Hey Joanna!

Relax Mum….no i haven’t had any plastic surgery, (to date, anyway, never say never!), but my friend, who i’ve known for 5 years, didn’t recognise me the other day!!
I walked into a cafe in Sydney to get some lunch and do some work, they have great wifi, and three of my friends were sitting having a coffee, and one said she had a double take to see if it was actually me!
I haven’t seen her in a few months, we both travel a lot, but nothing has really changed, to my annoyance i haven’t lost any weight, or had a haircut, or even dyed my hair, I haven’t changed my wardrobe or the clothes i wear….so why didn’t she recognize me?
I then went over to the bar to order my coffee and a salad and the guy came back with a strawberry on a skewer and told me it was his heart as I was so beautiful, and would i mind just staying to talk to him all afternoon? (THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE), He was about 10 years younger than me and I politely told him I had work to do and got my laptop out, something has changed but I still didn’t know what it was…
Well it’s something even I noticed, but then wondered if it was just me and dismissed it….
I kept thinking about it and then remembered someone else had recently told me i looked different too, something in my eyes…
The thing that did change is that something has shifted inside me, I had changed so dramatically inside that it was showing on the outside, I’d had an emotional facelift!!!!

A what? Yes a kind of spiritual facelift!! I didn’t realize until I was listening to a book called Psyco-Cybernetics, written by a plastic surgeon, and he talks about, how someone can look 10 years younger just by letting go of the baggage that wears us down, his studies can from noticing that his surgery could either release someone to become who they really are, or the same surgery changes nothing…
Scar tissue builds up around an old wound to protect that area from being hurt again, and we do the same thing emotionally, when something happens we put up our defenses to stop the same things happening again. I’ve definitely done this in relationships, having been hurt, i’ve put up barriers to stop it ever happening again. A plastic surgeon can remove the scar tissue and his work doesn’t allow the scarring as he removes a little of the skin beneath it to reduce the tension (this book is so interesting!), so the wound heals more cleanly, and it stops having to protect itself.
I guess the huge shifts I’ve been experiencing over the last few months has taken away the scar tissue and allowed me to heal, those shifts have changed me, lightened me up, and my face has changed, i almost don’t recognise myself, but yet I feel more me than ever before.
These changes don’t happen without work, I have been actively working on this stuff with my coach and other healers as I want to work through it as fast as possible, i know in theory we can’t speed it up, but i’m trying anyway!!
Challenging yourself to push out of your comfort zone, make big leaps brings up stuff you don’t even know you have. Sure I could stay in my safe little bubble and not take these leaps, but that’s boring to me now, when I know the amazing stuff on the other side!
One of the big things I’ve challenged myself to is The Entrepreneur Edge LIVE event, just planning it has pushed me, and I know it will be worth it. But it’s not for me, it’s for you, I want you to push your own comfort zone, and join me on the other side.

For all the event info click here
I am so excited and look forward to seeing you there,
Facelift here we come!!!
Jo xx

P.S. Have you seen all the amazing women who’ll be joining me on stage?? Plus even more on the website…

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