Bonjour from Paris!

It’s taken me a long time to get here, but I’m in love!


Hope you’re having a great weekend!

I’ve been in Paris for over a week now and it’s just been the most magical time, I’m not ready to leave tomorrow and I know I’ll be back very soon (possibly as soon as September!).

I just wanted to share some of my biggest take aways, and I think I’ll still be processing them for days to come. But one of them for sure is that anything is possible, sitting in that room of inspiring women is incredibly powerful. They say proximity is power and I know that’s true! Not only is it proximity to your mentor but also the other high vibration women in the room.  Every woman has a story and to know where they have come from and to see what they have overcome and achieved is truly inspirational.

Yesterday was a pretty emotional afternoon as everyone thought back to the moment when they first were introduced to Gina, whether it was by word of mouth or social media, either way the impact has been tangible for everyone, one of the first videos I saw of her was when she was in Paris and to think I was now on stage with her, being celebrated, by her, for my success, was just surreal.  But it just goes to show you what’s possible and in a relatively short period of time. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve certainly put in my fair share of hard work, but even when times have been tough I’ve always known, if I kept investing my myself, my own growth and learning it would all come back to me, and it certainly has. 

They say the teacher appears, when the student is ready, and Gina did, and when the teacher is ready the student appears, that’s now definitely true for me and my business too.

I remember only last year looking at photos of a successful coach in Paris, thinking one day that might be me, but not even really believing it was available for me, what a difference a year can make, when you decide to put yourself in the game.

It all starts with a moment, a decision and the courage to dream a bigger dream, to believe it could be possible for you too, and to act with trust, safe in the knowledge it is available for you too.

Lots of love,

11295697_1656928064537121_4908976202975486556_nWith my mentor Gina DeVee

11221835_10100692069266291_7777592786080075098_nTwo of my fav ladies!!

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