Are you 1/12th of the way through your goals??

I have to say I’ve had one of the best months of my life and for the first time in my life I am ahead of where I thought I’d be, I have been totally in flow and the most amazing things have been happening, when you’re operating in such high-vibration it’s quite amazing how the universe lines up for you and makes your dreams come true! There’s hardly been a moment of doubt, in-decision or procrastination, I’m eager, I’m on fire, I’m buzzing and I’m smashing through my goals, are you?

If not, why not? What did you think you were going to achieve in January? Did you? If not, why not? And if you did, were your goals really big enough to begin with!?

What did you say to yourself on the 1st of January this year? What was going to change? What were you going to achieve?

I felt that buzz at the start of the year too– it was exciting- I knew 2016 was going to be different somehow, did you?

Has that dream faded already, are you back in your old ways already?


Now is the time to make that change, I know you want it and I know you’re ready!

In The Entrepreneur Edge, people are already having breakthroughs and achieving more than they thought!? Are you ready to join them?

Your time is now, this is it!

You’re ready, I know you are, let’s do this!!

Consider this your wake up call- you’re welcome!!!

Big love,
Jo xxx

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