Do You Allow Yourself to Truly Be Seen?


How are you?  I’m still in Rome and loving it, my friend flew over from London for the weekend and yesterday we clocked up over 10ks walking, visiting the Colosseum, the Roman fort, The Trevi fountain and the Spanish steps, and despite being about 2000 years old (the Colosseum is anyway) it all still seems to be under construction, or at least repair, we are clearly not in peak season although it’s still packed, and still impressive! 🙂

So yesterday mid-afternoon as we were walking along to the Trevi fountain I randomly said, without having even seen any, I think I’d like to get my caricature done, my friend was like ‘erm ok Jo’! Then later that night, after a huge downpour of rain, and a lovely dinner of seafood linguini and truffles we decided it was too early to go back as it was her last night, so we’d have one more glass of vino somewhere. And we found a cute place with tables outside and sat down, and then I spotted a caricature artist across the street, he sat there looking bored for about 30mins and I just knew he was sitting waiting for me to go over!

I knew I had to do it, I’ve secretly always wanted a caricature since I was a kid and we’d watch them being done on family holidays but I was scaredI’ve always been in denial about what I look like and never wanted to know the truth! (Yes I’ve had visibility issues in my business but a few glasses of vino later this seemed like a good idea!) But what would he see? My dark shadows? What would he emphasize? My big nose or giant eyebrows? But I decided it was time to find out, I almost wanted it to be horrible to prove myself right, how twisted that is!?


I felt like a bit of a circus act, as so many people walking past could see and I had no idea. All in all a very strange, confronting but cool experience, plus i was his first customer of the day and then everyone wanted one!

But what has all this got to do with business? Good question! I feel like we don’t really want the truth of who we are to be seen in our lives or businesses, what if people find out who we really are? What if they (or we) don’t like what they see? What if they judge us? What if it’s truly as bad as we think? But what if it’s not? 

We have no idea what others think of us or see in us, and there is a saying that it’s ‘none of our business how other people see us’, we don’t know where others have come from on their journey, or through what lens they are judging us. By being yourself and doing your thing it is simply holding the mirror up to others, so it’s not even about you, maybe something in you triggers their shadow side, and makes them jealous or realize what they could be doing. It takes away their excuses!

That’s not something we can control, or need to waste our energy on.

The most important thing is how we see ourselves. Yes it’s important to have an idea of the message you are putting out there, and how it’s being received, as we can be our harshest critics, but don’t let the fear of judgment throw you off track or stop you living out your dreams.

If that all sounds easier said than done, I’m here to help. I used to be terrified to put myself out there, and really be seen, in an ideal world I’d just happily coach people without ever posting on Facebook, but we all know that isn’t an option right now! And unfortunately we can’t have a few glasses of vino to help everyday! 😉

If you want your business to be a success you can’t hide and just observe much longer!

If any of this sounds familiar? I’m here to help! I’m currently taking on 1:1 clients, and looking for a few people who’re serious about this and ready to take their lives and business to the next level, perhaps you’re on the edge of something big, now is the time!

Lots of love,
Ciao Jo  x

PicMonkey Collage

The result….I don’t think it really looks like me, but hey I’ll take it, plus those boobs are fabulous! 🙂


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