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3 ways to Clear Money Blocks Webinar

I recorded this webinar last week, I delayed posting it and sending it out as i was embarrassed, I was hiding! I was really jet lagged and I felt like my thought process was really slow, but I had decided as Miss Visibility I was going to send it out anyway, and just never plan a webinar for the day after a long haul flight again!!! We really are our worst critics! And maybe as I normally talk so fast, Ā talking slow was perfect! šŸ™‚ But I finally plucked up the courage to watch it back and it was WAY better than i thought, plus there really was a lot of content!! AndĀ I did a really cool process to try and figure out your Money Matrix and what your money story is, it goes really well with the blogĀ IĀ posted beforeĀ about your financialĀ comfort zone. Ā I’ll be doing lots more of these so if you enjoyed, I’d love you to subscribe to my YouTube channel. <3

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