Do you know what you desire?


So I have been in LA since Saturday, and I LOVE it, the energy here is just amazing and exactly what I needed! When I feel like that, crazy things start happening, and I start to expect miracles every day. But when my energy is off, it’s literally the opposite!
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I’m here in LA to graduate and celebrate the end of a year long high-level Transformational life coaching certification, it has been one of the most amazing but hardest things I’ve ever done in my life, we have been held to such a high standardand I have really had to raise my game in all areas of my life. Plus as a habitual procrastinator and crammer, I’ve actually had to turn in work consistently which has kept me accountable and in momentum all year.

One of the crazy things that happened today was that I was surprised to be called on stage as one of The Academy’s top 5, success stories of the year and awarded the #NewNormal Award, I was blown away and honoured to share the stage with the other incredible coaches, who I greatly admire. Even though the stage terrifies me it’s definitely getting easier the more I do it, even if I did get a bit emotional up there today! 🙂

11703479_10153628921354131_2475433229887521853_o11791984_1689247024638558_6499144612670017936_o (1)So back to the main topic, what do you desire? I was asked this question when I got to LA and had literally no answer. But desire is the main element to any powerful manifesting and if you aren’t in the right vibration it’s very difficult to even know what you truly desire, when I am operating in my masculine (my default mode when stressed- although I’m working on it!) I lose my vision and find it hard to get in touch with what I really want, what will feel good, and even struggle to access my intuition, which I have relied on so much this year.

So after 3 days of no work, a morning at the spa, hanging out with some great girls, going to cocktail parties, shopping and just going with the flow, I finally know exactly what I REALLY desire again. Today at the conference we were asked the same question and 2 pages of desires poured out of me, really beautiful big ones, that feel amazing and I know are the next level for me and my business, but if I didn’t let myself dream that big, or give myself the permission to have them I would never get there. But I also had to start somewhere that was believable for me, I have already achieved many of my 2015 goals, some of which I thought were crazy then, but I still wrote them down and allowed myself to dream it!

Give yourself some time and space to check in and see what feels right, feel it in your body, get creative, allow yourself to dream. When I signed up to the Academy it just felt right, but also seemed like the success was for ‘other people’, but I knew I had to put myself in the game.

Don’t let fear or limiting beliefs crowd out those dreams!
Lots of love,
Jo xx

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