Ciao from Florence: Men, Money & Mozzarella!

As you might know I packed up home and put everything in storage with the grand plan to work and travel all over the world, until I decide exactly where I’m supposed to stay for a while next!  I’ve been in Florence for almost 2 weeks, attending 2 Business courses, soaking up the atmosphere, indulging in the most amazing food, wine and even been on a few dates, it wasn’t until my friend said: “You’re just like Elizabeth Gilbert having your own little Eat, Pray, Love experience” that it made more sense, I watched the movie and read the book about 10 years ago and it captured my imagination, but I certainly wasn’t trying to recreate it, although I’ve been planning to go back to Bali for ages, maybe i’ll end up in India at some point too! 🙂   Does all this sound like a crazy fantasy? Well it’s all possible for you too– if it’s what you desire? I know it’s not for everyone, and who knows it might not be long until I want a proper base again!

But it hasn’t all been riding round Florence on the back of cute Italian guy’s Vespas! 😉 I am still super serious about my business and supporting my clients as I go. 

I attended the last live event of my year-long Business of coaching mastermind, and was honored to be asked on stage again to share my story and answer questions. This would truly have beenmy worst nightmare not that long ago, as being on stage used to cause everything to shake, my voice, my hands and even my legs, but I’m so glad I’ve gotten over all that to be able to share and help others with my story.

I have to say, one of the things I love about the Italians is that they have zero guilt over anything, they are totally unapologetic about everything in life, what they eat, drink and even smoke, who they love and what they do, they are passionate about everything and it’s infectious! I realized I have to bring even more of that into my business, have more fun doing it and feel zero guilt about it! That was actually one of the themes that came up on my course, there were a number of people asking how they can run their business when they have commitments to work, family, friends and still keep a balance but not feel guilty about how they spend their time.  It is so important to follow what is true for you and to know that doing what you love and building a business is not selfish, it’s actually really important. It’s important to be a good role model for your children (if you have them) and and to others that can ONLY hear the message from YOU.  You really don’t know who’s lives you touch with your message, even in that room in Florence I had people come up to me and tell me they had done my money blocks course and loved itor were inspired by my work, it truly blew me away. It was funny, one lovely lady, meeting me for the first time said she’d had me up on a pedestal, but having met me that was no longer the case!!, (what?!) she was like “you’re just a normal person”, and that’s the message here, I’m not special, I have just worked my ass off and made this happen, however, one of the main differentiators between those on that stage and the ones that weren’t was MINDEST, we all have done some serious work on our mindsets, money stories, and wealth consciousness. 

Because I am so passionate about this and don’t want anyone else to be held back from the success they deserve in their business, I have decided to offer a few free 20 min Money Mindset Assessments, so you can check if it’s a factor in your business.  You might be ready to find your first paying clients or even breaking through to your next big income goal, ready for your first $5 or $10k month or planning a launch (it can seriously mess with your head!!)? Unfortunately money blocks never 100% disappearand they usually crop back up when something changes, so even if you’ve done some work on them before, if you’re not earning what you want you probably still have them. If you’d like to check book in now for a Money Mindset assessment. Click here. http://bit.ly/1ZhN7A6

NOTE: This is not a discovery call, if you’d like to apply for one of them you can do that here http://bit.ly/1jdJM3Z.

Lots of love,
Ciao Jo x


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