I Died A Little This Weekend…


So you know I’m a BIG fan of personal development and take it pretty seriously. I feel like I have to go first for my community and clients. Almost like a crash-test dummy!! But YOU CAN ONLY TAKE YOUR CLIENTS AS DEEP AS YOU HAVE GONE YOURSELF! I want to serve at a super high level. So I go deep!

But I don’t always exactly plan this stuff- sometimes- I know it’s coming so plan for it, e.g. I’m off to Peru at the end of May!! But sometimes it’s more unexpected….

So this weekend I headed off for a retreat in the mountains that I thought was about meditation, astrology and chakra balancing….But the leader’s introduction started with:

‘Thank-you for having the courage to be here, if the energy gets too intense and you feel the need to bolt for the door please let me know first, if you need help please raise your hand. Oh and don’t hurt yourself or anyone else, or you’ll be immediately asked to leave’.

Um…we’re not just meditating??

Then he said a lot of people talk about ‘Transformation’ they throw the word around like it’s nothing- BUT TO TRULY TRANSFORM- SOMETHING HAS TO DIE!!

Um…part of me has to die this weekend? Shit!

But, as always, I trust in the Universe and a power higher than me, knew I had to be in that room!

The first day was intense to say the least, I had breakdowns and breakthroughs – I even ventured into the centre of the circle on my own, to have a session in front of everyone! It was confronting and scary – talk about being VISIBLE- being my most vulnerable in front of a room of strangers!

I was shocked at what was STILL inside me, something I’d never even considered- but this work never ends it’s a life long journey…

The second day was less intense for me, I had a massive vision for my future business (which is pretty freaking cool- BUT I also got a warning- I need to embody that work before i can teach it- hint- my Shamanism studies start next week!) and some other awarenesses, but there was something that didn’t want to release, I got frustrated as wanted to make the most of my opportunity, and I nearly left at the lunch break- but one of my patterns is to run when it gets uncomfortable (having lived all over the world its funny to look back on why I probably did that!) but it shows me there’s still MORE room to do more work…

I don’t think I’d do this work if it was just for me, it’s uncomfortable and takes you to places you didn’t know existed, but I feel it’s for a higher collective.

We healed part of the planet in that room on the weekend. We healed parts of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

We raised our consciousness. We raised the frequency of the planet.

Are you willing to let a little bit of you die to transform? It doesn’t have to be as dramatic as my weekend- I know that’s not for everyone, but what could you maybe let go!? Come over to the Facebook group and let us know – if you’re brave enough! 😉

Big love,
Jo x <3 <3 x

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