Can we please clear something up?

Ok so this has been niggling at me for a while…and I think it’s been making it even harder for the regular people like you and me to put ourselves out there! You can skip the words and watch the video at the bottom instead if you want! 🙂

Don’t get me wrong i’m all about keeping it real, but this word authenticity is being thrown around and people don’t really get it…more to come on this…

But people think being authentic means Livestreaming from bed, the bathroom, in their ratty old Pjs, or whatever other random ones i’ve seen recently. And i’m not judging it, it you feel cool doing that then go for it, if your audience responds to it then go for it BUT you don’t have to be in your yoga gear, with no make

up on and air your dirty laundry just to be authentic. It’s kind of missing the whole point. Plus it can also be brand suicide!!!

You can still be inauthentic in your Pjs on camera- if your heart is closed or you’re faking it, it really doesn’t matter what you’re wearing or doing. My whole life I’ve been trying to be someone or something I wasn’t mainly because i didn’t think the real me was good enough- just as I was, that’s the real journey…

If you feel more comfortable dressing up, making an effort and that’s your best version of yourself you want to show the world that’s ok too, it doesn’t mean you’re fake or unauthentic. I want my brand to be me, yes i’ll always have beautiful polished pictures (cos they’re fun and I love having them), yes I’ll do more professional video shoots, because I think they’re an important part of my business model, but I’ll also show the behind the scenes, not so perfect picture me too, because I’m comfortable doing it, if I didn’t though- i  think that’s ok too.

Your authenticity shines through in your words and actions, how you show up for your clients and most importantly yourself!

Do what feels good, getting a little uncomfortable is important as it’s never as bad as you think it’ll be!

Now my launch is over I have space to bring on 4* 1:1 clients in April before my prices go up, will you be one of them?

If this even makes you wonder what you could achieve with a coach, then it’s time to book in for a free chat and get all your questions answered! I promise it’s much easier than you think and I make it as much fun as possible. 🙂

Big love,

Jo x


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