My Sex and the City moment!

If you’re anything like me, you grew up watching Sex and the City, no my parents weren’t that irresponsible (although Pretty Woman was a family favourite!). 😉

SATC came out in June 1998, when I was 17 and starting my second year at University, my flatmate and I would snuggle up in our PJs on my single bed and drink wine out of a cardboard box that we kept on top of the fridge, just for this, every week! We’d giggle and dream that one day when we grew up our lives would be that glamorous and flying all over the world with our friends!

Last night after two of the longest, but best and most exciting days in my business to-date, I decided to switch off with some Netflix in bed and I turned on Sex and the City: The Movie, as I watched the intro I had this overwhelming feeling of gratitude, and I realized I have created this lifestyle for myself!

They have a rock solid group of amazing friends who support one another, throughout the highs (and lows – poor Carrie, I had to turn off I couldn’t bare to see her being jilted at the altar by BIG again!!)

They talk about everything– nothing is off limits, they’re honest with each other, and they work through their issues like pros.

They support each other in their businesses.Plus they’re all super successful in their own way – and they don’t compete! 

They have so much fun,they laugh, cry, dress in stunning clothes, drink cocktails and travel the world together and stay at beautiful high-vibe locations!



OMG I have that- that’s my life too?!

Wow, I am ridiculously lucky and literally living out my dream! (Although I think all of my friends are ‘Samanthas’!! Haha! They think I’m Charlotte, but I like to think it’s more of a perfect mix of all 4!! I am way too outspoken and not that much of a prude!)

But all this would NEVER have happened if I’d stayed in my little apartment working away at my dining room table in my Lulus on my own!

The transformation started when I stepped up and decided to join a high level group coaching program and that opened my eyes to the lifestyle and business that was really possible for me (and not just for those ‘other’ people, that were slimmer/prettier/richer/better connected/more tech savvy/further ahead than me!!)


It helped me rewrite my money story (and even realise I had one!), I learned so much, I didn’t even know I needed to learn, I up-leveled my life and business faster than I ever dreamed possible, for example, I haven’t even considered I needed to move house, to a bigger place with an office or that I could have an assistant, Virtual assistants, Social media, FB Ads manager, IT dude, graphic designer, mentor, launch manager and a host of other help to grow my business that fast, I hadn’t even considered most it, never mind even started to think I could have it too!

I have travelled the world and stayed in some of the most stunning places I’ve ever been. And I met women in person that have become life-long friends!



I want this for you too – it’s all possible, all you have to do is DECIDE, yes it’s that simple, the rest is easy!

I’m not special, if I can live this life and have my dream business working from my laptop, then you can too!
My new entrepreneurial immersion The Entrepreneur Edge has all this and more!!

We even have a live Mastermind in Los Angeles, and I can hardly wait to meet you there!

Jo xxx

P.S. What are you waiting for? A written invite? Haha, well this is it, come and join me, I know you’re curious! Check out my new sexy page here!

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