Are you ready to step up as a Leader?

What is a leader and what does it take to step up as amazing one!?

Well for a start you have to stop hiding…getting visible is a major first step, how do you feel as being seen?

You have to lead by example

You have to inspire you team and know how to get the best out of them

You have to create a culture based on common values and a shared mission

You have to be willing to go first, to dare to be different and to shake things up, even a little bit!

You have to be fair and have a keen sense of justice

You have to build a team that supports you and your dream

You have to let go of control, stop doing everything yourself! Delegate or Die!

You have to have the Systems and structures in place so you’re not constantly answering questions

You have to train your staff/team.

You have to be organized and efficient

You have to have unwavering courage

You have to take responsibility!

You have to have a plan and know what to outsource and to whom!

You’ve got to understand each team member and how best to communicate with each of them.

Luckily we’ve got you covered! The Entrepreneur Edge breaks all this down, and we even had a special guest expert coming in to talk about outsourcing like a pro! We’re very lucky to have Kirsty Smith, founder of Virtual Elves joining us! She’s also a mentor in one of the world’s biggest entrepreneurial educational organizations, The Entourage, based here in Australia. Find out more below….

It’s time to be that leader! I know you’re ready, let’s do this!

Big love,
Jo xx

P.S. If you need any questions answered, I’m here, let’s book in a time to talk! xx





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