Who do you idolise? And is it bad for business?


How are you? Great I hope!

As I shared in my last email I have been listening to Gabby Bernstein’s book Sprit Junkie, and it got me thinking.

The premise of the book is about the self-love and miracles, but also how we have separated from love that fear takes over- the fear often shows up as ego.

She talks about how we create idols out of people, whether it’s a special love, a teacher, a celebrity, a friend or even ourselves!! (Me with the awesome Kimra Luna below)


By doing that we believe they are better than us or that we are better than them and that is an illusion! Not you, you say? Have you ever thought you’re not as good as your mentor but you’re better than that homeless guy on the street? That is just your ego talking!

And if your ego is in charge, you’re shutting the door on miracles, flow and amazing opportunities- in life and business. Plus we can only become who be believe we are, and if we think we’re somehow inferior to our coach or mentor, it means it’s highly unlikely you’ll create better results!

When I was at an event last year a few interesting things happened….

I met a lady and we had been chatting and joking for a while over a glass of vino, and she said you know i have an admission to make: ‘Before this event I’d held you a a pedestal‘ I said: ‘What and now you don’t?‘ (LOL) She laughed; “Well no, not any more, I’ve realised you’re just a normal person’

At the same event we did an exercise where we had to write down the traits of three people we admired in business and the learning was that we also had those traits. It was a huge thing for me to realise, that if I could spot it, it was within me too. I WAS all those beautiful things I’d written about those other women. 

Then a crazy thing happened, TWO women in the room approached me afterwards and said I was one of their three people. I was shocked. I joked ‘what did you write?’ I secretly really wanted to know! What did they see in me that I couldn’t? 

Later that day I got a bit emotional on stage and cried– not unusual for this big ball of love, and I think that shattered any illusions they had!

I have idolised many people, more than I could ever put in an email. I’m beginning to see them as my equals and just as humans. When we connect back to this, compassion and love return.

No one is any better than you, we are all one, yes they may have a bigger bank account or as Oprah often says; she just has better shoes!

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Is there anyone you’re idolising? Can you let it go?

Gabby suggests telling them that and that’s what the lady above did beautifully, we laughed and we’re now good friends. If you can’t tell them, tell somebody. Your friends, anyone, get it out there in public and break the spell.

Tony Robbins, often says “I am not your Guru’ and he even has a movie out called that this summer! [He’s still my idol- for now- I’m trying to let it go] Oh and it doesn’t mean you can’t respect and admire them, but just be able to breathe and string a sentence together in their presence!

Big love,

Jo x

I surrender 2








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