Are you delaying your photoshoot until you’re perfect?


Does the thought of having a photoshoot send you into a panic? Tell me about it! The thought of being photographed in public for me was terrifying, wind the clock back to only December last year, I was given the opportunity, on a Friday, to be in a magazine but needed photos of a certain quality by Monday, ahh, I nearly said no, as the thought of having photos taken, and having to ask for help (getting a professional photographer booked at that short notice wasn’t going to happen),were both way 11899932_1692590604304200_7729402262352360133_nout of my comfort zone, but I said yes and thought I’ll find a way, so I messaged a friend and asked if he had an hour to spare, he said ‘How about now?’, I said ‘Give me an hour’, (I was still in my PJs), I jumped in the shower, quickly put on some make-up, threw some things in a bag and ran down to the beach.  He was a legend and took a bunch of great shots, but I was so critical of myself I took any fun out of it!  Since then I’ve had professional photo shoots done in Sydney, Paris and just yesterday LA.  (I know this sounds indulgent but these photos have elevated my brand and have been an essential part of building my business, plus it gets very boring for me and my team staring at the same photos everyday!). You’d think I feel like an old pro but all the old insecurities come up every time, especially as after Paris, I told my photographer Wendy Yalom, that I was on a mission and would have dropped a load of weight by LA!    11059979_10153534358822641_5751084161189086440_o (1)

But yesterday was another huge visibility challenge, it was a bit easier than last time, as I knew what I was in for! But part of me was even more nervous than last time as I felt I’d gained a few lbs, I was angry at myself and even considered trying to cancel at the last minute, as I knew I wasn’t feeling confident in myself.  But the lovely Wendy shared that she would be out of business if everyone waited until they were completely ‘ready’ and 100% comfortable in their bodies!! So I put on my Big Girl Spanx and just went for it!!! 🙂 We will NEVER be perfect, there is no such thing, we have to stop worrying and just do it! I was blown away by the lovely comments of passers by and how supportive Wendy and her team have been. (Hair and make-up by Melissa Hoffmann Rangel)

I also managed to swallow the nerves about getting my makeup done in the hotel lobby bar, being stared at by passers by, trying to figure out if I was famous, and the best overheard quote of the day ‘OMG I think the Kardashians are here!’ Maybe she saw the hair and my ass! Classic!  🙂

But the highlight of the day for me was Rodeo drive and stopping by the Regent Beverly Wilshire, were you obsessed with the movie Pretty Woman growing up too? It was a family favourite, although I’m sure we were way too young to be watching it, but it was more about the love story, the transformation and the pretty clothes. Although I haven’t had quite so dramatic a story, being there seemed to complete my own transformation, as we strolled up Rodeo Drive, talking to people and having my photo taken, I realized how dramatically different my life was, from grey office booth to feeling a bit like a celebrity for the day, and to call it work seemed a bit surreal, and at points like an out of body experience, I am so incredibly grateful of how far i’ve come and that I can help people do the same.  I asked for this extra picture, just for my Dad, a big Julia Roberts fan! 

Don’t let perfectionism and self-criticism hold you back another day!   

Lots of love,

Jo x

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