Manifest money and exactly what you want!

I’m sitting in the lobby of my hotel, ready to fly back to Sydney in a few hours, it’s been an amazing month here in California and I’m planning my return already! So back to manifesting money…..I know, I know it’s not about the money, but it certainly helps, and like I shared in my last email it allows me to help even more people! So I’m guessing you’d like to be able to do that too!?  But how can it be that easy? Doesn’t life just happen? No it doesn’t! We directly create our reality and have a choice to live exactly how we want!

Really? Yes really! For a long time I was convinced I’d be an accountant forever, I couldn’t see past it and the money and the security were were really nice, but it was killing me, physically and mentally and if I didn’t make a change I’d hate to think how much more it would have affected me. Fast forward less than a year and I have a thriving business and having a photoshoot in almost every major city I visit seems like the new norm!! It’s surreal (and also totally essential for my business)! 🙂 Today I got the first photo back from my latest shoot in LA with my photographer Wendy K Yalom and hair & make-up stylist Melissa Hoffmann Rangel. But it didn’t just happen I made it happen and here’s how….

Step 1. Figure out what you truly desire, this can often be the hardest part, but it has to be something really compelling, like travel abroad- or a photoshoot! (even though I was nervous and nearly cancelled it- I still really wanted it).
Step 2. Assign an amount to that desire, how much will it cost to have this in your life, do some research if you have to! And it’s often not as much as you think it will be, for example you might not have a huge deposit ready to buy the million dollar home you desire, but you could rent it with a friend and find the money monthly (that’s what I did!)

Step 3. Be passionately committed to achieving your desired outcome, and unavailable for anything else. Really get some emotion involved in the desire.

Step 4. Create a vision, so you can clearly see it, imagine it happening like you’re already there. What can you see, where exactly are you, what can you hear, how do you feel, what are you wearing?
Step 5. Believe This can also be very difficult for some but it’s essential or negates all the other work so far… if you don’t believe, this is a good time to be really aware of the words, thoughts and limiting beliefs coming up for you. (I find EFT- Emotional Freedom Techniques, really effective to eliminate these issues)
Step 6. Ask! Where is the money supposed to come from? This is where it allows us to make our lives a WHOLE lot easier, by asking the question we can access The Universe, our intuition or God, (wherever you stand on that) and allow yourself to hear the message and take Inspired action, from the inspiration, comes massive action.NOTE: Massive action without inspiration first, gets you nowhere, except; stressed, busy, overwhelmed and broke, trust me I know!!!

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