WHOA My client made $32,299 in the 10 days after our money blocks clearing session!!!

There’s nothing more fulfilling for me than hearing about my clients’ success, I know I shouldn’t but I get a bit emotional sometimes, but it really makes me feel amazing! This is why I do what I do! It’s quite funny as Lexi is the first person, who’s come to me thinking she didn’t have a money story, I’ll let her tell the rest….WY3_7088

‘I remember not really knowing what to expect when I had my first session with Joanna. I knew it would be useful, but I didn’t think I had much to work on. I immediately told her that I had a high wealth consciousness and zero money story, so I had no clue why I was experiencing blocks and not making the money I desired that month. Turns out, I absolutely did have a money story, and quite a deep rooted one at that. However, I don’t know if I would have truly realized the depth of it without the help of Jo. I literally can’t even begin to explain the magic that she works in these sessions—it’s truly remarkable and such an incredible gift.

To be honest, I’ve never opened up to anyone to share my story—it wasn’t an easy one for me to talk about, as I’m sure it’s not with many people. However, she made me feel so incredibly comfortable and loved and had zero judgements whatsoever about the things I told her. In just a couple of hours she helped me uncover and begin to heal years and years of damage that had been keeping me blocked off to the wealth that I desired. I seriously couldn’t believe the transformation I went through in such a short amount of time. It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before and I left my session feeling awakened and incredibly empowered. 

That’s not where it ends either. In the following 10 days after our session, I made $32,299 in my business. Looking at those numbers, I can barely believe it myself.One thing I know for certain is that without the help of Jo and our incredibly life-changing session, I definitely would not have achieved such success so quickly.I am grateful beyond words for everything that Jo has done for me and I couldn’t recommend her more highly. If there is any small part of you that is curious about working with her, JUST DO IT. I promise you won’t regret it—in fact, the only regret you’ll have is if you choose not to work with her 🙂 She’s one in a million and worth all of that and more!‘ Lexi D’Angelo

Lots of love,


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