Truth bombs from Oprah!

So last week I asked what you would ask   Oprah  if you got a chance to and I got soo many amazing suggestions. I landed on one that I thought would teach us all the most and that was  what does Oprah say to herself when things aren’t going her way ? I picked this one as it’s easy to see what she does and says out loud, but the gamechanger is what we say on the inside. A beautiful quote I heard recently was the ‘The most important words you will ever say are what you say to yourself, about yourself, when you’re by yourself’ Take a moment to think about it, it’s really powerful. So that’s what I wanted to know from Oprah.

If you watch  my video  you’ll see that I didn’t get to ask the question directly but I kind of got my answer anyway. And it ties in beautifully with my previous newsletter about how  17 seconds could change your life  (read it here). I was originally introduced to  Abraham Hicks  by Oprah, she did a radio interview as she didn’t think widestream TV was quite ready for it!  

She said: ‘When I feel myself getting angry, negative or down I give myself 15 seconds and definitely no more than 17 seconds to feel it. Then I stop and think about this moment now, and the positive in the now. I say to myself ‘Right now I’m alright, I’m OK’.  

Another person Oprah introduced me to is  Eckhart Tolle  and his books  The Power of Now  and  A New Earth, both teach about finding the positive in the now and how to remain centered in a world of chaos around you. It’s probably time I reread them both, and I can’t recommend enough. 

As a follow on she said that ‘Gratitude is best way to change vibration’ and I couldn’t agree more. I’ve had some huge moments of gratitude this week especially as 2015 is nearing a close and I took stock of everything I’ve done and achieved and all the wonderful people I have in my life, and  that includes you! Many of the people I’m closest to I’ve met in the last year and I’m so thankful for them all. 

I joked  on the Periscope that I could make my Oprah learnings a 10 part mini-series and I probably could, there are more truth bombs  in the recording and I’ll share more when I get a chance, for now that’s all. 

Love in the now and gratitude, 

Jo xx

joanna and oprah
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