Do you feel like a fraud?

Hope you’re having a fantastic week!  On Monday I mentioned the emails I get from people and I realized it would make an interesting theme for my emails, as these are the real issues you’re dealing with, and I know as i’ve been there!

I spoke to a lady last week, who is ridiculously smart and over-qualified (think 2* 1st class honours degrees and a masters with honours!!), who consistently over delivers for her clients and is considered ‘indispensable’ by everyone she works with, buuutt….she has a few things going on….

1) She felt like she’d never know enough! How much do YOU have to know to just start!!!??

2) She felt she was conning everyone and eventually they’d find out she was a fraud! Yeah I know that feeling, but how long can YOU let that feeling go on?

3) She was stuck in her story. There was so much passion but so much pain, and her story of bad luck was keeping her stuck. Are YOU stuck in your story of why is hasn’t worked? why it won’t work?

4) She was hardly charging anything for her work, and when she did get work they struggled to pay her…this pattern repeated itself…money story big time. What’s YOUR money story? Is there a pattern?

5) She had Upper limited herself -big time! Has everything ever been going so well for you that you couldn’t quite believe it was possible to be that happy or successful at the same time and then it all came tumbling down? It wasn’t an accident, there was huge amounts of resistance and sabotage going on! (I’ve been there too, e.g. I always seemed to get injured just as i started to get super fit– my fear of being slim won every time!) If this is causing an Ah-ha moment read The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks- now!! 🙂

If you recognize any of these in you, how long are you going to let them hold you back? I get it, I’ve had all these issues and then some, but I couldn’t let them stop me, I dealt with them and am moving on and building my biz into something I’m in LOVE with, and that’s what I want for you too! That’s why in The Entrepreneur Edge we start with dealing with all of this stuff, we deal with the fears and the money blocks and we let them go AND the first 10 to enroll get to have a 2 hr intensive with me as a bonus, to deal with all this, we cover so much in these session and let go of everything holding you back. I have a special way to get straight to the root of your issues FAST, and clear it out for good! If you’re ready to get rid of some limiting beliefs and take advantage of this special offer, this is the program for you! Plus did you know you can join us for only $695/mth!!

Lots of love,

Jo xx

P.S. We ALL have this stuff going on, the difference is how long you’re willing to tolerate it! I was over the struggle and I’m guessing you are too! Jump on a mini-strategy session with me and find out if The Entrepreneur Edge is right for you.

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