How I manifested speaking at the IIN conference!

In March last year I was sitting in the audience at the first ever IIN Australia conference, and I remember the founder Joshua Rosenthal saying if you don’t have a Facebook Page yet, you probably won’t make it, what I think he was really saying was if you’re not being visible you won’t make it, and he was so right! I’d didn’t have one and I was screaming inside, ‘I’ve just started, give me a chance, I’m coming!’, I also made a decision in that moment that next year I’d be on the stage!  It took me another 6 months before I actually had a FB page, and I had no idea what I might be on the stage speaking about but the desire was there!

Then out of the blue a few months ago I got an email asking if i’d like to speak at the conference, obviously I was surprised and jumped at the chance, but then nothing really happens by accident and I remembered that I’d done a powerful exercise months previously to manifest it, while studying to become an NLP Practitioner.  The Future Goal technique, is a timeline process where you drop your outcome into your future, which allows your unconscious mind to literally draw it towards you!   When doing the exercise I also dropped a Paris photoshoot into my future, and that happened too, I think I’ll be doing more future goals and updating my vision board very soon! 🙂


My talk was literally standing room only, I was blown away by the number of people and the response to my presentation;
Overcoming limiting beliefs and the power of being visible. I truly believe understanding the power of limiting beliefs on our the success or failure of our businesses should not be ignored!  I think it’s the most important distinction i’ve gained from all my study. I got lots of people asking for a copy of my slides, so I have shared them, you can also download them from my website. of love,

Jo xx





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