Is this holding you back??

I get a lot of lovely emails from people, telling me all sorts of  personal things, their life stories, fears and sometimes just pointing out my typos – I love getting every one them, but I also just want to help everyone, and it drives me crazy when all these amazing women, are stuck in some way and holding themselves back!

I had one of those emails just last week and she was ‘still trying to understand what I would like my ideal target market/business’ to be.

I think the  keyword  in the sentence is ‘still’!

I know some people that even after a year on a high-level program  still don’t  have clarity on their target market (mine has changed 3 times! lol). And that’s ok, but they’ve started and giving it a go anyway….

The Entrepreneur Edge goes into this in detail, as it’s so important;

  • if you’re just starting out,
  • if you’re changing direction
  • or maybe because your message just isn’t resonating with your audience, (crickets anyone?!)

My top tips on this…

Your target market is 95% likely to be you in the past, you just have to decide how long ago that was, it’s usually something you’ve overcome and is part of your story.

  • The other 5%, it’s probably like someone close to you who’s struggled with it.
  • It’s the person you have so much compassion for, you could talk to all day!
  • Just start, once you start working with people you’ll know who you prefer to work with and also who you’re less excited about! (I remember being like, please don’t let it be a health one next, and a little light bulb went off!)
  • It doesn’t have to be this forever, just something to get started on for now, nothing is set in stone! Just start…did i say that already!? 🙂
  • You know the answer…if you can’t find it, I bet it’s just fear…fear of what happens next/fear of actually having to work with these people/fear of asking for money/taking the next steps/setting up a website/actually committing to it/fear of not having ‘I just can’t nail my target market’ as an excuse any longer. etc, etc, etc….work on that fear and you’ll get clarity!

That’s one of the things that sets The Entrepreneur Edge  apart from anything else,  we don’t let you stay in the fear , we work through it, we face it head on….then  we get clarity and we move on…with YOUR dream business  and if it changes down the track, that’s ok, at least you tried it and just started!!

Hope that helps!  If you’re curious about The Entrepreneur Edge, then you can get all the details here, or book in to speak to me for a mini-strategy session and to see if it’s the right fit for you!

Jo xxx

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