Why your first $100k is the hardest!!

How’s your week going?
I wish to you joy and happiness but above all this I wish to you love! Sorry I’m listening to Whitney, she popped up on shuffle on Spotify! 🙂 That song was a major family fav growing up, we’d all sing at the top of our voices in the car, it was one of the only CDs my Dad had! Oh the memories…

Ok back to the topic…so this first $100k…why is it so dang hard!? Ah well there are lots of reasons, but the good news it does get easier, phew!!!

And if you can deal with some of these common trip wires early, it doesn’t have to be that had at all!

Have you ever;

  • been stuck not knowing the next step to take?
  • been stressing about how you were going to pay rent next week? (that ruins your vibe!!)
  • found yourself procrastinating, falling down the Facebook rabbit hole, and then declaring that you’ve worked so hard all day but achieved nothing!
  • had doubts about whether it would even work?
  • been stuck in comparisonitis, thinking they were luckier, prettier, slimmer, smarter than you? Or had even jealously eyed up her website or landing page!!!
  • had some success, maybe even a 5 -figure week or month, and then BOOM nothing for ages…upper limit? sabotage? Hit the top of your Financial Comfort Zone? And thought it was just a fluke?
  • run out of ideas or inspiration?
  • got frustrated with the tech, and decided it was just too hard afterall?
  • heard crickets when you posted on Facebook?
  • been discouraged when nobody took you up on that offer?
  • had fears come up you didn’t even know you had?
  • had a shock about the sheer amount there is to do?
  • been blocked when it comes to copy writing? (I want to coach people, I’m not a writer!)
  • been overwhelmed by how overcrowded the market seems and felt everyone is so much further ahead
  • been triggered by those other posts of people making $100k in 5 minutes!!

These are only a few reasons why your first $100k is the hardest, there is so much to learn, there is your first newsletter, first blog post, first website, and don’t even get me started on list building, sales funnels, FB Ads, automation and outsourcing for the first time!

But thankfully The Entrepreneur Edge is here, we are going to make to make it soooo much easier than it otherwise would be!! Stop guessing and trying to figure it out on your own! It will be so much more painful that way, trust me!!

We demystify it all, we have the TOP experts in the online biz world, coming in to teach you!

You have a mentor and coach to bounce ideas off.

You are getting all the information you need.

You have a supportive community and an accountability buddy!

You have a way to let go of all those blocks, the fear, the doubts and procrastination!

You have a solution, and it’s The Entrepreneur Edge!

Come and join us, we’re not only making it easy but fun too!

Big love,

Jo x

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