Everything happens for a reason….even the worst things…

A year ago today I had an accident and injured my back, we were in a surf rescue boat in heavy surf and as we smashed over a wave I took the full force of it and compressed my lower back, with the adrenalin and fact we were still out there with huge waves, I didn’t realize how bad it was until the next morning when I could hardly get out of bed, and i thought, ‘oh sh!t, I’ve really done it this time!’.

After a few weeks and then months of it not really getting any better and countless physio, osteopath, doctor and chiropractic appointments, an x-ray and an MRI, I finally saw a Specialist who said it would take a year to get back to where I was and that seemed like an eternity!

I was getting really down and verging on depression, I’d cry when people asked how I was, as I felt like my life had grounded to a halt.  Before the accident, I had been doing so well, I had lost so much weight and regained my fitness, I was on a roll, even though I was still working long hours and stressed in my job, the accident stopped everything I identified with; I couldn’t exercise, so I wasn’t hanging out with my friends as much, as we trained together, I started gaining the weight back, as I was not training and I was also comfort eating, I was in pain, I couldn’t even work! I was ok walking and lying down but sitting was just so painful and long days at work were really holding up my recovery, so I was eventually put on half days by the doctor to help speed up my recovery.  I already found my job boring, stressful and mentally painful and now it was actually physically painful, i thought how can i possibly do this for the next 30 years when i can’t even make it past lunch time?

But now that I had so much time on my hands and for the first time in over 10 years, I thought ‘oh I actually have time to study something’ and then i discovered IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) and started training to be a Health Coach, since that decision, my life has totally changed, I have been on such a crazy, amazing journey this year, and have done a number of other courses, changed my diet, my mindset, my beliefs and discovered EFT (which has really helped with the pain) and NLP.

It took a long time to even to get back into any kind of sport and to even begin basic Pilates with the physio took about 4.5 months,  I was scared I would hurt myself again, and frustrated by my lack of fitness and stamina. Even after 8 months I was scared to take a long-haul flight, as it involved so much sitting.

I truly believe if the universe hadn’t literally stopped me in my tracks when it did, I would still be in a job I hated, that was killing me mentally and physically. Remember everything happens for a reason and we always have to look for the positives and find what we can learn from every situation.

A year on, now I’ve hit that mile stone, although I still have to modify some of the things i do, like not sitting for too long, being careful how I pick things up and doing more Pilates than I ever have, I’m so happy to be finally lifting weights again, they make me feel strong, empowered and happy! My back injury is now just a story,  it’s no longer something that makes me sad, scared or is an excuse for for not doing things, it has shown me that no matter what is thrown at me I can overcome it and come out of the other side better and stronger. 2014 was a year of immense highs and lows, and I’m excited about what 2015 will bring! xx

P.S. A big thanks to all my friends, family and work colleagues that listened to the moaning and complaining and to all my awesome rehab team, who became friends, as I saw them so much! xx


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