Are you frustrated by lack of clarity? I might have the answer!

I’m still in Rome and loving it, my friend arrives tonight and I’m going to have two full days off to be a real tourist! ūüôā

This week one thing that has repeatedly come up is¬†frustration from lack of clarity. Lack of clarity will¬†stop any well-meaning entrepreneur in their tracks, you literally can’t take another step forward, you’re stuck,¬†because you don’t know what to do or how to do it. What’s my target market? What should I name my group? How should I set my prices? What exactly am I even offering? Ahhhh‚Ķ it causes us to spin and bring¬†a whole lot of drama into our business,¬†often needlessly.

When these themes pop up¬†I always ask myself what is it I don’t have clarity on myself?¬†What do I need to learn or see?¬†As my clients always reflect something in me.¬†Luckily I am not asking the above questions but¬†I did have some big decisions to make¬†about my team, my new Group Program and new Podcast, and I had to ask¬†what is my resistance about¬†and what is stopping me getting clarity on these things?

The interesting thing is that I find a¬†lack of clarity usually is just fear.¬†Just fear she says!¬†Yes, just fear.¬†Yeah you know that little tiny problem we sometimes get!? Well¬†the good news¬†is once we figure out what’s on the other side and sort it out,¬†the clarity usually comes pretty quickly!

Let me explain, ask yourself, what does the clarity allow me?

When I asked one client this this week the first answers were ‘Well,¬†I’d grow my list, fill my programs and make more money’.

Doesn’t seem too bad, right?

But when I asked what¬†else¬†does that mean? She answered: ‘Well I guess it means¬†more haters,¬†more of those¬†annoying emails¬†from people on my programs complaining about¬†tech issues, it would mean having to write more emails, I don’t like¬†writing emails, I feel like I’m forcing myself, I’d have to¬†sales funnels and I hate them¬†as I don’t know if I’m doing them right, and I suppose it would¬†take away my free time, I’m quite enjoying the time I have right now’.

Anything else? ‘Well I guess I’d have to¬†be more visible‘ and what does that mean to you? ‘My family would see what I’m doing’.

Now we’re getting closer to the problem‚Ķ¬†And what would that mean? ‘Well they’ll¬†judge me¬†and¬†they don’t understand, and I feel like they’re already getting distant…¬†I might lose them‘.

Ahh now we have the problem, it had nothing to do with lack of clarity, or writing emails!

This girl was¬†linking getting clarity and making money to losing her family, of course she was never going to allow herself to get the clarity, because she’s¬†scared of losing those closest to her¬†and who would want to lose their family?¬†There’s not much point in having all that money if you’re alone right?

This is actually a much more common conversation than you might expect, we so often, have¬†twisted rules¬†and¬†give certain things meanings¬†we don’t even realize. But it’s soo much easier to see it in someone else!

Thankfully¬†we identified it and changed it, before it¬†drove her crazy or kept her spinning for years¬†or worse still maybe¬†she’d give up, angry and annoyed with herself‚Ķ.for only really loving her family.¬†What a waste that would have been! There is always a solution to this stuff, and nothing makes me happier than helping my clients move through these issues, and¬†clearing it out at a deep subconscious level¬†and re-writing those old patterns and beliefs.¬†None of this stuff, ever ‘makes sense’¬†and it’s¬†hard to rationalize¬†your way out of it, yes, awareness is the first step, but sometimes you have to work to break the story.

Although some people wouldn’t say¬†lack of clarity or judgement worries are money blocks, to me they are, anything that stops you moving forward in your business and making the money you deserve is a money block and¬†they can be cleared!

If any of this sounds familiar?¬†I’m here to help!¬†I’m currently taking on 1:1 clients, and looking for a few¬†Rock stars¬†who’re¬†serious about this¬†and ready to take their lives and business to the next level, perhaps you’re on¬†the edge of something big, now is the time! Apply for a discovery call now.

Lots of love,
Ciao Jo  x


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