How a night at the Casino helped explain how I run my business!

Did you think having your own business would be a lot more fun? Going for long lunches and hanging out with friends at the beach? I certainly did! Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do, but the reality is that we can be so focused on our business that everything else goes out the window. And then we actually stop receiving in our business because we are so focused on the mechanics and process and not the flow. 

I have recently been getting the message that I haven’t been having enough fun, in my business or personal life! It keeps coming up over and over again. And I’m like, I know, I know …I’ll get round to it..but I just need to get this next thing done…like writing this email to you lovely peeps! 🙂

So I was excited to be invited to the Military Officers Wonderland Ball on Saturday night, I love getting dressed up so jumped at the chance (plus I don’t mind a man in uniform either!!).

The event had everything from free flowing champers (slightly regretted it the next day!), dodgem cars, tarot readers, a photo booth, desert room (check out the picture!) and a casino. I have never spent much time in casinos, I used to be a very risk adverse Accountant, I’ve even been to Vegas twice and not bet a dollar- I know- way to live on the edge!! 🙂 

But when the gambling money is going to charity and I only risked $10, I was in! I am such a keen observer of people and it was so interesting to see how people bet, even with fake money, how risk taking or averse we are….

I was bold at first and felt great when I kept winning, and then got nervous of my strategy and changed it, and promptly started losing, and then left the table thinking I’d try my luck elsewhere, I ended the night with exactly the same as i’d started with, I guess it was the bottom of my Financial Comfort Zone.

But the way we do one thing is the way we do all things, and in particular games.  I posted something about this in my Facebook Group and someone commented… ‘Love this post! I am a ‘secret’ competitor. I seriously want to win but I won’t admit it I pretend I don’t care and then as soon as it looks like I won’t win I start making light of it. Hellish insight to my money blocks in biz right there!’ 

Are you a ‘secret’ competitor? Do you get stuck in and take it seriously? Do you stand back and prefer to watch others play? Do you start and love it when you’re winning but then throw a tantrum when you’re losing and give up? Do you have a game plan and stick to it? Or do you just wing it and hope for the best? 

The first step in fixing anything is an awareness there is even an issue or a pattern. It’s so hard to see your own issues and there is no right or wrong way to play a game, but when it starts to cost you money it might be something to consider and throw some light on what’s going on in your business!!! 

Lots of love,
Jo x

With the gorgeous Sheridan Buchanan (of Sugar Free Mum).
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