Most resolutions fail by today!!

Wah wah!! It’s that day of the year! The day by which most resolutions fail! Boo!










How are you doing?? Are you on track? Have your resolutions failed? If so, why?

  • Did you set goals?
  • Did you write them down?
  • Were they specific?
  • Were they things you truly desired?
  • Did you make them a non-negotiable?
  • Did you visualize how it would feel to have achieved them?
  • Did you believe they were possible?

If not, then you have to start now!!!

I was at Tony Robbin’s Business Mastery course and he said

‘Hell on earth would be meeting the person you could have become!’ 

That sent shivers through me!

That woman took advantage of opportunities when they came to her, she stepped up and claimed it for herself, she didn’t delay, she didn’t let other people make her doubt herself, she said yes to her dreams, yes to possibilities, she persevered when it was hard, she made a stand for what she believed in, she was driven by a mission to change the world, she knew she was destined for bigger better things, she took risks, she lived with passion, with no regrets, she was confident, she was happy, she loved and let herself be loved, she gave and let herself receive, she took leaps of faith, she stretched, she grew, she knew her destiny was bigger than her fear, she was tenacious, she laughed, she made it happen!!

And she knew she couldn’t do it alone! She got the help and mentoring she needed at the right time and didn’t waste time waiting, wishing and hoping for something to change, she made it change! (yes she was listening to Beyonce when she wrote this!)

Is the woman that YOU could have become, how did she live her life!?

That is one cool chick and I’m ready to meet her!! Are you?

And I’d love to meet her in Los Angeles at our live Mastermind that’s included as part of the Entrepreneur Edge!

Let’s make this happen together, bring it on!!

Big love,
Jo x

P.S. Holy guacamole, have you seen the expert line up for TEE?? I can hardly believe it myself, these guys are the dream team! The Huffington Post called Rob “one of the most influential online marketers across the globe“. And Fast Company called Rob an “online marketing guru.” OMG!!!

Ready to meet her? Me too!! Just on a mini-strategy session call with me to see if TEE is right for you!


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