Want to spend the day with me in LA?

I just landed back in Miami after an incredible week in Turks and Caicos and I’m already planning my trip back, make sure to add it to your bucket list now!!

Meanwhile….things are hotting up in The Entrepreneur Edge Mastermind Facebook group, I’m already loving the connections being made and the shifts and transformations happening before my eyes! I always get huge FOMO and I’d hate you to miss out on this experience and meeting me in LA!

Did you know that graduation from The Entrepreneur Edge is happening in a VIP Live event in Los Angeles?

As if that wasn’t enough…..I also have space for 2 ‘Platinum Ultimate Edge’ Luxury intensives! If you love group programs but are also craving some 1:1 private attention and then this could be the option for you, and it’s a bargain, not only do you get a full-day luxury intensive with me, for less than a standard intensive day, but you also get entry to The Entrepreneur Edge thrown in for good measure!! Wow!!!  I’m even impressed I’m doing this!!

If you’re ready to compress your timeline, let go of anything holding you back, get a clear business map and spend a full day with me somewhere super high-vibe then let’s book it in!!

I absolutely love luxury intensive days, the transformation I see in that short time leaves me speechless and usually close to tears!
I know I need to work on my boundaries, but when I someone let go of their old story, the fears, doubt and limiting beliefs that have been holding them back their entire life, it’s powerful stuff! As a Master NLP and Advanced EFT Practitioner I use a unique combo of both, to laser into the source of the issue, usually a childhood event, and clear out all the issues since then!  And it doesn’t have to have been something traumatic to have created you values, limiting beliefs and financial blueprint! I was lucky enough to have had a very ‘happy’ childhood, but still ended up whole a whole host of issues, and stuff to let go of. I have done so much deep emotional cleansing work myself, cried my heart out and I truly think having ‘gone there’ and looked it squarely in the face is why I’ve had so much success in such a short amount of time! Don’t let your ‘stuff’ hold you back any longer! I just wish I’d figured this out earlier, I can’t even imagine where my business would be by now.

And on a very personal note, I think I’d have been single my entire life if I hadn’t done this work, I haven’t met anyone yet, but this deep healing has left me hopeful and knowing that it’s coming and that I am lovable and deserve an amazing loving husband.

If this even makes you wonder what could be holding you back, then it’s time to book in a mini-strategy session and get all your questions answered!

Big love,

Jo xx

P.S. If it’s not LA then I am pretty much doing a massive world tour this year and will be in Australia, Europe and the US, very probably in a major city near you soon! Let’s talk!

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