Face THE FEAR and do it anyway!

It’s never as bad as you think it’s going to be!


Oh THE FEAR….it’s ruled my life! Last week I spoke about your Financial Comfort Zone and how it can literally keep you stuck, but something else that comes up time and again is THE FEAR!

What do you fear the most?  Spiders? Public speaking? Death? Failure? Success? Judgement? Being seen? Rejection? All of the above?

Well for me I’ve feared them all and more at one stage!  I actually called my flatmate in a panic when I found my first GIANT Australian spider in my bathroom, only to find it had disappearedby the time he got home! I’m way better now and managed to trap the last one under a tupperware until he got home! But I faced the fear and did it anyway!

Being seen has been a big fear of mine, I didn’t even realize I had it until I started my business and had start being visible. Tell people what I do? You have to be kidding me?! I used to practically close my eyes when I hit the Facebook post button or sent an email, I was cringing about what people would think or say, turned out it was usually nothing but nice, or to point out my spelling mistakes (thanks I appreciate the feedback! :))  but it was always a big fear. I faced the fear and did it anyway! 

To add to the problem I hated seeing myself in pictures especially when I was bigger (my weight has fluctuated significantly over the years) and I had never allowed myself to be on video, as I might actually have to accept what I looked like! But guess what, I faced the fear and I’ve now had a number of photoshoots (which I actually love) and I even have a YouTube channel!!! 

Then I felt called to do public/motivational speaking to get my message out there, despite being terrified of it. In the past my legs, hands and voice would shake and I actually cried on stage once! But I’ve used EFT and NLP to overcome that fear and now actually enjoy getting up there! I have two speaking engagements in the next few weeks and I can feel a little bit of THE FEAR coming, but I’ll do it anyway! 

Along with techniques like EFT and NLP, one of the best ways to overcome fear is to find a bigger one that’s worse! What’s worse than this? If i’m not visible in my business, my business could fail – and my ultimate fear is going back to work for someone else!  My last client found me on YouTube! If I don’t get up and speak I don’t get to spread my message and I won’t be able to help as many people as I dream about, that’s way worse than not doing it! If i don’t trap the spider, and I don’t know where he’s gone, he might scare me again, that’s way worse! 

Think about it, what’s a worse fear? What will it cost you if you don’t? Find something that trumps the thing you’re currently fearing, and do it anyway, plus it’s never as bad as you think! 

Lots of love,


I actually look like I’m enjoying myself, I think I must be cracking myself up! 🙂

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