Are you stuck in your financial comfort zone? We all have one but is it holding you back?

I’ve been getting great feedback on this and some people have been getting A-HA moments! So read on….

I often talk about themes I notice in my clients, and this week it’s been financial comfort zones. We’re all familiar with comfort zones, some people never leave them or even test their limits, others push themselves to edge and run back scared, and some love the thrill of living well and truly outside it! I’ve been in all these situations, but when i’m stuck in the middle, I feel sad, bored, and very comfortable! I have always pushed my limits just to make myself feel more alive, done things that terrified me, just to feel that edge. If i’d stayed in my comfort zone, I’d still be a Chartered Accountant living in Glasgow, Scotland, sitting on my couch, eating ice cream, watching TV and dreaming….wondering when my wonderful, exciting, glamorous life would come and find me!  Thank god I had the realization back then that I maybe had to go and find it myself! So I moved to Bermuda, traveled the world, entered a swim race called Alcatraz sharkfest (pics below), went caving, hang gliding, did triathlons, half-marathons, cycled round China (well part of it), planked an elephant (by accident), went down a silver mine in Bolivia,hiked on glaciers, whitewater rafted down the Grand Canyon for 10 days, hiked in Nepal, India & Patagonia, climbed active volcanoes in Chile and Ecuador, hiked the Inca Trail, got attacked by a giant parrot in the Amazon jungle, did a homestay on an island in Peru and crossed the Atacama desert, but every time my comfort zone expanded and the next thing was less scary than the last (although I’ll never go caving hungover again!)…but what’s this got to do with money?

I’m just off a call with a lovely lady who is experiencing what it’s like to almost reach your lowest limits, it’s a scary place to be and often results in panic and desperation, which in itself repels more clients and money, it becomes a vicious circle, and sometimes results in giving up and going back to get a real J.O.B! Noooooooo! We all left for a reason or are at least thinking about it, let’s not go back so easily!

But the good news is that your comfort zone has a lower limit so when things get really bad your vibration raises, things happen and you make some money, phew, but who wants to hang around down here? Not me! BUT I’m afraid the bad news is there’s an upper limit too, this means we all have an amount of money we feel comfortable earning or have in savings and if we reach this upper limit we suddenly start finding things to spend money on, or unexpected expenses appear and we get rid of it until we feel comfortable again. Sounds crazy, but I did an exercise with a client on Monday and it turned out her lower limit was $5 (yes seriously!), she lived month to month and regularly let herself get down to this point, it was a bit of a thrill and then things kicked in and she got back up again. Conversely, her upper limit was only $1,000 (yes seriously!), if she had any more than this she didn’t feel comfortable either, she felt like she wasn’t ‘treating herself’ if she didn’t spend almost all the money she had! And not on anything special, just magazines, eating out and fancy shampoo. She once had managed to save $2,500, and decided to blow almost all of it on a flight to London from Australia, that’s one way to do it! I know this is an extreme example, but it’s 100% true! ( I await your response S! :))

But what does that mean for you? I’m sure your lower limit is higher than that, or do you dabble in credit card debt and test the boundaries even further that way?Have you ever sabotaged yourself when you had too much money? Do you believe you will never earn more than a certain amount? I believed for a long time that I’d never earn more than I did in Bermuda again, I was on a tax-free winner,they were just about throwing money at me, and if i’d continued that belief, I knowI’d have made myself right! I’ve changed my beliefs, I know I can easily replace and exceed my (excellent six figure) corporate salary, and i’m on track to do that in my first year of business. If I can change my beliefs and reality, so can you!  The first step is the awareness you have a FCZ, and only then can you break free of it!

Lots of love,


And you thought I was kidding about the sharks and elephant! 🙂

Nepal- That was an accident!

Nepal- That was an accident!

Chile - live Volcano

Chile – live Volcano

San Francisco, charity swim

San Francisco, charity swim

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