I’m jumping on a flight to Miami today!

Happy Friday!

I’m actually going to burst with excitement!!  Today I’m flying to Miami and then on to Turks & Caicos islands to see a close friend I haven’t seen in years!  Yes I’m in the middle of a launch and heading off on holiday! It’s alright for some right!? Haha, I did wonder if I was mad to book it, but I’m following my heart and my desires, do you do that ? ​This is T & C​!!!!








After T&C I’m heading back to Miami then up to Boca Raton to the wedding of one of my Biz besties Erika Sheffer, I’m so excited, she asked while we were pretty much nude (white paper thongs in steam rooms don’t leave much to the imagination!) in Paris, as you do! And now it’s happening! And if I know Erika her branding is always on point and this wedding will be too! Follow her on Insta to see what I mean! @erikasheffer


Then I’m back to Miami for three days and to hopefully to meet you, {remember RSVP for Miami cocktails by the 15th!} then up to cold NYC, I’ve been in a heat wave here in Sydney this summer so it’ll be a shock to the system, oh poor me! 🙂 But heading up for a reason, and that’s to step up my game,  and start connecting even more with the big players in the game, I’m part of Selina Soo’s influencer program and she’s hosting a live event, I’m excited to meet her, Kimra and the rest of the crew…and maybe, just maybe Lewis Howes will be there! If you’ve been following me at all you might have picked up that I have massive virtual crush on him, and if I talk about it enough I’m sure he’ll be begging to be an expert on TEE 2.0, right after he proposes….I can dream right?? What crazy dreams do you have?

Dream. Believe. Receive.

And you’re all invited to the wedding, haha!

Oh and don’t forget if you want to meet me in NYC, Sunday afternoon, 28th February, RSVP Feb 15th!

Ok, my bags are packed, I’m calling an Uber and getting outta here, see you on the other side!

Big love,
Jo xx

P.S. If you’re a dreamer too, and want to start making them a reality then it’s time to join The Entrepreneur Edge!!!! Remember if you have questions and want to know if it’s right for you, I’m still taking booking for mini-strategy sessions, even though I’ll be in T&C next week, I know, I know, I work around the beach time and cocktails! My friend will be working as usual so i’ll have my days free to talk! 🙂


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