I know this isn’t the sexist topic…

I know this isn’t the sexist topic…but do you understand your business finances?

If asked you what a Profit & Loss statement or Balance sheet was, or how you could be profitable and bankrupt at the same time, would you know?

This might seem like the last thing you need to know, but if you’re thinking about growing your business past just you and maybe a part-time VA this is critical stuff!!  I want to empower you to be a financially savvy business owner, who isn’t scared of terms like that and who knows what to ask her accountant!

Did you know I’m as well as being a kick-ass business mentor, Master NLP Practitioner and Advanced EFT Practitioner and a certified Transformational Life coach, I’m ALSO a Chartered Accountant!

When I first left corporate I was actually embarrassed about my ‘past life’, but I know that my grounding and over 13 years in finance and the business acumen I developed being in the Board Rooms of Start-up companies to giant Listed companies really sets me apart from other ‘business’ mentors!

I have set up International companies, liquidated them, audited them, managed entire divisions and been a part of some seriously huge finance transactions. At one point I felt I had an entire global companies fate in my hands, that responsibility and stress was more than my health could handle, but it’s part of my story and part of me, and although I wasn’t always in love with it I learned a huge amount, how to do it and how NOT to do it!!!

I want to give you the confidence to understand your accounts like a pro, I’ll break it down to the point where you’re like, oh that really wasn’t so hard after all, what’s all the fuss about?

Being empowered financially is key, if it’s overwhelming or confusing to you then it could block you from earning more!

Let me explain it in a super simple way!

Big love,

Jo x

P.S. I’m teaching this in The Entrepreneur Edge, you know that program I’ve been talking about for almost a month now?!! It’s not a finance degree but it’s everything you need to know to to grow and get ‘the edge’ and become a Leader in your biz!

Want to ask me anything?? Book in for a FREE mini-strategy session and find out how to empower yourself financially!


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