Beach, Big Surf and Bronzies!

Hope you had a great weekend, and enjoyed reading Swipe Right for Mr. Right!?!  You don’t know much about me, so I wanted to give you a bit of an insider look at my weekend at the beach. When I’m not working on my biz and coaching amazing women all over the world, I volunteer as a Surf Lifesaver and also help as an instructor for people doing their Bronze medallion, which is the 6 week course you have to do to become a Surf lifesaver, here in Australia. It’s a great way to spend more time at the beach but it’s also so rewarding in so many ways, I’ve made amazing friends, have loads of fun, feel like part of the community and get an amazing buzz when I get to help someone or when I see the Bronzies passing their exam.

Tony Robbins is a big mentor of mine and he says you are not living a fulfilled life, if you’re not contributing and giving back in some way, not everyone has to go and volunteer on the beach it can be done in so many different ways.

So I spent Saturday morning on the beach with 26 new Bronzies, who had to tackle their exam in big surf and fairly dangerous conditions. All but 3 passed the Run/Swim/Run fitness assessment first time around, they all came out exhausted and gasping for air, but the 3 that had been caught in a rip current, were brave and decided to have another go, thankfully they made it! It was an emotional morning for everyone involved and I was so proud when they all passed.

Sunday afternoon was my normal rostered patrol, I’m Vice-captain, and I love my role on the beach, which is just as well as it makes the 5 hour shift go faster!  Luckily the surf had dropped so it wasn’t so dangerous and we didn’t have any rescues.  We rounded the weekend off with a few drinks to celebrate the new Bronzies and fun weekend on the beach.

This is my third season surf lifesaving and it nearly didn’t happen at all, when I started my 6 week course, I’d already lost 10kgs but I was 15kgs heavier than I am today, and quite frankly the thought of running up and down the beach in a bikini sent shivers of dread through me, but I decided if I kept waiting until I was my ideal weight, to do the things I wanted to do, i’d probably not end up doing much at all, so I started anyway! In those 6 weeks not only did I lose another 3kgs with all that running up and down the beach, but I proved to myself that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.  When I turned up on the first day, I’m pretty sure everyone else on the course wondered if i’d meet the fitness requirements too, but again and again I surprised myself, and even with an injury I managed my fastest Run/Swim/Run on the exam day. One of my instructors said I was the most tenacious* person he’d ever met, I was pretty sure it was a compliment but I had to double check exactly what it meant!
(*To be extremely persistent in adhering to or doing something; stubborn or relentless.)   I’ve been called stubborn before, but in this case it was good thing. If you want something bad enough and you are persistent enough, you can get there, no matter what!

Challenge yourself to try something new, just give it a try, you never know you might like it! 🙂


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