books (of the Bestselling authors on my interview series!) and as I got closer the rain got heavier, I decided I’d get a ‘Rockstar park’ (basically pulling up to a parking place straight outside the door). BOOM. Manifestation Check. 🙂

Then it was raining so hard, I decided to drive to the juice bar, I decided I wanted another ‘Rockstar park’, it’s not far, I’d never normally do that, but it was raining so hard- I later found out it was a month’s worth of rain falling in an hour!! As I turned the corner I spotted a space, but it was still about block from the juice bar, and the words ‘it’s good enough- I probably can’t be that lucky twice in a row‘ ran through my head, I hit the indicators, and then suddenly realised I had switched on my manifestation- I changed my goals, I settled for ‘good enough’ (one of my Dad’s favourite sayings- but I wasn’t going to settle for that) so I canceled the indicator and continued down to the juice place, and just as I got there I thought I saw my parking space, a car with lights on, but no….it was a car taking MY PARKING PLACE!! It was the space that would have been mine, if I’d stayed focused on my manifestation and not tried to settle for ‘Good enough’!!! I went round the block again, no luck, I was still processing how ridiculous this all was, I went round again and finally said the words, ‘God is never late’, I drove down and a van pulled out and gave me my ‘Rockstar park’. BOOM. Manifestation Check. 🙂

I ordered a green juice, a carrot/orange juice and 2 breakfasts and some chocolate strawberries, as a little treat, Along with my bag and umbrella, plus the pouring rain, I had my hands full- I joked to the girl, ‘now to get into the car without spilling this‘ (the thought crossed my mind that I was manifesting too well and it might happen!)…..YOUR WORDS HAVE POWER….despite the rain, I carefully got in the car, and guess what, the green juice tipped over….NOOOOOOOO…….luckily the lid stayed on- and it went on me and my seat a little, but it wasn’t a complete disaster…I couldn’t be mad as I KNEW in that moment I’d literally created it. It was a little lesson- The Universe having a little joke on me!

I manage to get to my friend’s house and get out of the car and into the house with no more mishaps, apart from being soaked.

Just a typical morning in Sydney! Lol


Big love,
Jo x

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