It Only Takes 17 Seconds To Change Your Life!

Holy smokes, it’s 42C here in Sydney and my brain is literally melting! I am heading straight to the beach after this for a swim! ūüôā

Sooo 17 seconds….not many things that last only 17 seconds will change your life but according to Abraham Hicks it can…well even better if it’s 68 seconds… ūüôā

Abraham says that¬†as a thought reaches the¬†point¬†of 17 seconds of complete positive focus, it attracts another thought to it, that’s at the same vibration¬†and it’s exponentially more powerful. At the end of another 17 seconds, 34 seconds in total, the next thought¬†ignites, and by the Law of Attraction, transforms to an even higher level of energy. After a further 17 seconds ¬†(51 seconds) the process continues, and finally, if you can continue a positive¬†thought for 68 seconds on any given subject, it will be¬†well on its way to being manifested.¬†The key is complete positive focus, strong energy, no resistance and no sneaky ‘tail enders’.

Abraham says¬†the average person rarely finishes a single sentence without contradicting their energy, as in “I want a new phone, but it is too expensive.” So they say most of us haven’t had much experience with ever feeling the ignition of thought that comes from at least 17¬†seconds of positive thought.

As an incentive to leverage at least 17 seconds of positive thought, Abraham offers the following stats:

17 seconds is worth 2,000 man¬†(or woman)¬†hours¬†(about a year at 40 hours per week of action taken) 34 seconds is worth 20,000 hours (or about 10 years…) 51 seconds is worth 200,000 hours (or about 100 years…) 68 seconds is worth 2,000,000¬†hours (or about 1000 years…)

Wow!!!! That’s¬†TWO¬†MILLION hours!¬†If we can learn to hold positive thought energy for 68 seconds at a time,¬†action and success becomes inevitable!¬†¬†And I know I’m not the only one who could do with an extra couple of million hours!! Especially having just hosted my 7 Day End Procrastination challenge!!! ūüėČ

BUT!!!!!!!‚Ä™¬†The KEY¬†as I mentioned above is that there can be¬†NO tail-enders….what’s a tail ender? Well it’s one of the things I call a money block,¬†it’s that little voice that says;

  • It’s ok for them but not for me,
  • I want $50k this month, but it would be ok if I got $10k!
  • It never works for me
  • I’d love to but I can’t afford it
  • You can’t do that
  • Yeah right, who do you think you are?
  • You’re not smart enough/good enough etc…

If any of this tail-enders are going to stop your positive thoughts¬†, I have a solution…..

I’m hosting a FREE webinar¬†this Wed¬†25th (Tues 24th in the US & UK)- but this is no ordinary webinar…’s a¬†powerful¬†60 minutes where you will get an¬†energy clearing¬†to clear the money blocks and tail enders¬†that are subconsciously stopping you from getting to 17 seconds. Register NOW >>¬†xx

Lots of love,
Jo  x

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The beach at 7pm on a Friday night and a little something to cool off! ūüôā

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