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Struggling to find clarity?? The one question you need to ask yourself…

Happy Monday!

I have worked with many female entrepreneurs worldwide, one of the things I hear most is…

If I could just get clarity on…. my target market/offerings/niche/zone of genius… I would ….start my business/ launch my next program/ finish my website/quit my job….’

You get the picture, lack of clarity is touted as an excuse for not moving forward in business more often than almost anything else I hear. I’ve seen women use this an excuse for spinning their wheels for years!!!

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But It’s a nice soft way to sabotage yourself, it’s not as harsh as the truth; I’m procrastinating, I’m lazy, I’m scared, I’m in denial, I’m not really committed, I’m scared of what people will think, I’m terrified of failure or even success…

I believe clarity is within, but it is usually hiding behind fear. Fear underpins everything, it’s the No. 1 Money Block I see all the time.

But there’s good news, once you get past the fear, the clarity comes…ask yourself; If I did actually get clarity what might happen? I guarantee if you’re really honest the answers are not all positive…figuring that out and neutralizing it is the secret.

The other really cool trick is….just start something…it sounds ridiculously simple but you will very quickly get clarity from doing…that dream you had, it might not be as much fun if you actually try it, this is amazing as it stops you fantasizing about it for any longer than is really necessary. If i hadn’t just started and started out as a Health Coach originally, I would never be doing what I do now. I needed that experience and that learning to lead me to the business I currently have. Often people don’t start as they are afraid they aren’t as good as they hope they might be, they might actually discover the truth…but flip it, trying something and it doesn’t work out, is not failure but simply learning and speeding up your process so you can find your zone of genius, very often taking those first steps will lead you to exactly where you need to be. Go for it!

I love helping my clients figure out what that exact thing is that’s blocking the clarity (then getting rid of it for good!) and helping them get the confidence to move forward no matter what.

I have space to bring on 3 more 1:1 clients in April before my packages change and my prices go up, will you one of them?

If this even makes you wonder what you could achieve with a coach, then it’s time to book in for a free chat and get all your questions answered! I promise it’s much easier than you think and I make it as much fun as possible. 🙂

Big love,

Jo x

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