The Secret behind The Secret

Ever wondered why the The Secret or Law of Attraction doesn’t seem to work for everyone? If it really was that simple wouldn’t we all have everything we ever dreamed of and more? Have you ever tried to do it but it hasn’t worked? Or is manifesting the bad stuff easier, so you think it kinda works, but you’re not convinced?

I had been struggling for six months in my business and doing everything *right*, vizualizing, affirmations, thinking positively, writing down my goals, taking massive action, but it still wasn’t working and I was getting nowhere…until I discovered the power of clearing my money blocks, I had no idea I had so many subconscious niggling doubts that were sabotaging my every move! Fear of success, fear of failure, fear of change, fear of visibility, lack of clarity. And I was questioning , am I good enough? Do I really deserve it? Can I handle it? All these fears and doubts were causing Psychological Reversal , and were making my energy negative and run backwards, and undermining all my attempts at being positive! No wonder I couldn’t manifest anything except a parking ticket!  But thankfully I learned the REAL secret to The Secret, to allow me to effortlessly manifest anything. By simply making sure to remove all tail enders, they are the little thoughts after a positive statement that reverse it, all those little …yeah rights …but it’s not for you…it’s ok for everyone else…it didn’t work last time…but I don’t know HOW…i’ve tried everything…they must be better/smarter/more deserving than me. By removing them your conscious is aligned with who you are at a deep level and moving forward is so much easier!

No one needs to live constrained by limiting beliefs and be caught in a negative pattern of fear, doubt and stress, these beliefs you’ve learned over the years are so deep in your subconscious if you don’t purposely shift them with powerful breakthrough techniques such as EFT & NLP, it’s almost impossible to break the patterns, I know you want success and it’s possible for you! xx

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